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    The Hamilton Weekly News

    March 30, 2017

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    Calendar of Upcoming Events

    3/30 (Thursday)

    • 7th Grade Field Trip to MOHAI (Group 1)

    • SPS Middle School Orchestra Festival (all day at Whitman)

    3/31 (Friday)

    • 7th Grade Field Trip to MOHAI (Group 2)

    • Winter HOST ends

    4/3 (Monday)

    • Spring HOST begins

    4/4 (Tuesday)

    • Meeting with Superintendent Larry Nyland (7–9 pm in the Commons)

    • Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Mtg. (6:30–8 pm in the Garfield HS library)

    4/5 (Wednesday)

    • The Outsiders (7 pm in the HIMS Commons)

    4/6 (Thursday)

    • 6th Grade Field Trip to Chihuly Glass Exhibit

    4/7 (Friday)

    • End of 3rd Quarter

    4/10–4/14 (Monday–Friday)

    • Spring break (no school)

    4/18 (Tuesday)

    • FOMAHI Board Meeting (7 pm in the HIMS library)

    4/19 (Wednesday)

    • PTSA Board Meeting (6:30–8 pm in the HIMS library)

    4/20 (Thursday)

    • Chamber Orchestra Concert (7–9 pm in the Commons)


    PTSA News

    Question & Answer with SPS Superintendent Larry Nyland

    Tues., April 4  from 7–9 pm in the Commons

    Dr. Larry Nyland will be joining us to hear your questions and discuss Seattle Public Schools. We will also be joined by SPS director Rick Burke, and City of Seattle liaison to the schools Dwane Chappelle. All are welcome to attend and ask questions.

    We are compiling a list of questions from parents to start the discussion:

    • What's being done so buses arrive at school and leave on time?

    • What’s the plan to better forecast enrollment, reduce overcrowding, and reduce class size?

    • The 2016–17 budget is $12,796 per child or $319,900 for a 25 child classroom. How can the existing school budget be re-allocated to the classroom?

    • When will the academic curriculum be updated for 21st century topics that will lead to job readiness, such as adding tracks to pursue an interest in computer science or health care?

    • Can more flexibility be created in the schedule to allow students to pursue vocational training?

    • Do you think that after-school team athletics in middle and high school should be opened up to all kids and not just those who are most talented?

    • Why are you moving away from a model of school choice for kids and permitting principals and teachers to manage their schools?

    • Do you support grandfathering International Baccalaureate students when Lincoln opens?

    • Please define equity in Seattle Public Schools. Is it equity of opportunity across racial, ethnic, and income lines or equity of outcomes?

    • What is your vision and plans for advanced learning?

    • What do you say to parents concerned that you are attempting to do this by lowering the ceiling on student achievement rather than raising the floor (by, for example, dismantling advanced learning opportunities)?

    • What is the district doing to rebuild trust between the school system and the families and students it serves?

    Please send your questions to either Lisa Rivera Smith, PTSA President, at or Sam Bell, PTSA Legislative Liaison, at



    Storytellers for Change visits Hamilton

    Held Mon., March 27 & Tues., March 28

    Perhaps you've already heard a report back from your own student, but this week Hamilton was visited by Luis Ortega and Storytellers for Change, a collective of storytellers dedicated to creating positive social change. Reports from teachers and staff have been glowing!
    "I had a very positive response from my homeroom," said science teacher Danielle Vermaak. "Across the board students said they found the assembly "real", and very engaging. They had only good things to say."
    In Hamilton's quest to create a more inclusive and equitable climate, this was an authentic and worthwhile experience, proudly funded by your PTSA dollars. Thanks to all who gave so generously during our Fall Fund Drive!


    Report from PTSA Spring Membership Meeting

    Held Tues., March 21

    Thank you to all who joined us for our PTSA Spring Membership Meeting on Tuesday.  After thoroughly discussing proposals to help fund a counseling position for next year (to the tune of $23,000), and to donate $3,000 from PTSA reserves to the Robert Eagle Staff PTSA, both motions passed.

    We also touched on the need for PTSA Nominating Committee members. The Nominating Committee helps seek out and vet potential candidates for next year's PTSA Board.  If you are interested in serving on the Hamilton Nominating Committee, please email PTSA President Lisa Rivera Smith at Thank you!



