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    JANUARY 21, 2016

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    1/28 - Thurs.

    Hamilton Open House

    1/29 - Fri.

    Regular School Day (make-up)

    2/2 - Tues.

    • Parents and Staff Night Out at Fremont Brewing, 6:30-9:30 PM

    • Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee meeting, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

    Garfield High School Library

    400 - 23th Ave., Seattle

    2/3 - Wed.

    PTA Focus Day in Olympia

    2/4 - Thurs.

    Music-a-thon, with Young Musicians Concert, Commons, 7 - 9 PM

    2/5 - Fri.

    Last Day of First Semester


    Seattle Public Schools Open Enrollment



    We are nearing the end of the first semester – Feb. 5 is the last day. For many of our classes this is a brief pause in a year-long course, however it’s also an official end of one course at which time our teachers will report grades assessing your students’ learning for Semester 1. I have asked teachers to call or write home about any serious concerns they have about students in their classes.

    While we are focused on the halfway point of the year, we are also thinking about next year. For our staff, in particular Hamilton’s Building Leadership Team, we will soon have some predictions about how many course sections we’ll need next year, how many teachers we’ll need, what our students’ learning tells us we need to focus on next year.

    Our 8th-grade families (and possibly 7th- and 6th-grade families) are appropriately thinking about high school. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will see opportunities to visit and learn about the high schools most Hamilton students will attend. This is a wonderful chance to learn about the differences between our high schools – many of specialized programs unique to the schools. Our counselors and I strongly encourage you, when you have choices, to think about the individual needs and interests of your students.

    It’s important to know that all high schools offer students the opportunity to take the most rigorous courses—Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate, as well as “College in the High School” courses from the University of Washington. (I used to teach a UW writing class at Ballard H.S. and I found the skills and structure of the course were as good or better at preparing students for college writing than anything else I’d seen).

    Families of HCC students: know that your student will automatically enroll at Garfield unless you choose something else – Ingraham, your neighborhood school, or a “choice” school.

    I think of Hamilton as the bottleneck for our students – we come together from elementary schools all over the district, and we then spread out to high schools all over the district. That is, our friends move on to new and different schools.

    Our counseling team has long experience in Seattle and with the transition from middle to high school. They strongly recommend exploring high school options and having your students make a plan with goals in high school. They are also available, as are your students’ teachers.

    Go Hawks!

    Tipton Blish, Principal



    The PTSA is pleased to report that the 2015 Fall Fund Drive has ended, and your generous donations helped us to raise $91,000!  This total includes all recurring monthly donations through the end of the school year, as well as anticipated corporate matches, and puts us very close to our goal of $95,000.

    THANK YOU for your donations!  They enable us to meet our PTSA budget for the year, and will help support the programs and community that we all value here at Hamilton.

    If you didn’t get a chance to donate, our online donation page will remain live through the end of the school year at, or you can always mail in or drop off a check in the office.  We’ll be sending receipts for tax purposes by the end of January.

    Click here to donate online:


    Or drop off/mail your check (made out to Hamilton PTSA) to:

    1610 N 41st St, Seattle, WA 98103

    Thank you for your support of Hamilton International Middle School and your investment in our kids!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact VP of Fundraising, Deb Sundblad at

    A Message to Parents from Wallingford QFC Starbucks - NEW

    PTSA President Lisa Rivera Smith writes: As anyone who has stopped by the Wallingford QFC after school has probably seen, there is quite the entourage of students who convene there, buying snacks and hanging out upstairs at the Starbucks. In response to some online community chatter that our students were possibly causing issues there, I checked in with Cafe Manager, Colleen Quinn, and Store Manager Scott Hieronymus to see how the environment was being affected – either negatively or positively – and to see if there was anything we parents could do to help make sure our students were being considerate and respectful while there. Along with asking that we remind our students to bring their best manners with them, Scott penned the following message to share with Hamilton parents:

    Starbucks logo.png

    It has been brought to my attention that there are parents of Hamilton Middle School children concerned with their behavior in our store. On a typical school day, we see 10-30 kids in the store buying snacks or something from Starbucks and then sitting upstairs in small groups. First off, let me say that we love having the kids as customers and we strive to treat them as we would any other customer. We love that they have a safe place where they feel comfortable hanging out. For the most part, we see them as kids being kids. When you have that many in one place, they can at times be loud and we occasionally ask them to tone it down. At times, they leave wrappers or cups behind on the tables, but we see the same thing from some adults. For the most part they are respectful, with only rare exceptions. More than anything, I want to quell any fears that this is an issue for us; it is not. Again, we love having them as customers!

