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    The Hamilton Weekly News

    March 2, 2017

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    Calendar of Upcoming Events

    3/8 (Wednesday)

    • Staff appreciation luncheon

    3/14 (Tuesday)

    • Pi(e) Night (6:30–8:30 pm)

    • FOMAHI Board meeting (7–9 pm in the the library)

    3/21 (Tuesday)

    • PTSA general membership meeting (7 pm)

    3/22 (Wednesday)

    • Two-hour early dismissal (1:15 pm)

    • Parent Ed Night (6:30–8 pm in the library)

    4/10–4/14 (Monday–Friday)

    • Spring break (no school)


    PTSA News

    NEW★ HIMS Annual Pi(e) Night is Fast Approaching!

    Tues., March 14 from 6:30–8:30 pm

    Bring your favorite pie to share for our delicious Pie Buffet and stay for the famous Pie Baking Contest, Pi Recitation Contest, and the multiple rounds of the thrilling Pie Eating Contest.

    • Pie Buffet: Bring your favorite pre-sliced pie to share (dessert pie, pizza pie, homemade, or store bought).

    • Pie Baking Contest: Any member of the HIMS community (student, staff, family member, etc.) can enter a pie in the contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best fruit pie, best cream pie, best crust, most original, and best presentation.

    • Pie Eating Contest: Interested students will have a chance to submit their name during their lunch periods during the week of March 6–10. Final participants will be posted on Mon., March 13th.

    • Pi Recitation Contest: Students will get to demonstrate reciting the many, many digits of Pi in front of members of the HIMS Math Teaching Team. How many do you know? Prizes will be awarded!

    We need volunteers to make Pi(e) Night Happen so please sign up to make this night a success!  Please sign up to volunteer for this HIMS tradition.

    Please direct questions to Tracey Crouch ( and Amanda Myerson (

    NEW★ Parent Ed Night: Anxiety and the Adolescent Brain

    Wed., March 22, 6:30–8 pm in the HIMS Library

    anxiety image.jpg

    Join us for this parent education night, sponsored by the Hamilton Counseling Department and theHamilton PTSA.


    Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, increasing numbers of young people are experiencing longer–term anxiety that can affect daily activities such as school work and relationships. Sharing insights with us will be SPS Behavioral Health Specialist, David Lewis. This informative discussion will include prevention strategies, as well as coping strategies, to help you help your student navigate the challenging world of adolescent anxiety.

    This is a parents only event: no children please. For more information, contact Hamilton Counselor Kelli Colleran at

    Staff Lunch Next Wednesday! Please Sign Up

    Hamilton staff was thrilled with their dessert buffet on Valentine's Day, and our next staff appreciation event is lunch next Wed.,, March 8. For our third lunch, we'll be serving an array of warming and nourishing soups and stews accompanied by salad and breads. Do you make a mean chili? Corn chowder? Pozole? Sign up here to contribute your specialty to the spread.  If you're not a cook, there are lots of other ways to help.

    As always, thank you! Hamilton staff loves these events so much!

    Chappell Barber

    HIMS PTSA Staff Appreciation Chair

    Save the Date: Meet Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools Larry Nyland

    Tues., March 21, 7pm at Hamilton

    Dr. Nyland will be joining the Hamilton PTSA for a question and answer session with parents as part of our General Membership meeting. Parents are asking questions like:

    • Our schools are overcrowded and class sizes are too large. The school system has consistently under forecasted enrollment and has not been able to keep up with facility needs. In addition to capacity, there seems not to be any money for repairing and upgrading older facilities (such as Salmon Bay or BF Day) over the summers, meaning students either get lucky with new construction or are left in very run–down facilities. What’s the plan to add more space, upgrade space, and reduce class sizes?

    • The Seattle Public Schools have pointed the finger at the Washington State legislature for their budget shortfall. But the 2016–17 budget is $12,796 per child or $319,900 for a 25 child classroom. How can the existing budget be re–allocated to the classroom?

    • When will the academic curriculum be updated for 21st century topics that will lead to job readiness, such as computer science and health care education? Can more flexibility be created in the schedule to allow students to pursue vocational training and other academic interests?

    • Many students are now foregoing PE so they can focus on academics during the school day. Do you think that after–school team athletics in middle and high school should be opened up to all kids and not just those who are most talented? Is there a mechanism like using funds from the families and education levy to move in that direction?

    • The Seattle Public Schools seem to be moving away from a model of school choice for parents and kids and permitting the Principal and teachers to manage their school. Why?

    Additionally, Director Rick Burke and Dwane Chappelle, the City of Seattle liaison to the schools, are looking to join us. Please email Legislative Liaison Sam Bell at with your questions so Dr. Nyland can do his research.