    Seeking PTSA Budget & Financial Review Committee Members

    Spring Budget Committee
    The PTSA is seeking members to serve on a Budget Committee this spring.  This committee – made up of Hamilton parents, staff and PTSA board members – will review expenses for the programs and events that have occurred in 2016-2017, evaluate new budgetary requests, and make recommendations to the Board regarding the makeup of next year's budget.  
    The committee is expected to meet twice (dates TBD) for a total of about 4 hours.  The PTSA Co-Treasurers will chair the meetings.  Please contact Co-Treasurers Stephen Hodges at, or Chappell Barber at if you are interested in volunteering.

    Summer Financial Review Committee
    At least three individuals are also needed to serve on a committee to review and audit the PTSA’s financial records after the close of the 2016-2017 fiscal year (June 30).  The state PTA provides a checklist for committee members to use, and does not expect that members will have an accounting background.
    The financial review is expected to take a total of about 3-4 hours and should be performed in July or August, to be scheduled at the convenience of the committee members.  Please contact PTSA President Lisa Rivera Smith at if you are interested in volunteering.


    Principal’s Letter

    Dear Hamilton International Families,

    There is much to report from these brick walls. Most importantly, I am writing from the back of Ms. Burchardt’s 6th grade math class. Students are learning and solving algebraic equations. There is a mix of students providing the specific steps to solving an equation and groups of students conferring on steps and answers along the solution journey. We are nearing one of the longer uninterrupted stretches of school days in the year, and this group of students is as energetically writing, verbalizing, conferring, testing answers, as they were in September. It’s a reminder how important it is to learning that students feel heard, understood, and intellectually safe in the classroom.

    A budget update: This has been a most unusual year for budget planning for next year for a number of reasons including uncertainty about how much money will be coming to school districts from the state government as well as the smaller school we are predicting due to the opening of Robert Eagle Staff M.S. next year. What has remained constant is our community’s commitment to the social and emotional health of all of our students and ensuring we have supports in place for students in critical areas (math, reading, and executive functioning). That commitment is in how we have chosen to spend the limited money we have discretionary authority over. The Hamilton community led by our Building Leadership Team has chosen to continue to fund courses in those critical areas as well as to have a nurse here four days a week and a counselor here an extra two days a week (we will have three counselors here four days a week and two counselors on the fifth day). The staff here is especially grateful to our families who are generously paying for Hamilton to have a counselor here on that fourth day.

    As is so clear in Ms. Burchardt’s class, we all learn best when we can focus, undistracted by social stresses or emotions from other parts of our lives.

    Which leads me to my final update having to do with work we are doing to reinforce those key shared values that we have about embracing our diversity and connecting to each other through deep empathy—or as Luis Ortega puts it, radical empathy. What he means is that you are a reflection of me. Mr. Ortega joined us on Monday for an assembly premised on story telling—storytelling and, vitally, listening to others’ stories—being the way in which we see ourselves in others. He brought some very brave Hamilton students up in front of the whole school to tell their stories. It was a truly great assembly and our students and staff were as rapt as I have seen us. We are continuing through this school year to generate discourse and learn from each other so that we can live those values of acceptance and empathy that are foundational at Hamilton.

    Go Hawks!

    Tipton Blish



    Hamilton News

    HIMS Science Teachers Attend National Science Conference

    Thanks to the generous donation from the HIMS PTSA, the HIMS Science Department will be attending the National Science Teachers’ conference in Los Angeles next week.  The science team is excited about this opportunity because our district, state, and nation are undergoing a radical change in science education with the new Next Generation Science Standards. Hot topics teachers will study include new model-based curriculum, engineering practices, classroom discourse, and differentiation in science classroom. In the last few months of school science teachers plan to share and implement new strategies with students. Thank you to the PTSA for supporting the HIMS Science Department.


    PowerPoint from Parent Ed Night with David Lewis

    So much was learned and shared at the Counseling Department and PTSA's Parent Ed Night with David Lewis. Mr. Lewis spoke on adolescent anxiety, covering everything from the brain science behind anxiety, to the coping skills parents can teach their students to use.

    If you missed the event, or would like a refresher of the talk's finer points, click here to download Mr. Lewis' PowerPoint presentation.


    Lost and Found

    Please remind your students to check the lost and found for missing items. Larger items are on the tables across from the attendance office. Ask in the main office for smaller items including watches, glasses, and jewelry.


    February Hawk Stars

    Sixth Grade

    In February the 6th graders really rocked: 51 students earned a Hawk Star. Raffle winners are:

    • Gabe D. for being helpful loaning books in class

    • Spencer R. for being helpful finding a typo on Quizlet

    • Gunnar M. for being respectful with others by always saying hello and goodbye.    

