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    The Hamilton Weekly News

    December 8, 2016

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    Calendar of Upcoming Events

    12/8 (Thursday)

    • Orchestra Winter Concert (7–9 pm in the Lincoln Auditorium)

    • Last day of HOST after-school classes

    12/14 (Wednesday)

    • PTSA board meeting (6:30–8 pm in the HIMS library)

    12/15 (Thursday)

    • Band Winter Concert (7–9 pm in the Lincoln Auditorium)

    12/16 (Friday)

    • One-hour early dismissal (2:15)

    12/19–1/2 (Winter Break)

    • No school

    1/11 (Wednesday)

    • Winter HOST schedule posted (6:30 pm)

    1/13 (Friday)

    • Winter HOST registration open (6:30 pm)

    1/16 (Monday)

    • MLK Day (no school)

    1/31 (Tuesday)

    • Hamilton Open House (6:30–8:30 pm in the Commons)


    PTSA News

    Fall Fund Drive Ends Friday: We’re Looking for 50 More Families!

    We would like to reach 40% family participation by Friday. Only 50 more families need to give at any level for us to reach that goal.  

    Fall Fund Drive supports so many small and large programs at Hamilton. Keep classroom computers running, provide school athletes with uniforms, put new books in classrooms and the library, provide fun school events, support the arts and drama programs, provide $200 in classroom supplies per teacher, and much more.

    Increased participation is a key goal this year. Please join the 35% who have already given to Hamilton! Every gift, no matter the amount, helps us towards our goal. If you would like to make a pledge now for a donation to be made later, just let us know so we can count your gift toward our total. Click here to learn more about the Hamilton PTSA Fall Fund Drive.

    Thank you for your support of our kids!  If you have any questions about the Fall Fund Drive, please contact VP of Fundraising, Lucie Campbell at

    Donations by check can be mailed or delivered to the Hamilton office:

    1610 North 41st St., Seattle, WA 98103.

    Or donate online (one-time donation or monthly installments):



    Principal’s Letter


    Dear Hamilton International Families:

    December is an intense month for all of us. The holidays, of course, bring with them great anticipation and excitement for many of us, and sometimes, right alongside, anxiety and stress. At school, it can be as simple as anticipating a two-week break. Our minds and bodies are ready for a chance to rest and spend more time with friends and family, but the calendar gives us another ten days. In classrooms, things are humming along, too. There are papers and labs, projects and performances. It’s an especially rich time in which we have shaken off the long summer layoff and we have built some important foundational skills and knowledge. And so this is a time of year when the learning isdeep and interesting.

    In my house, this is also a time of year when we are deciding where we are going to donate money to support needs and causes we think important. We give to places we have relationships with— the various colleges we attended and our daughter’s school—and to organizations working on important unmet needs locally as well as around the world. That’s at the same time we are fully engaged in the celebration, contemplation, and, yes, excess of our culture’s holiday. (I’m getting anxious typing this.)

    Hamilton is a community with a great spirit of community—a looking-out for others, a generosity, and an empathy.

    I see that in how our families have been contributing to the highly important PTSA fund drive. I am grateful for your very generous gifts to the Fall Fund Drive. Our PTSA tells me that almost 400 families have participated so far this year. I want you to know that your generosity really does help us with a very tight budget year.  The PTSA at Hamilton supports us by: 

    • Sending our entire science staff to an innovative National Science Conference

    • Purchasing uniforms for the 400+ students who play Hawk sports

    • Funding weekly tech support to keep our equipment running

    • Funding Classroom supplies so our staff don't have to pay for essentials

    • Purchasing books and academic enrichment like the "Writers in Schools" residency program

    Thank you families!

    Separately, our staff and families have been contributing to our Holiday Assistance Program, which Liz Abbott runs from our partner YMCA office. This is a way that we get gifts and food to our families in need through gift cards to shops and grocers for the holidays. Liz and her team are collecting those cards in her office or through the main office if you’d like to support this important need.

    If you didn’t get a chance to see our students’ theatrical chops last night at Hamilton, (snow permitting) you have the opportunity to see those of our orchestra students tonight and our band students next Thursday. It’s always amazing to see young people putting it out there.

    Go Hawks!