    NEW★ HIMS PTSA 2016 Fall Fund Drive Tax Receipts On Their Way

    In January the PTSA mailed tax receipts for all check donations received during the 2016 calendar year.  If you donated online via Network for Good you received a tax receipt at the time of donation. (The subject line on that email would have been "Thank you for your contribution to Hamilton International School PTSA.")

    If you have not received yours, or if you have any questions, get in touch with Lucie Campbell, HIMS PTSA VP of Fundraising at

    Including anticipated corporate matches and recurring monthly donations, we are currently at $132,000. What an incredible response from our HIMS community!

    Thank you for your support!



    Hamilton News

    Drivers: Please Slow Down at Dropoff and Pickup!

    Please remember that our school neighborhood is a busy place at pickup and dropoff. We have a lot of foot and car traffic that make this a challenging and potentially unsafe environment for our students and neighbors. Help keep everyone safe by driving slowly (even less than the 20 mph school zone speed limit is recommended) and watching for traffic from all directions. The left turn from 41st onto Woodlawn is an area of particular concern. Thanks for your help in keeping our school safe for everyone!


    Immigrant Rights Presentation

    Sat., Mar. 11, from 9 am–12 pm at BF Day Elementary (3921 Linden Ave. N)

    Are you concerned about how the Trump administration’s enforcement of laws about undocumented immigrants, and possible changes to those laws, will affect your family and friends?

    Our school, in partnership with others in north Seattle, is organizing a “Know Your Rights” meeting on Sat., Mar. 11. Join fellow parents to get the latest updates from immigration law experts, and learn how to be prepared.

    The meeting will be conducted in Spanish with English translators available. On-site childcare will be available.


    • Current laws for obtaining “green card” and citizen status

    • Enforcement procedures (detainment, deportation)

    • What is changing or is likely to change?

    • School policies to protect family information

    • Knowing Your Rights

    • Creating a Family Safety Plan

    Volunteers needed: if you would like to help with this event, please contact


    Order Your HIMS Spirit Wear!

    Looking for Hamilton t-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more? Order your spirit wear for home delivery from


    SPS News

    Help Select books for the New Robert Eagle Staff Middle School Library!

    Students moving to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School in the Fall have a unique opportunity to help choose books that will become a part of our library’s collection. If you have recommendations for books, or topics of interest, please take a moment to use the form below submit your suggestions.

    Eagle Staff Middle School Library Survey (

    For questions or comments, please contact your librarian, Rebecca Wynkoop, or on Twitter @EagleStaffLib.


    NEW★ Middle School Math Instructional Materials Committee

    Applications due March 10

    Seattle Public Schools is beginning the process for evaluating instructional materials for grade 6–8 mathematics. An adoption committee will be formed, and its work will begin in late March 2017 with an anticipated goal of new textual materials in use in the 2018–19 school year. The goal is for the adoption committee to include staff and community members who represent the diversity of Seattle Public Schools and who can provide valuable insight and perspective regarding the instructional materials provided for review.

    Committee members should bring an open mind, a passion about student learning in mathematics, and a willingness to engage in inquiry, meaningful dialogue, and collaboration throughout the adoption process. Applications to be on the adoption committee are due March 10, 2017. To learn more about the grade 6–8 Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption Committee, or obtain an application for committee membership, please visit the adoption web page.


    NEW★ Join Our High School Boundary Task Force

    Applications due March 3

    Seattle Public Schools is seeking a diverse group of community members to serve on the High School Boundary Task Force, whose purpose is to examine and prepare a set of recommendations regarding Seattle Public Schools high school capacity management and boundary issues.

    The report will include an examination of major capital projects that are affecting high school buildings; an exploration of past, current and possible future high school boundaries.

    Please complete and submit the application by March 3. Applicants will be notified by email, if possible, or by phone by March 10, 2017.

    Please visit our task force webpage for more information.


    Help Needed to Extend the Seattle Levies
    and Fill $30M of the Current Budget Shortfall

    The Senate has not scheduled a vote on HB 1059, otherwise known as the “levy cliff” bill. This interactive map shows how much each school district stands to lose in the 2017–2018 school year if the levy cliff is not extended. This includes over $30 million in Seattle, $12 million in Highline, $19 million in Kent, and $9 million in Renton.

    One State Senator needs to change their position in order to pass this bill. Senators in Redmond, Kirkland, Puyallup, Auburn, Kent, Renton, Covington are swing votes. They are unlikely to listen to voters in Seattle; however, if constituents from their own districts reach out to them, it might actually make a difference. Please ask your relatives and friends from swing areas to call:

    • Puyallup: Senator Hans Zeiger, Chair of the Early Learning and K–12 Education Committee, 360.786.7648. Puyallup is facing a $25 million shortfall.