    Scott Hieronymus
    Store Manager
    QFC # 869 Wallingford

    Opportunities to Improve School Funding

    Improving school funding is a major goal of the Hamilton, Seattle and Washington State PTSAs. As you may have heard in
    recent news, Washington State is being fined $100K per day for under-funding basic education. This equates to:
    • 2 teacher salaries

    • 26,667 school lunches for kids

    • A smart board for 40 classrooms

    It is critical that we learn more about the issues surrounding school budgets and funding, and speak out and voice our concerns as a community. Below are three ways you can get involved and help make a difference. Thanks for your support!

    1) Attend SPS Finance Presentation "Understanding the School Budget,” Monday, Jan. 25

    Have you ever wondered how school funding, staffing and budgets are determined, but never knew who to ask?  The Seattle Public Schools Finance team will present an evening dedicated to understanding the school budget process.  

    They'll share helpful information such as when the 2016-17 school planning dates occur, an overview of the budgeting process and how funding is determined and schools are staffed, and information regarding class sizes and the process for parent involvement.  

    The event will be Monday, Jan. 25 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the auditorium of the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. More information is available on the SPS website.

    2) Come to WSPTA Focus Day in Olympia on Wednesday, Feb. 3

    If we ever hope to see full funding of basic education, legislators need to see and hear from us. Please join other Hamilton PTSA members on Wednesday, Feb. 3 in Olympia. Rally on the steps at noon and meet with your legislators. Last year, PTA members from Seattle turned out to Focus Day in record numbers, and we had a big impact.

    Register and learn more. Visit the event registration page to register to attend Focus Day 2016 and email our PTSA Legislative Liaison, Sam Bell at

    3) Support the Upcoming City Levies and Vote on Tuesday, Feb. 9

    Next month, Seattle voters will be asked to preserve funding for our 52,000 Seattle Public Schools students and their 97 schools.

    The three-year "Operations Levy" replaces the current Operations Levy, which is critical to ensuring a quality education for our kids. It provides over 25% of the basic funds needed to operate Seattle's public schools - money that benefits every one of our students that the State does not provide.

    The six-year "Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy" replaces the BTA III capital levy approved by Seattle voters in 2010. BTA IV will provide funds for upgrades and renovations of our aging school facilities on a planned and predictable timeline to help ensure a safe, secure teaching and learning environment.

    Families can help support the levies by endorsing, volunteering or donating to the campaign. Please take the time to review the levy information and vote on Feb. 9! Your support is critical to the educational experience and success of your child and to the 52,000 students in our district.

    For more information about the levies and how you can support the campaign, visit the Schools First website.

    HIMS Parents & Staff Night Out @ Fremont Brewing – Tuesday, Feb. 2


    Join us Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day) for a night you won't forget! All HIMS Parents and Staff are invited to spend a relaxing evening at HIMS-family-owned Fremont Brewing, 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Light appetizers will be provided; drinks are on you.

PLEASE RSVP so the brewery can staff appropriately:

    ** The first 40 who RSVP get a $2 discount on their first drink, compliments of Fremont Brewing (you will receive your discount ticket when you arrive) **

    Questions? Email us at


    Progress Report and Report Card Dates - NEW

    Due to the late start to the school year, dates for sending out Progress Reports and Report Cards have been adjusted.  Please check here for a summary of the new dates.

    Advanced Learning Enrollment

    The Advanced Learning office will notify families (who referred a child by the Oct. 8 deadline) via email about a child’s eligibility as scores are received and processed, late January through February. Families who haven’t received an eligibility email by Feb. 29 should contact Advanced Learning with the subject line “Eligibility Letter.”

    • Enrollment: Families who would like their child to participate in Advanced Learning programs or services in a school other than the attendance-area school should enroll the child during Open Enrollment, Feb. 17 to March 1. Families should submit a School Choice Form during this window even if they have NOT received eligibility results by this time

    • Ineligible Students and Appeals: Families who wish to appeal must provide all appeals documents no later than THREE WEEKS from the date of the eligibility email. (We have tightened the appeals window in order to accommodate budget and staffing timelines)

    • Eligible Students and Enrollment

      • Highly Capable-eligible students: HC services are guaranteed, either at the attendance-area school or through self-contained classes in the pathway Highly Capable Cohort school. To join the cohort, families should submit a School Choice form during Open Enrollment

      • Advanced Learning-eligible students: Students may receive advanced work at the attendance-area school or through self-contained or cluster-grouped Spectrum classes, available at designated sites on a space-available basis. Families may submit a School Choice form during Open Enrollment, but a seat is not guaranteed

    K-8 testing continues at least through January, but all families who referred by the Oct. 8 deadline should have received a testing appointment date by now. Those who have not should email with the subject line “Winter Testing.”