    Tipton Blish


    Hamilton News

    NEW★ PE Waiver Update

    The PE waiver application period has closed. We are currently double checking each application. If your PE Waiver application requires additional work, your child will receive a notice to report to Ms. Peila for instructions. A final posting will be made on Dec. 12 by lunchtime in the Commons. If schedule changes are necessary, your child will have a new schedule delivered to them during the school day.


    NEW★ Hamilton’s Building Leadership Team Seeks Parent Representation!

    The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is a group of elected representatives from HIMS that meet once a month to support the needs of students and staff. We would love to have a parent voice contributing to the decisions we make about Hamilton. Our meetings are usually before or after school on the first Monday of the month. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact BLT Chair Lauren Thomas at Thanks!


    NEW★ November Hawk Stars

    • 6th Grade: 36 students got Hawk Stars including Elsa and Conor for being helpful.

    • 7th Grade: 31 students got Hawk Stars including Charles and Kyle for being responsible in Japanese class.

    • 8th Grade: 43 students got Hawk Stars including Finnegan and Sandor for being helpful.

    Great job 8th Graders! You Rock!

    Lilia Elena Goldsmith,

    Hamilton International Middle School

    8th grade Counselor



    NEW★ Head Lice at Hamilton

    At this time we have several cases of head lice in our building. Parents, please check your child’s hair and all household members. If lice or nits (eggs) are found, treatment will be necessary. Let me know if you would like me to check. For more information contact me or

    Thank you,

    Anne Fote RN



    Yearbook Order Deadline Extended

    The deadline to order a yearbook has been extended to Dec. 9. Forms are available in the office and will distributed in homeroom.


    20-Day Attendance Challenge!

    During the 2016–2017 school year, the Hamilton community will be highlighting the importance of having great attendance! As many of you know, good attendance plays a huge role in students’ academic and social success.

    In order to get Hamilton students pumped up about attendance, we have started the 20 Day Attendance Challenge. Each month we will hold a competition among the different class periods to see who has the best attendance. Each month three classes will be highlighted. This month the challenge extended to our first period classes. In December all second period classes will compete.

    Attendance Challenge Winners for November:

    • Ms. Ellison's 1st Period = 98.62%

    • Ms. Beede's 1st Period = 98%

    • Ms. McDonald's 1st Period = 96.62%

    Congratulations! You ROCK!


    Building Climate Curriculum

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays during homeroom, all students at Hamilton are learning important social emotional learning skills through our Building Climate Curriculum (BCC).  Sixth-grade students are learning empathy, bullying prevention, digital literacy, and coping skills through Second Step. Seventh graders are learning bullying prevention through Second Step, cyberbullying prevention through Common Sense Media, drug, alcohol, tobacco use prevention through Project Alert, as well as coping skills. Eighth graders are learning bullying prevention through Second Step, cyberbullying prevention through Common Sense Media, and coping skills through the College Board Advisory curriculum. Eighth-grade lessons will go through February. Sixth- and seventh-grade lessons will continue through mid March.

    Neil S. Yeda, 7th grade and Head Counselor



    Order Your HIMS Spirit Wear!

    Looking for Hamilton t-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more? Order your spirit wear for home delivery from


    SPS News

    NEW★ Upcoming High School Open Houses


    • Open House for incoming students: Thurs., Feb. 2 at 7 pm in the library

    • Day Time Tour: Weds., Feb. 8 from 9–10:45 am (tour begins in the school library; parents must accompany students)

    • IB Information Night: Weds., Feb. 8 at 7 pm in the library


    • Open House:  Thurs., Feb. 2 at 7 pm.


    • Tour: Thurs., Jan. 19 from 9:45–10:40 am n the Garfield Quincy James Auditorium

    • Parent Night: Thurs., Jan. 19 at 6 pm


    • Open House: Thurs., Jan. 26 from 6–8pm

    Parents who are starting to think about the high school transition will find tips and ideas about how to prepare your student(s) at this website:


    NEW★ Education Funding Crisis

    As shared in a Dec. 1 email from Seattle Public Schools to all families, the district is facing an estimated $74 million shortfall for school year 2017–18. This shortfall is 10% of the budget and will impact the entire district including central office supports (maintenance, programs, and services), teaching and learning, educators, school leaders, and support staff. The District anticipates being forced to lay off approximately 440 staff positions for next school year, and the process for those "Reductions In Force" will start in March/April of 2017. This crisis is the result of two legislative inactions:

    1. The state has failed to fully fund basic education, as mandated by the Washington State Supreme Court in the McCleary decision, based on the Paramount Duty clause in the state constitution. Click here to learn more about McCleary, the Paramount Duty clause in Washington’s constitution, and how Washington has underfunded public education for decades.