    • Auburn, Kent, Covington and Renton: Senator Joe Fain, Education Committee, 360.786.7692. Auburn is facing an $11 million shortfall.

    • Lake Washington and Northshore School Districts: Senator Dino Rossi, 360.786.7672 or These districts are facing over a $4 million and $ .5 million shortfall, respectively.

    • Federal Way School & Auburn School Districts: Senator Mark Miloscia, 360.786.7658 or These districts are facing about a $8 million and $11 million shortfall, respectively.

    The message is short, "Please extend the levies immediately so schools don’t have to cut back on education this fall.”


    Impact of House and Senate Budgets on Seattle Schools

    Seattle Public Schools helped the Hamilton PTSA project a per pupil budget by year for each of the expected scenarios. None of these budgets fully fund education as demanded by the McLeary lawsuit. It’s not clear if any of the proposed budgets move us out of the bottom quartile of states in per pupil spending.

    As expected, the Senate Republican budget is an 8% cut to the 2018–2019 budget. Their budget proposal has a provision to increase funding per district to $12,500 if total funding is below that threshold. This provision does not apply to Seattle. Additionally, property taxes would go up for Seattle, and their proposal doesn’t allow the City to increase taxes to fill the budget gap.

    Seattle Public Schools Budget




    with a

    Levy Cliff


    Levy Cliff

    2018–19 Gov.’s Budget


    House Dem.




    Sen. Rep.



    Total Budget Per Pupil








    The total number of students is based on 2016–2017 enrollments of 52,578. These budgets do not include Federal or City of Seattle funding or capital levies. The total 2015–2016 operational budget per pupil was roughly $14,000.


    UPDATED★ Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

    Community Meetings and PTSA Survey

    Planning for the new middle school is underway! Family and student input and support are encouraged and appreciated as we work to set up the new PTSA and establish programs such as sports and music.

    Future Eagle Staff families: please complete the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School PTSA survey and join us at brief meetings immediately after the community meetings so we can ensure we're ready for the new school year. 

    • Community meetings hosted by Planning Principal Marni Campbell are scheduled for March 7, March 21, April 6, and April 25 (all at 6 pm at the John Marshall building, 520 NE Ravenna). Short PTSA meetings will immediately follow the community meetings at about 7:30 pm. Please note: the March 7 meeting will be focused on formally founding the Friends of Robert Eagle Staff MS PTSA. Students are welcome, and families will have the opportunity to view a “virtual tour” of the school.

    • Students: What will the mascot and colors be for Robert Eagle Staff Middle School?  You get to decide!  Watch for a suggestion box in your main office beginning the week of Mon., March 6.  You can write and/or draw your ideas.  Think about the spirit and vision for a great middle school, something that will inspire the community for years to come. You can also email your suggestions to  A panel of students will help to make the final decision.  Would you like to be on that panel?  Then email Principal Campbell at!

    Questions? Contact


    Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

    The 2016–17 meeting schedule for the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee is listed below. All meetings are on Tuesdays and run from 6:30 until 8 pm.

    Meeting Schedule:

    • March 7, Cascadia (Lincoln) Library

    • April 4, Garfield High School Library

    • May 2, Hamilton International Middle School Library

    • June 6, Madison Middle School Library

    Parent Representative Open Positions

    There are currently several vacant positions on the committee. Parents seeking to fill these positions must be the parent of a highly capable student who attends the school you wish to represent. The requirements of the parent reps are to attend the monthly meetings of the committee (listed above). Click here to read more. If you are interested in filling the open position for HIMS, please complete the nomination form and return it to the committee chair Jeanne Thompson.

    Click here to view the nomination form.


    Music News

    Upcoming Events

    • Mar 3: Junior and Senior Orchestra go to Camp Burton (overnight)

    • Mar 7: Jazz Night

    • Mar 9: Spring Choir Concert

    • Mar 11: Solo & Ensemble

    • Mar 16: Orchestra Concert

    Volunteers Needed for Solo & Ensemble

    Sat., March 11, 8 am–5 pm

    Hamilton International will once again host the district–wide Solo & Ensemble event. There will be nearly 100 performances taking place in 15 minute slots. We need volunteers between 8 am and 5 pm to help ensure a smooth operation from start to finish! For more info and to sign up, go to:


    Solo & Ensemble Times Have Been Posted

    The Solo & Ensemble times have been posted outside of the orchestra and band rooms. It is each student’s responsibility to look up their performance time. Please encourage your student to check for their performance time!


    Volunteers Needed for Orchestra Concert March 16!