    Way to go 6th graders!

    The winner teacher for this grade was Mrs. Philbeck!!!

    Seventh Grade

    Thirty-one: seventh graders earned a Hawk Star for helpful behaviors. Raffle winners are:

    • Xuan M. and Mackenzie T.  for  being helpful and volunteering in the library

    • Zachary S. for being helpful and offering help to teachers

    Great job 7th graders. We need more!

    The winner teacher for this grade was Mr. Moriarty!!!

    Eighth Grade

    Forty eighth graders earned a Hawk Star. Raffle winners are:

    • Jesus A. for being helpful and responsible!

    • Danayt B. for being helpful in the library

    Andrei S. for being helpful and responsible in Spanish class and the counseling office.

    The winner teacher for this grade was Mrs. Anderson!!!

    Go Hawks!!!!


    7th Grade Event: Seattle Sounders FC Match

    Sat., May 20, 2 pm at CenturyLink Field

    Come cheer on the 2016 MLS Cup Champions Sounders FC in a Western Conference clash against Real Salt Lake. Tickets are $19. Please purchase no later than Thurs., Apr. 20. Questions: contact PTSA 7th grade liaiso Karla Stanley at

    Click here to view the flyer.

    Click here to purchase tickets.


    Advanced Drama Presents, The Outsiders

    Wed., April 5 at 7 pm in the HIMS Commons

    For the 50th anniversary of the S.E. Hinton novel, “The Outsiders,” Hamilton Advanced Drama presents the play version of The Outsiders by Christopher Sergel. The run time is approximately 1 hour, 45 min., including a 15 min. intermission. We are looking for 3–4 parent volunteers to help run concessions before the show and during intermission. Proceeds from concessions will support HIMS Drama and local programs for combating teen substance abuse. If interested, please email Julia Leonas, Drama Teacher, at

    Thank you for your support!

    Advanced Drama Students at HIMS


    Welcome New 7th Grade Counselor, Tina Camero

    Tina Camero joins the Hamilton International staff as the new 7th grade counselor.  Tina was a school counselor at Cleveland and Nathan Hale High Schools in the Seattle school district.  Prior to moving to Seattle, she was a school counselor in Brooklyn, New York in a bilingual middle school and a small academy high school. Tina is excited about the change in age group and the opportunity to guide and support middle school students on their pathway to high school and beyond.


    Order Your HIMS Spirit Wear!

    Looking for Hamilton t-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more? Order your spirit wear for home delivery from


    SPS News


    Seattle Skills Center Summer Classes

    Application deadline is Fri., June 16

    Free career and technical education courses for incoming 9th–12th graders, including a new “9th Grade Advantage” course. Click here to see courses and register online.


    Ingraham High School Auction

    Fri., Mar. 31 from 5:30 to 10 pm at North Seattle College

    The Future's So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades! Attention parents of rising 9th graders heading to Ingraham High School! Ingraham is having its 15th Annual Auction on March 31 and you are invited to attend. This year, the IHS auction is raising money to provide funding for the first two years of a new wrap-around aid program that will provide food, clothing, technology, and other supplies students need to be in a position to attend school regularly, fit in with peer,s and concentrate on learning. The evening promises to be a lot of fun and there are some fabulous items to bid on. Go to the website to see the items up for grabs and to buy tickets: .

    Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


    Felicia Porter

    IHS Auction Chair 2017



    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

    Community Meetings

    Planning for the new middle school is underway! Family and student input and support are encouraged and appreciated as we work to set up the new PTSA and establish programs such as sports and music.

    • Community meetings hosted by Planning Principal Marni Campbell are scheduled for April 6, and April 25, May 11, and May 30 (all at 6 pm at the John Marshall building, 520 NE Ravenna). Short PTSA meetings will immediately follow the community meetings at about 7:30 pm. Please note: the March 7 meeting will be focused on formally founding the Friends of Robert Eagle Staff MS PTSA. Students are welcome, and families will have the opportunity to view a “virtual tour” of the school.

    Questions? Contact


    Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

    The 2016–17 meeting schedule for the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee is listed below. All meetings are on Tuesdays and run from 6:30 until 8 pm.

