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    The Hamilton Weekly News FEBRUARY 25, 2016

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    2/17 - 3/1

    Seattle Public Schools Open Enrollment Period

    2/26 - Fri.

    Final Ski Bus!

    2/26 & 2/27

    ‘Screenagers’ PTSA free film screening & discussion, Gym

    Friday 2/26 at 6 PM and Saturday 2/27 at 11 AM

    3/1 - Tues.

    • Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee meeting, 6:30 - 8 PM

    Hamilton Library

    • FOMAHI Board Meeting, Main Office Conference Room, 7 – 9 PM

    3/9 - Wed. Jazz Night, Commons, 7 - 9 PM

    3/10 - Thurs.

    Spring Choir Night, Commons, 7 - 9 PM

    3/12 - Sat.

    7th Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival, 9 – 4 PM

    3/14 - Mon.

    Pi(e) Night, Commons, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

    3/16 - Wed.

    Staff Appreciation Luncheon

    3/23 - Wed.

    2-Hour Early Dismissal

    3/29 - Tues.

    • PTSA Board Meeting, Library, 6 PM - Updated!

    • Conversation with Seattle School Board Director Rick Burke, Library, 7 PM


    Coming to Hamilton: a Must-See for All Teens and Parents, Feb. 26 & 27 - Fri. & Sat.!


    Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston saw that happening with her own kids, and decided to explore the phenomenon and delve deep into the science behind screen time to understand how it affects young people’s minds and development.

    ‘SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age,’ explores how much screen time is too much and takes a hard, yet entertaining look at how screen time affects the self-image and self-control of teenagers.

    The Hamilton PTSA invites all parents, students and educators to join us for two FREE showings of this provocative film in the Hamilton Gymnasium:

    • Friday, Feb. 26 @ 6 PM

    • Saturday, Feb. 27 @ 11AM

    (both shows, doors open 30 mins. early)

    Much of the movie was filmed in Seattle!  Watch the trailer here:

    Concessions will be available, and both showings will be followed by small-group discussions (participation is optional, and parent groups will be separate from student groups). 

    ** Please RSVP at

    Don’t miss this chance to learn how we can empower our children to best navigate the digital world. ALL ARE WELCOME – INVITE YOUR FRIENDS (and please have them RSVP).


    Questions? Email

    HIMS Annual Pi(e) Night is Upon Us!, Monday, March 14 (of course!) - NEW

    This mathematically fabulous day will be celebrated at Hamilton Monday 3.14, 6:30–8:30 PM in the Commons.

    Come and bring your favorite pie to share for the infinitely awesome Pie Buffet. The event also features the famous Pie Baking Contest and Pi Recitation Contest, and of course multiple rounds of the always-thrilling Pie Eating Contest.

    Pi(e) Buffet: Bring your pre-sliced pie (either pizza or sweet variety, homemade or store-bought) to share any time throughout the evening.

    Pi(e) Baking Contest: Fancy yourself a stellar pie baker? Any member of the Hamilton community (student, staff, parent, grandparent, etc.) is welcome and encouraged to enter the Pie Baking Contest. Prizes will awarded in the following categories: Best Fruit Pie, Best Cream Pie, Flakiest Crust, Most Original Pie, and Best Presentation.

    Pi(e) Eating Contest: This year there will be multiple heats of the Pie Eating Contest. Interested students will have a chance to submit their name during each lunch period on Friday, March 4, and final participants will be posted on Monday, March 7.

    Pi Recitation Contest: How many digits of pi do you know? Try your luck in front of Mr. Gussin and members of the HIMS math team. Prizes awarded for reaching 25, 50, 100 digits and beyond!

    Pi(e) Raffle: Great prizes given away throughout the evening.

    This all-school event draws a crowd, and we need adults to help it run smoothly, so sign yourself up and tell your friends! Questions? Georgette Semroc,, and Angela Fleet,

    Staff Appreciation Irish Luncheon, Wednesday, March 16 - NEW

    We are winding down to our final two Staff Appreciation Luncheons for the school year.  For March we celebrate the "Luck of the Irish!".  There are loads of creative choice options as well as some traditional options for our amazing home cooks.  We are also looking for a few extra hands to help execute our Luncheon this time so if you have an hour or two to spare, please consider volunteering your time.  

    Please bring your items to the staff lounge by 10 AM on Wednesday, March 16.  We appreciate all of the amazing contributions and our staff especially appreciates the opportunity to dine on fabulous food and to socialize with one another.  Thank you all for your continued support!