    2. The state has failed to reauthorize our district to use all of the voter-approved levy funds. For Seattle, these levies provide a much greater percentage of school funding than in many school districts. Unfortunately, the state legislature has not re-authorized the bill allowing levies and, since Seattle Public Schools must maintain a balanced budget, the district is planning for cuts.

    Call to Action

    Every person in our community is encouraged to make calls and send emails to your elected officials asking them to take steps to extend the “Levy Cliff” through the end of 2018 and commit to full funding of staff compensation for the 2017–2018 school year. These steps are imperative so that districts across the state won’t be forced to lay off teachers this spring.

    Two action steps you can take immediately:

    1. Call or email Governor Inslee and ask him to fully fund public schools so they don’t lay off teachers this spring: 360-902-4111 and/or

    2. Email or call your legislators. Look up your legislators here: Find their contact information here:  

    The ask for every call and email:

    • Seattle parents, teachers, and students need you to act by March 2017 to extend the "levy cliff" and fully fund compensation for the 2017–18 school year.

    • Fully fund our public schools so we're not forced to lay off teachers and cut programs this spring.

    Additionally, as there's no guarantee the legislature will act in time to stave off staffing cuts, please also contact the three Seattle Public Schools Board Members in charge of government relations: Directors Betty Patu, Sue Peters, and Leslie Harris. Ask them to continue talks with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who has told the Hamilton PTSA that he is very interested in assisting financially to ensure continuity until the Legislature has re-approved the levies.

    Community Budget Gap Meetings

    Between Dec. 5, 2016 and Jan. 4, 2017 the District will continue to solicit feedback on budget priorities from staff, families, and community partners. The Seattle Council PTSA is hosting three regional meetings for families to provide feedback on budget priorities.

    • Tues., Dec. 13 from 6:30–8 pm at Ballard High School (1418 NW 65th St.)

    • Thurs., Dec. 15 from 6:30–8 pm at South Shore PreK–8 School (4800 S Henderson St.)

    • Tues., Jan. 3 from 6:30–8 pm at Franklin High School (3013 S Mt Baker Blvd.)

    Follow the Conversation with Washington's Paramount Duty

    Last year the Hamilton PTSA signed a petition by the advocacy group, Washington's Paramount Duty, to fully fund education in Washington State. You can join Washington's Paramount Duty Facebook group to join the discussion on how we can advocate for full funding for public schools:

    You can also sign up for email alerts here:

    Focus Day, January 16, Olympia WA

    Please consider attending Focus Day to rally with parents, teachers and community members:


    Updated Attendance Boundaries for Hamilton

    The Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors has voted on fall 2017 attendance boundaries for north end middle schools. Seattle Public School is updating its boundary maps and forecasts for enrollment at Hamilton. If you don't want to wait, you can dig through the notes and determine your Fall 2017 school. We will point to updated maps and enrollment forecasts as they are available available.

    Student Assignment Transition Plan

    Building from the boundary plans, SPS has also updated the Student Assignment Plan. As part of the plan, the district will determine if there is enough capacity at Hamilton to grandfather existing Hamilton students. The Seattle Public School Board of Directors will consider this and vote on January 4, 2017. The final community meeting to discuss this issue is Thurs., Dec. 1 from 6:30–7:30 pm in the Ingraham High School Lunchroom.

    Robert Eagle Staff Community Meetings

    6–8th grade Students who live in the areas of the following elementary schools will be assigned to Eagle Staff for 2017: Bagley, Broadview-Thompson, Greenwood, Northgate,  some of Olympic view (some still are assigned to Jane Addams), and all Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) students who live in the Whitman and Eagle Staff reference areas.

    Here are upcoming community meetings where you can meet Principal Campbell and the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School community to learn about the new school and share your ideas:

    • Dec. 8, 2016, 6–7:30 pm at Loyal Heights Elementary at Marshall (520 NE Ravenna Blvd.) Meeting cancelled due to weather!