    Meeting Schedule:

    • April 4, Garfield High School Library

    • May 2, Hamilton International Middle School Library

    • June 6, Madison Middle School Library

    Parent Representative Open Positions

    There are currently several vacant positions on the committee. Parents seeking to fill these positions must be the parent of a highly capable student who attends the school you wish to represent. The requirements of the parent reps are to attend the monthly meetings of the committee (listed above). Click here to read more. If you are interested in filling the open position for HIMS, please complete the nomination form and return it to the committee chair Jeanne Thompson.

    Click here to view the nomination form.


    Music News

    Upcoming Events

    • Apr. 18: FOMAHI Board Meeting (7 pm in the HIMS Library)

    • Apr. 20: Chamber Night (7 pm at Lincoln)

    • Apr. 28: Sr. Jazz leaves for Reno Jazz Festival (overnight)


    Tonight! SPS Middle School Orchestra Festival

    The Intermediate Orchestra will be participating in the SPS Middle School Orchestra Festival tonight at Whitman Middle School.


    Jr. Orchestra, Jr. Orchestra, & Jr. Jazz Families: Help Plan Wild Waves Trip!

    Do you have a child in Junior Orchestra, Junior Band or Junior Jazz? If so, we need your help. The kids are getting ready to go on a trip to perform and compete at Wild Waves on June 3, and we need parent coordinators from Junior Orchestra, Junior Band, and Junior Jazz to set things in motion.

    Please contact Fiona Cohen at


    Come Volunteer with Us in the Music Program!

    The year isn’t over yet! We still need volunteers to help with small roles throughout the music department. We have many small volunteer roles that will make a big difference! We also have several board-member roles that will be opening in the fall. No experience required, just a desire to help our wonderful music program! To learn more or get involved, go to


    FOMAHI Board Meeting is at 7 p.m. Apr 18

    Tues., Apr. 18 at 7 pm in the library

    This meeting is open to the public. Come learn what’s going on in the music program first-hand from the directors. We have multiple board roles opening up in the fall. This is a great way to see first-hand what we do!


    Seattle Saxophone Institute Summer Camp For Students Entering Grades 7–9

    July 24–27 at Roosevelt High School

    Keep your saxophone skills sharp this summer at the Seattle Saxophone Institute Summer Camp, open to students entering Grades 7–9! Camp will be July 24–27 at Roosevelt HS. (Incoming 9th graders also eligible for the July 31–Aug 3 session.) There is a $450 fee. For more information, go to: www.



    Winter HOST

    Please remember: winter HOST ends on March 31.


    Spring HOST

    Apr. 3–June 8

    Registration is open now. Click here to view class offerings and register.



    Volleyball Coach

    Our volleyball coach is Kiet Huynh. His email address is


    Girls Varsity Volleyball Schedule

    • Apr. 1 (12:30 at Washington): HIMS vs. Jane Addams

    • Apr. 8 (11 at Chief Sealth): HIMS vs. Madison

    • Apr. 22 (9:30 at Washington): HIMS vs. Washington

    • Apr. 29 (11 at Chief Sealth): HIMS vs. Mercer

    • May 6 (12:30 at Whitman): HIMS vs. McClure

    • May 13 (12:30 at Washington): HIMS vs. Denny

    • Jun. 3 (11 at Chief Sealth): HIMS vs. Aki Kurose

    • Playoffs: Sat., Jun. 10


    Track Practice

    Practice Tues. & Thurs. from 3:30–5:30

    Participants should meet in Ms. Paris’ room (#233) on practice days. Runners will be running around Green Lake as well as using the Wallingford Field behind the school.


    Parenting Corner

    Engaging Kids in Conversations about Tolerance and Respect

    In an ongoing effort to promote a school culture of tolerance and respect, the HIMS counseling department has gathered resources to provide tips and strategies for parents on how to engage their child(ren) in these conversations.


    How to Respond to Negative Self-Talk

    “I’m bad at math!” Do you feel baffled about how to respond when your child speaks this way? Here are some helpful hints about how to address underlying feelings and create a supportive environment.



    NEW★ Emerald City Football Club

    Does your son or daughter love playing soccer? Emerald City Football Club (ECFC), a 501c3 organization and Seattle's premier soccer club since 1979, has tryouts coming up for the 2017–2018.

    Tryout schedule:

    • April 24 & 26 for all players born in 2007

    • May 3 & 5 for all players born in 2005–2006

    • May 1 &  2 for boys born in 2003–2004

    • May 1 & 3 (Girls) 2003/2004

    ECFC also offers a spring developmental program for kids born in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The Development Program is no-cut and is a great way to develop as a player.