    Sign up here:

    Send in Questions for a Conversation with Seattle School Board Director Rick Burke on Tuesday, March 29! - NEW

    Rick Burke serves on the Seattle School Board, representing Hamilton and the other schools in the 2nd District, and he’s coming to answer your questions on Tuesday, March 29! In preparation, we’re now collecting questions that he can answer for us that night. Sample topics include math curriculum, building capacity here and in high school, language immersion, middle school HCC curriculum, and anything else on your mind. Feel free to email your questions to Sam Bell, PTSA Legislative Liaison, at  This event will be held in the Hamilton Library, Tuesday, March 29 at 7 PM.

    Rick is a Hamilton graduate, a parent of three, the husband of a teacher, and has experienced the highs and lows of the current Seattle classroom experience. He volunteered in classrooms, worked on the Tech Committee at West Woodland Elementary, and served as PTA co-president at North Beach Elementary. See his biography online:

    Seeking New Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chair!

    From Current Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chair, Michelle Fasser:

    With three more lunches on the calendar it's now time to start looking for our next Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chair.  I have LOVED this job for the last 3 years and am proud to be passing it on.  If you would like to learn more about the commitment, please call Michelle Fasser at (206) 713-4195 or email




    Open Enrollment is HERE!  Wednesday, Feb. 17 to Tuesday, March 1.  This is the best opportunity to request a different school or program for your student.  To apply, your student will need to submit a School Choice form.  Information and forms here:

    Advanced Learning Enrollment

    Families should submit a School Choice Form during open enrollment even if they have NOT received eligibility results by this time. For details, please see Advanced Learning Enrollment

    High School Enrollment for HCC Families

    Currently enrolled eighth-grade Highly Capable Cohort (formerly APP) students are automatically assigned to Garfield for ninth grade and do not need to submit school choice forms.

    Enrollment for Accelerated IB Option at Ingraham High School

    Highly Capable eighth- or ninth-graders attending Hamilton, Washington, Jane Addams or Garfield may request an assignment to the Accelerated IB option at Ingraham by filling out a High School Choice Form during open enrollment. See the Advanced Learning Enrollment page

    Please contact 8th grade counselor Kelli Colleran,, with questions.

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School Principal Hiring Meetings - Final Meeting Tonight!

    In September 2017, a new middle school will open in the NW Region.

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School will serve all students from Greenwood, Olympic View, Northgate, Broadview-Thomson, Daniel Bagley attendance areas as well as middle school students who are enrolled in the HCC program and who live in the Whitman service area.

    Meetings to discuss the hiring of the planning principal for this new middle school will be held at four sites. Parents of current 4th and 5th grade students are invited to attend to hear more about the hiring process and the planning that the new principal will lead during 2016-2017 to ensure a successful launch of the new school. These meetings are intended to address the hiring of a new principal and will not address questions regarding enrollment, boundary questions, and so forth. Those issues will be addressed at meeting to be scheduled at a later time.

    Parents of 6th grade middle school students who live in the areas served by the elementary schools listed above are invited to attend, as are parents of 6th grade HCC students who live in the Whitman service area.

    Final meeting TONIGHT:

    Thursday, Feb. 25 at Cascadia Elementary Auditorium (6:30 PM to 7:30 PM)

    The meeting will be hosted by Jon Halfaker, the Executive Director for Schools in the NW Region.

    Learn more about the new school on the Seattle Public Schools' Building Excellence Program website

    Skills Center Summer School for Rising 9th Graders - NEW

    Is your student interested in earning high school credit this summer?  Trying out a career field for free?  Wondering what it would like to be a chef, engineer or medical professional?  

    Skills Center Summer School offers courses to all Seattle Public Schools students entering 9th – 12th grades in Sept. 2016 with most classes offered mornings or afternoons over four weeks at various Seattle high schools and other locations. For more information and the application, check the Summer Program webpage.  Courses fill up quickly on a first-come, first-served basis, application deadline is Friday, June 17.  Video here about some of the courses.

    Green Team Transportation Survey Results! - NEW

    How does your student get to school?  Hamilton’s Green Team club asked them during all 3 lunches Dec. 11-15 and then made paper chains to hang in the Commons showing the daily averages. Each color represents a mode of transportation, with each loop representing one traveler:

    School Bus (red): 255

    Personal Vehicle, not Carpool (black): 189

    Walk (green): 140

    City Bus (purple): 43

    Personal Vehicle Carpool (blue): 39

    Bike, Skateboard, or Scooter (white): 19

    They hope the survey results will encourage families to make greener transportation choices, such as walking, carpooling or busing more often!