    • Jan. 5 2017, 6–7:30 pm at Broadview Branch Library (12755 Greenwood Ave. N)


    Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

    The 2016–17 meeting schedule for the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee is listed below. All meetings are on Tuesdays and run from 6:30 until 8 pm.

    Meeting Schedule

    • Jan. 3, Jane Addams Middle School Library

    • Feb. 7, Washington Middle School Library

    • March 7, Cascadia (Lincoln) Library

    • April 4, Garfield High School Library

    • May 2, Hamilton International Middle School Library

    • June 6, Madison Middle School Library

    Parent Representative Open Positions

    There are currently several vacant positions on the committee. Parents seeking to fill these positions must be the parent of a highly capable student who attends the school you wish to represent. The requirements of the parent reps are to attend the monthly meetings of the committee (listed above). Click here to read more. If you are interested in filling the open position for HIMS, please complete the nomination form and return it to the committee chair Jeanne Thompson.

    Click here to view the nomination form.


    Music & Art

    Fomahi News

    Upcoming Events

    • Tonight! Thurs., Dec. 8 (7–9 pm): Orchestra Winter Concert in the Lincoln Auditorium

    • Tues., Dec. 13 (7–9 pm): FOMAHI Board Meeting in the Hamilton Library

    • Thurs., Dec. 15 (7–9 pm): Band Winter Concert in the Lincoln Auditorium

    Orchestra Concert Tonight

    All orchestras will perform tonight beginning at 7 pm (Thurs., Dec. 8) in the Lincoln High School auditorium. Come hear our talented orchestra students play in this terrific evening of music! We’ll have Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and treats for sale before the concert and at intermission.

    Junior Jazz Winter Session Registration Now Open

    Be a part of the Hamilton jazz scene! Learn jazz styling and improvisation or improve your jazz-playing skills. This is an after-school activity and does not provide class credit. There is a $100 per session fee (financial assistance available). The winter session will be Jan. 5–Mar. 2. Junior Jazz meets 3:40–4:55 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information or to register, go to

    Men’s Choir Winter Session Registration Now Open

    Calling all young men who enjoy singing! Learn and improve your vocal techniques and gain a better understanding of music in this weekly after-school choir. Experience welcome but not required. Open to young men in all grades. The winter session will be Jan. 5–Mar. 6. Men’s Choir meets 3:40–4:55 pm on Mondays in the choir room (room 111). This is an after school activity and does not provide school credit. There is a $75 per session fee (financial assistance available). For more information or to register, go to

    Solo and Ensemble Festival 2017 Registration Now Open

    The 2017 Solo and Ensemble Festival will be held from 9–4 pm, Sat. March 11, 2017 at HIMS. This annual event gives students a chance to practice and perform a piece in front of a friendly adjudicator who will provide feedback on all areas of their performance. Students may perform solo or as part of a group. See complete information including FAQ and registration information at Registration deadline is Feb. 3, 2017.

    FOMAHI Board Opportunity!

    Hamilton Music Parents: Interested in being a treasurer in training? Our current board treasurer, Eileen Carroll, is looking for a music parent to succeed her as treasurer next fall.  It would be great to have her successor learn the position this year for an easier transition.  If you’re interested, please email Eileen at or Christian at  


    HOST After-School Programs

    Please remember, HOST programs end on Thurs., Dec. 8.

    Winter HOST

    Winter HOST registration begins on Fri., Jan. 13 at 6:30 pm. Winter class offerings will be available to view on Wed., Jan. 11 at 6:30pm.  

    If you have any new ideas for HOST classes please reach out to the YMCA.


    2016 Hamilton Holiday Assistance Program

    We have identified approximately thirty families within our Hamilton community that could use support this holiday season. It is our goal to provide each family with a gift for their student and a gift card to a store in our area. If you would like to support these families, we ask that you consider giving a gift card from any of the following stores:

    • Safeway

    • QFC

    • Fred Meyer

    • Target (this is a great gift for a student!)

    • Amazon (this is a great gift for a student!)

    • H&M (this is a great gift for a student!)

    • Nike (this is a great gift for a student!)

    • Forever 21 (this is a great gift for a student!)

    We will distribute gifts and cards starting on Thurs., Dec. 15. If you would like to support the Holiday Help program, please submit your donation by Wed., Dec. 14. Please drop your donation at the YMCA office (room 104 across from the main office) or at the main office.