    We need volunteers to help us with the orchestra concert on March 16! If you can help, please contact Ms. Armaly at


    Junior Jazz Spring Session Registration Now Open

    Spend your spring in a jazz band! Learn jazz styling and improv skills. Students should have at least one year of experience on their instruments. Auditions required for piano, guitar, drum, and bass players. Open to all grades. JJ meets 3:40–4:55 pm every Tues. and Thurs. Spring session is Mar 16 – Jun 1. Junior Jazz is an after-school activity and does NOT count for class credit. There is a $100 fee. Go to to register.


    Men’s Choir Spring Session Registration Now Open

    A unique opportunity for all young men who enjoy singing! Learn and improve vocal techniques and gain a better understanding of music. Open to young men in all grades. Experience welcome but not required. Men’s Choir meets 3:40–4:55 pm on Mondays. Spring session is March 13–May 22. Men’s Choir is an afterschool activity and does not count for class credit. There is a $75 fee. Go to to register.


    Calling All Chaperones for the 2017 Silverwood Trip!

    Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra will participate in the Music in the Parks competition on May 12–14, 2017. This trip combines a student music competition and playing at the Silverwood theme park in Idaho. Needless to say, it’s a blast! If you have a student with food allergies, please join us to ensure student safety. Please contact me if you’d like to join us or have questions! We need eight more chaperones for this trip ASAP! Questions? Contact Tiffany Tarrant at


    Get involved: We need a treasurer for the 2017-18 School Year

    Hamilton Music Parents: Interested in being a Treasurer in Training? Our current Board Treasurer, Eileen Carroll, is looking for a music parent to succeed her as Treasurer next fall.  It would be great to have her successor learn the position this year for an easier transition.  Interested? If so, please email Eileen at or Christian at


    Help FOMAHI When You Shop on

    AmazonSmile is a simple way to make a big difference to the Hamilton music program when you shop at! Just go to and enter FOMAHI in the search box. After that, simply start your shopping at Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of your purchases to FOMAHI automatically. Thank you!



    JV Basketball Schedule

    Girl’s JV Basketball Schedule

    • Mar. 4, 2:30 pm at Jane Addams (vs. Eckstein)

    • Mar. 11 11:30 am at Franklin (vs. Aki Kurose)

    Boy’s JV Basketball Schedule

    • Mar. 4, 2:30 pm at Jane Addams (vs. Eckstein)

    • Mar. 11 8:30 am at Franklin (vs. Aki Kurose)

    Girl’s Varsity Basketball Schedule

    • Mar. 4, 11:30 am at Ingraham (vs. Eckstein)

    • Mar. 11 10:00 am at Franklin (vs. Aki Kurose)

    Boys Varsity Basketball Schedule

    • Mar. 4, 11:30 am at Ingraham (vs. Eckstein)

    • Mar. 11 10:00 am at Franklin (vs. Aki Kurose)



    NEW★ Early College Awareness Conference

    Sat., March 4, 12:30–4 pm on the UW Campus (free)

    Students, parents and guardians are welcome at this event to learn about the benefits of college, how to pay for college, and how to prepare for any two or four year college. See the flyer here for more information.


    Whitman Music Performances

    Whitman Middle School Auditorium (9201 15th Ave, NW)

    • March 7, 7–8pm Junior Spring Concert, featuring Junior Jazz, Beginning/Intermediate Bands and Concert Band, Intermediate Orchestra, and Beginning Orchestra

    • March 8, 7–8:30pm Senior Spring Concert, featuring Senior Jazz, Choir, Symphonic Band, and Senior Orchestra

    All concerts are free of charge!

    Plus: Bake sale to support the Friends of Whitman Music and the Performing Arts Program. In addition to the Bake Sale, look for a new Dick’s Burger Buy Fundraiser at the concerts. This new fundraiser will help our music program and offer a free delivery of a Dick’s burger to a Whitman student during school lunch.

    For more information contact:


    Camp Sparkle

    Four, free, week-long day camps, 9:30 am–4:00 pm, for kids ages 6–12 (participants must have completed kindergarten) who have a loved one with cancer, who have cancer themselves, or who have lost someone to cancer.

    2017 camp locations and dates:

    • Seattle: June 26–30

    • Tacoma: July 10–14

    • Everett: July 24–28

    • Bellevue: August 7–11

    Click here to view the Camp Sparkle flyer.


    2017 General & Special Education Conference: Brain-Based Science, Learning, & Achievement, Pre-K through 12th Grade

    March 8–10, 2017 at the Washington State Convention Center (705 Pike St.)

    Twenty-four, full-day courses will be offered on a variety of topics by some of the giants in educational research. Courses are designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists, therapists, professional support staff, and administrators.  Parents are also encouraged to attend.

    Click here to read more.



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