    Thank you chain makers Malcolm L., Johanna E., Xia B., Aine W., and Stella H. (not pictured, Zachary S., Xuan M., Annika S.)!

    Biology Students Participate in “Hamilton Takes Charge: Reducing CO2”

    Biology students are hosting a “Hamilton Takes Charge: Reducing CO2” week, Feb. 29 – March 4! They will collaborate with the University of Nebraska and Corvallis Environmental Center to study the impact youth have on promoting the reduction of fossil fuels. Students will share scientific arguments for reducing carbon emissions with the community and promote participation in the online carbon tracking program “Communities Take Charge.”  Please contact Jen Fox with questions or comments,

    Here’s an example of a scientific argument for reducing carbon emissions by Paul F. and Nick K. in Ms. Fox’s Period 1 class for this effort - NEW:

    It’s obvious that we have to do something about global warming and the increasing percentage of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. One easy way to help is to simply turn off lights when they are not in use. Sometimes you may not need to light the whole room, instead use task lighting (lamps, reading lights, etc.) to save power and reduce your CO2 emissions. If everyone in the US turned off two lights in our homes for an hour each day, we would save so much energy that the amount of coal it would take to produce that much electricity could fill up the Empire State Building three times. If you leave 17 typical light bulbs on for one hour you will release around 2 pounds of CO2 into the air. It is easy to think about this and realize how much CO2 we produce daily and, clearly, it’s a lot.

    This is one way that you can make an impact, and there are countless others. Our Biology class with Ms. Fox is taking part in the “Hamilton Takes Charge Challenge” to do all sorts of activities to reduce CO2 production. We encourage you join the cause and sign up on a website called “Communities Take Charge”. Simply go to the site, answer a few questions, pick a few actions that will help reduce your CO2 emissions, and select the Hamilton group. Thank you!

    Math Zone Volunteers Wanted

    Offered during all homeroom periods, students come to Math Zone to receive extra help working on and completing math assignments.  The remediation and re-teaching students receive during Math Zone is an important part of our math program. Help us make sure every student gets the support he or she needs!

    Volunteers are needed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (with a half-hour break at 11 AM).  Please pick the specific dates and times that work for you.  To volunteer or to get more information, please contact Assistant Principal Michelle Pickard at

    Volunteers will also need to fill out the required paperwork on the Volunteer Requirements page of the Hamilton Website or to contact Volunteer Coordinator, Trina Torgelson, at

    WANTED:  Next Ski Bus Coordinating Team for 2017 Season

    If you are interested in learning more about next year’s Ski Bus coordinating team, please come to an informal meeting Tuesday, March 1.

    Meeting will be held at 7 PM at Michelle Fasser's house, 5614 4th Ave. NW.  If you have questions about the meeting you can email Michelle at

    Hope to see you there!

    Drug and Alcohol Prevention Month

    As a resident of Seattle, you can’t help but notice the “pot shops” popping up all over our community. You may have also noticed additional billboards and signage on public transit warning about the dangers of underage use. One that is particularly poignant says something along the lines of: “My kid wouldn’t smoke marijuana, but would they eat it in a brownie?”

    As parents and guardians, you are the most powerful influence in a child’s life and conversations are one of the most powerful tools parents can use to connect with and protect their kids.

    We highly encourage you to engage in conversation with your students at home and ask them about what they are learning at school related to drugs and alcohol. Share with them your values, hopes and expectations.  Here are some helpful websites to equip you with information to assist in these conversations.

    • Start Talking Now: A project of the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition - This website has great resources for parents, including how to start the conversations with your kids.

    If your family is in need of additional support, please contact the counseling team to help connect you with additional services.

    Progress Report and Report Card Dates

    Due to the late start to the school year, dates for sending out Progress Reports and Report Cards have been adjusted.  Please check here for a summary of the new dates.

    Call for Yearbook Pictures!

    Have pictures for the yearbook? Please send to

    HIMS Spirit Wear is open for business! Looking for Hamilton T-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more—delivered straight to your home? Order your spirit wear from at


    Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI)

    Next FOMAHI Board Meeting, Tuesday, March 1, 7 PM

    The FOMAHI board will meet at 7 PM March 1 in the Hamilton conference room, located in the back of the main office (this is a one-time location change). Meetings are open to the public. Come see what's happening in the very busy month of March and learn how you can get involved!