    If you are interested in select soccer, please visit the ECFC  website to learn more and register.


    NEW★ UW Summer Youth Program

    STEM and humanities-focused classes for middle school students starting mid-June through mid-August.

    Middle School Courses


    NEW★ Calling All BF Day Alums: BF Day Birthday Carnival

    Sat., May 20, 12–5 pm at BF Day School (3921 Linden Ave. N)

    Join us to celebrate BF Day’s 125th birthday with a day of games, music, and theater. This event is free and open to the public. Click here to view the flyer.


    Enrichment League Summer Scholarship Program

    Submission deadline is Sat., April 15

    Enrichment Scholarship Program provides financial resources to students enrolled in grades 6–11 in Seattle Public Schools so that they can participate in the summer enrichment learning experience of their choice. Students apply for up to $500 in funding to camps for music, art, mathematics, language, leadership, journalism, culinary, computer science, and more. Please note: We do not fund sports or religious enrichment programs.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Must be a student in Seattle Public Schools (home school students with SPS affiliation are also eligible).

    • Must be enrolled in grades 6 to 11.

    • Must complete and submit an application form by the application cut-off date.


    • Download and complete the Enrichment Scholarship Program Application Form.

    • Applications are accepted starting in January.

    • Applications are reviewed and evaluated by the program committee by mid-April.

    • Students will be notified of the results of the program committee’s evaluations by letter.

    • Scholarships are awarded and distributed by (approximately) the end of April.

    • Scholarship award checks are made payable directly to the student’s enrichment program or class, then sent with an award letter to the student’s home address.

    • It is the responsibility of the student awarded the scholarship to complete the necessary application to his or her chosen program and also to include the check issued by Assistance League of Seattle with their application as payment.

    For more information, go to:


    Beaver Hoop Camp

    July 17–21, 9 am–3 pm at Ballard High School

    The Beaver Hoop Camp is designed to provide individual skill instruction and team concepts in a fun and safe learning environment. Camp will be enthusiastically directed by Ballard High School coaching staff and players. For boys entering grades 3–8.

    Cost: $190 (includes t-shirt, camp photo and certificate)

    Early-Bird Special: $160 (register before May 1st)

    Click here to view the flyer.


    Watch “Seattle Inside/Out”: Who has the best McCleary Funding Plan?

    Why are school districts like Seattle planning budget cuts now? The new state schools superintendent and regional education leaders offer a progress report on the stalemate in Olympia and their reactions to proposals for fixing the public-education funding crisis. Watch “Seattle Inside/Out” on the Seattle Channel to hear from a panel of education leaders and community advocates, including SCPTSA Advocacy Chair Eden Mack.

    Watch the episode on the Seattle Channel.


    Preteen Classes Offered by Seattle Children’s

    Seattle Children’s hospital offers classes for preteen boys and girls at its Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Federal Way locations. Classes include:

    • Better Babysitters

    • For Girls

    • For Boys

    Click here for more information.


    2017 Storm into College Event and Pre-Game College Fair

    Fri., May 26 at KeyArena (305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109)


    • Check in:  3:45–4 pm

    • Speaker panel with Storm executives in arena bowl: 4–4:30 pm

    • Pre-game college fair: 4:30–5:30 pm

    • Break: 5:30–7 PM (Attendees must exit the building at 5:30 pm and can re-enter for the game as early as 6 pm. The break is a good opportunity to eat dinner nearby—Dick’s or the Armory are great options—and enjoy the weather and sites at Seattle Center. Event tickets will be scanned upon re-entry.)

    • Seattle Storm vs. New York Liberty tipoff: 7 pm

    • Post-game: Q&A with Storm players


    • Value seating (baseline): $10 per ticket (AVID student early bird rate; must pay deposit by March 31 to receive $10/ticket rate)

    • Select seating (upper sideline): $15 per ticket

    • Premium seating (low midcourt): $25 per ticket

    Read details and sign up at:


    Camp Sparkle

    Four, free, week-long day camps, 9:30 am–4:00 pm, for kids ages 6–12 (participants must have completed kindergarten) who have a loved one with cancer, who have cancer themselves, or who have lost someone to cancer.

    2017 camp locations and dates:

    • Seattle: June 26–30

    • Tacoma: July 10–14

    • Everett: July 24–28

    • Bellevue: August 7–11

    Click here to view the Camp Sparkle flyer.



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