    The YMCA is more than happy to provide those who donate with a tax deduction letter, so please make sure you include your name with your donation.


    Is Your Family In Need of Holiday Support?

    If your family could use additional support this holiday, please call or email YMCA Director, Liz Abbott (Chase) at 206-252-5831.


    Hamilton Lego Robotics Club Needs a Volunteer

    We are currently in need of a volunteer to help run our Hamilton Lego Robotics Club.  

    We have students from the Roosevelt Robotics that would like to come to Hamilton to teach and mentor a group of our Hamilton students. We need someone who will supervise, learn about the Lego Robotics program, and help coordinate with the YMCA regarding logistics of the Lego Robotics competition in December. The volunteers from Roosevelt will be running point and will come prepped and ready to teach!

    Hamilton Club members will be doing the FLL league program, which comes with a curriculum,  supplies, and challenges for a team of ten students. (More information on the FLL League is available at:

    This class will be held Thursdays from 3:30–5 pm. Anyone wishing to volunteer will need to fill out a YMCA volunteer form.

    Our goal is to start ASAP!

    Liz Abbott (Chase)

    Office: 206-252-5831

    Cell: 541-728-3424



    NEW★ Holiday Gift and Toy Assistance

    Every year, the Atlantic Street Center provides holiday assistance to families in need. For more information, contact the Center’s Family Resource Center at 206-723-1301. Click here for a list of holiday gift resources throughout the greater Seattle area.


    NEW★ Christmas Meals

    Click here for a list of organizations providing Christmas meals throughout the greater Seattle area.


    NEW★ Help for Holiday Stress

    The holiday season is upon us, bringing festivities, busy schedules and hopefully some relaxing time with loved ones. December can also be a difficult and stressful time of year for some. Below are resources for help with holiday stress:

    Please contact your grade level counselor if you need assistance with finding resources.


    NEW★ UW Robinson Center Programs

    UW Transition School/Early Entrance Program

    Thurs., Dec. 8 from 6:30–8 pm at Foege Auditorium on the UW Campus

    The University of Washington's Transition School/Early Entrance Program has been providing college early entrance for students after 7th or 8th grade for over 30 years. Our program provides students with a one-year college prep program on the UW campus before they are subsequently admitted as full undergraduates at the University. Students who thrive in the program tend to be very advanced in one or more domains, able to navigate (with help) a relatively adult world, and in need of more acceleration than K–12 can provide. We will be having an information session for this program on Thursday, December 8th on the UW campus. Learn more about this event here:

    All-Programs Information Session

    Sat., Dec. 10 from 1:30–3:30 at El Centro de la Raza in Beacon Hill

    This event will cover information about the Robinson Center’s Saturday Enrichment Program, Summer Program, Online Program, Transition School, and UW Academy. Click here to read the flyer or register at:


    NEW★ Northwest Seattle Little League

    Attention all Baseball and Softball players: Northwest Seattle Little League (NWSLL) is open for registration! NWSLL serves our local NW Seattle neighborhoods and is chartered through Little League Baseball. NWSLL offers a variety of divisions for both baseball and softball and welcomes adult and teenage volunteers. On-time registration runs Dec. 3–Jan. 15.  Please visit to learn more and to register on-line. Email questions to


    Rally to Fully Fund Public Schools

    Mon., Jan. 16 at 10 am on the Capitol steps in Olympia

    Join Washington's Paramount Duty, the NAACP, and the Washington Education Association to rally for full funding of public schools.

    On Jan. 16, 2017 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) Washington's Paramount Duty (WPD), NAACP, and WEA are co-sponsoring a rally to demand that our state fully fund public education now. Add your voice to thousands of others demanding full and equitable funding of public education! WPD envisions a future where every child has equitable access to an amply funded education. Fully and equitably funding public schools is a civil rights issue! For more information, contact Summer Stinson at


    2017 General & Special Education Conference: Brain-Based Science, Learning, & Achievement, Pre-K through 12th Grade

    March 8–10, 2017 at the Washington State Convention Center (705 Pike St.)

    Twenty-four, full-day courses will be offered on a variety of topics by some of the giants in educational research. Courses are designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists, therapists, professional support staff, and administrators.  Parents are also encouraged to attend.

    Click here to read more.




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