    For details about all of these issues, please see our Advanced Learning Enrollment page and our Advanced Learning Appeals page.

    Class of 2020 High School Information

    This month 8th grade students will begin to focus on the transition to high school. SPS high schools offer information nights for parents and students in late January and early February. Registration for high school classes will follow in April/May. The counseling department will be working with students to make sure they have the information needed prior to registration.

    Counselors will teach two lessons in the 8th grade classrooms in January. The first focuses on preparing students for high school registration and gives students time to preview general high school requirements and post high-school information. The second is a career exploration lesson to help students start to connect their interests with future education and career possibilities.

    Slides from “Getting Ready for High School and Beyond” are available to view here

    High School Enrollment for HCC Families

    Enrollment for Highly Capable Students Rising to Sixth or Ninth Grades

    Currently enrolled fifth- and eighth-grade Highly Capable Cohort (formerly APP) students are automatically assigned to their regional Highly Capable Cohort (formerly APP) middle school site for sixth grade or to Garfield for ninth grade and do not need to submit school choice forms.

    Enrollment for Accelerated IB Option at Ingraham High School

    Highly Capable eighth- or ninth-graders attending Hamilton, Washington, Jane Addams or Garfield may request an assignment to the Accelerated IB option at Ingraham by filling out a High School Choice Form during the open enrollment period. See the district's Enrollment webpage.

    Please contact 8th grade counselor Kelli Colleran,, with questions.

    From Guy Thomas, IB Diploma Program Coordinator, Ingraham HS

    The default high school assignment for HCC students is Garfield.  If an HCC student wants to attend Ingraham they need to make that request through the high school option process (school choice form) during open enrollment.  HCC students, regardless of address, who request Ingraham are guaranteed a spot at Ingraham. Being full is not a problem – a significant portion of our population comes from outside of our area.

    Doing the accelerated IB program (IBx) is not required nor automatic.  It will be an opt-in program and we are still working out some of the details about how that happens.

    High School Tours


    Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016

    6:00 PM – 6:55 PM - Information Tables in Commons/Building Tours

    7:00 PM – 8:30 PM - Presentation and Q&A in Performing Arts Center by Jill Hudson, Principal, Tina Tudor, Ninth Grade Coordinator, and Nathan Hale High School students


    Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016

    6:30 PM – 7:00 PM - Clubs and Activities tables in the Commons

    7:00 PM – 9:00 PM - Welcome & Open House for 8th Grade Choices/Prospective Students for both students and parents


    Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 - 7 PM Open House


    Tuesday, Jan. 26 and Thursday, Jan. 28:

    9:00 AM - 9:45 AM – meet in the Quincy Jones Auditorium (preferably) or the Gym (if necessary)

    9:45 AM - 10:30 AM – Building Tours

    Thursday, Feb. 11:

    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM – presentation in the Commons followed by self-guided tours with ASB/Link Leader support (department heads and program staff)


    Dec. 1 - Feb. 25

    Shadow Visits begin on Tues., Weds. and Thurs. from 7:50 AM - 11:55 AM. Dates are full but parents can call to put their student on a wait list. Maria Medina, (206) 252-3889.

    Wednesday, Feb. 3 – 7:00 PM – Ingraham Auditorium

    Open House.  This is a general information night open to everyone - Mr. Floe/Principal and the Ingraham Staff will answer any questions about academics, sports, clubs and student life at Ingraham

    Wednesday, Feb. 10 – 7:00 PM – Ingraham Library

    IB Information Night for parents and students going into the IB Program

    Wednesday, Feb. 3 – 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM and Wednesday, Feb. 10 – 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

    Day Time Tours.  Tour begins in the school Auditorium - parents must accompany students

    Questions? Call the Main Office (206) 252-3889, no need to RSVP for Open House and tours.

    Hamilton 2014-2015 School Report - NEW

    One of the goals of having School Reports is to support families as critical partners with us in a student’s academic success. To get involved, please share this with your friends and neighbors, visit the school, or consider talking to the teacher or principal about joining the school's Building Leadership Team or Parent Teacher Student Association to shape your school's improvement plan.

    Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteers STILL Needed, Tues. 1/26

    Parent volunteers are needed to help with 7th grade vision and hearing screenings on Tuesday, Jan. 26. These will be held all day, from 1st through 6th period in the Library, but volunteers can come for part of the time. No experience necessary! 4 volunteers minimum needed. Please email or call Nurse Anne Fote at or 206-252-5817.

    Notes from the Counseling Office - NEW

    Health consequences of the pressure for students to succeed:

    Call for Yearbook Pictures!

    Have pictures for the yearbook? Please send to

    HIMS Spirit Wear is open for business!
    Looking for Hamilton T-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more—delivered straight to your home?
    Order your spirit wear from at


    Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI)

    Upcoming Events - NEW

    Jan. 29 - Vocal Jazz at Bellevue College Jazz Festival

    Feb. 4 – Music-a-thon

    Feb. 8 – UW Band Fest

    Feb. 9 – February FOMAHI Board Meeting

    Music-a-thon Kicks off Today – Check Backpacks! - NEW

    Our annual fundraiser kicks off today. Check your student's backpack for important Music-a-thon information.

    Next FOMAHI Board Meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 9 - NEW

    Want to learn more about FOMAHI? Thinking about volunteering? Join us at 7 PM Tuesday, Feb. 9 in the HIMS library! Meetings are open to the public.

    Volunteer Opportunity: Sheet Music Librarian

    The Music Library crew needs help. We're here to train and support you. Help keep the library functioning for years to come! Contact Fiona Cohen for info.

    After School Men’s Choir Starts Monday

    Men's Choir session two begins Monday after school! Come sing with us. Sign up through HOST.

    Sign Up to Get FOMAHI and Music Cluster News!

    Register your music student today and sign up for your music class letter at


    Basketball - NEW

    Saturday, Jan. 23 – Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games, both vs. Madison at 1 PM,  both at Chief Sealth HS location

    Saturday, Jan. 23 – Boys and Girls JV Basketball games, both vs. Madison, at 8:30 AM, both at Jane Addams MS location

    Saturday, Jan. 30 – Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games, both vs. Washington at 1 PM,  both at Chief Sealth HS location

    Saturday, Jan. 30 – Boys and Girls JV Basketball games, both vs. Washington, at 3:30 PM, both at Jane Addams MS location


    Winter HOST Registration is Here!

    There is still space in many winter HOST classes. Classes began Tuesday, Jan. 19.

    GOOD NEWS … WE HAVE ADDED A CLASS! In addition to the Advanced Chess Club, we have now ADDED a Beginner/Intermediate Chess Club on Mondays! Please follow the link below.

    HOST classes and registration:

    Contact Liz Chase at the YMCA with questions,, (206) 252-5831


    Explore Engineering Outreach Event and Parent and Educator Program (PEP)

    The Pacific NW Professional Section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE-PNW) is hosting an exciting opportunity for middle school girls to learn about science and technology careers. The Explore Engineering Outreach Event features two engineering-based activities where girls will learn to think like an engineer in a hands-on environment and interact with local engineers.

    While the girls are engaged in the Outreach Event, adults can attend a parallel program, the Parent and Educator Program (PEP). This program will help sustain the girls’ STEM interests and features information on college admissions, a live panel of professional and collegiate in STEM fields, and how to break stereotypes normally associated with the jobs and professionals in STEM fields. Teachers, parents, and anyone who works with girls are welcome.

    Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016

    Time: 12:30 - 3:30 PM

    Location: Bell Harbor Conference Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Seattle

    Girls: $7 (includes t-shirt and snack), Parents/Educators: $5 (includes drink and snack)

    SIGN UP HERE - Scholarships are available

    Ballard Little League Softball & Baseball Registration Open

    Registration for the Ballard Little League 2016 seasons for Softball and Baseball is open. Register by Jan. 31 to avoid late fee. Boys and girls who live in Ballard or attend school in Ballard are eligible to play on a Ballard LL team. Enthusiastic volunteers to coach and/or umpire welcomed, no experience necessary.

    To Register visit For any other questions or additional information contact

    Queen Anne Quick Styx Girls Youth Lacrosse Spring 2016 Registration Open

    Online registration for Girls Lacrosse is open at

    $50 early bird registration discount. More information in the Parent link on the website.

    North Seattle Baseball Registration Now Open

    Register your ballplayer for the upcoming 2016 Spring Baseball Season with North Seattle Baseball for Spring PE credits. Games use Pony rules that include lead-offs, and age-appropriate base path and pitching distances. Sign up at


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