    The 7th Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival is Coming

    Hamilton's 7th Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival will be held 9–4 PM Saturday, March 12. For more information, see the Solo & Ensemble packets that went home with students. Forms are available at

    Sign Up to Get FOMAHI and Music Cluster News!

    Register your music student today and sign up for your music class letter at


    Track Registration Open

    Packets available to sign up for track are outside Ms. Paris’ room 233. Complete and return it as soon as possible. The first practice will be March 15.

    Ultimate Frisbee

    For information:


    Saturday, Feb. 27 – Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games, both vs. Denny at 1 PM, both at Nathan Hale HS location

    Saturday, Feb. 27 – Boys and Girls JV Basketball games, both vs. Denny at 11:30 AM, both at Jane Addams MS location

    Saturday, March 5 – Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games, both vs. Eckstein at 4 PM, both at Nathan Hale HS location

    Saturday, March 5 – Boys JV Basketball game vs. Eckstein at 2:30 PM, at Jane Addams MS location

    Saturday, March 5 – Girls JV Basketball game vs. Eckstein at 1 PM, at Jane Addams MS location


    Winter session runs Jan. 19 - March 24.  More information here:

    Contact Liz Chase at the YMCA with questions,, (206) 252-5831


    ‘The Odyssey’ by SPT Youth - NEW

    Voyage across land and sea and through the underworld. Muses and monsters introduce this epic myth of the brave and courageous Odysseus as he seeks his homeland and family. Acclaimed playwright Mary Zimmerman is known for her fresh, vivid, and striking style. Ensemble features actors grades 9 - 12.

    Friday, Feb. 26, 7 PM

    Saturday, Feb. 27, 7 PM

    Sunday, Feb. 28, 2 PM

    Friday, March 4, 7 PM

    Saturday, March 5, 7 PM

    All performances are FREE!

    Tickets are available by walk-up, starting an hour before the beginning of each performance.

    ‘Oklahoma!’ by Woodland Park Players - NEW

    Tickets on sale now for Woodland Park Players’ first musical, ‘Oklahoma!’ This is a community group of 45+ neighbors singing and dancing, 20+ piece orchestra with professionals and students, and neighborhood crew members.

    When: March 18, 19 at 7 PM

    Where: Roosevelt High School Theater, 1410 NE 66th St., Seattle

    Cost: $15 reserved seat/ticket

    Cowboy-themed bake sale at intermission!
    Tickets selling fast, purchase at:

    New Mountain Bike Team Meeting - NEW

    The Washington Student Cycling League is starting a mountain biking team for 6-12 graders of all skill levels in North Seattle. They are a holistic non-profit mountain bike program for students throughout the state with a mission to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health and public stewardship, and to create a foundation for lifelong cycling enjoyment. Learn more at an informational night, meet the coaches and other riders.

    When:  Tuesday March 1, 6:30 - 8 PM

    Where:  Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center, room #2

    Hoopaholics Basketball Spring Tryouts

    No cost to tryout, registration required at Contact

    BOYS:  Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 27 & 28, Shoreline Community College

    Grades 6th & 7th:  10:30 AM - 12 PM

    Grades 8th & High School:  12 PM - 1:15 PM

    GIRLS:  Tuesday and Thursday, March 1 & 3, Lakeside Middle School

    Grades 4th to 6th:  6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

    Grades 7th to High School:  7:45 PM - 9 PM

    Both days recommended, only one required to make a team

    SEASON:  Youth and Travel High School - March to July, Local High School - March to May

    PRACTICES:  Teams will have 2 practices per week Mondays and Thursdays in the North

    LEAGUES AND TOURNAMENTS:  Teams will participate in League and/or Tournaments finalized following tryouts. Games are on weekends.

    Free Dental Services for Children

    The UW Center for Pediatric Dentistry is holding a special day with free services for kids 1-18 including exam, x-rays, fluoride, teeth cleaning, sealants, and simple fillings. Saturday, Feb. 27, from 9 AM-1 PM in Magnuson Park, 6222 NE 74th St., Seattle. Appointments are required, call (206) 543-5800. A few spots for parents also available!

    Preventing Teen Drug Use Forum

    What can parents do as alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs become more available? Come to a free educational forum for all Seattle families. Dr. Leslie R. Walker, Chief of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Seattle Children's will discuss teen health, the impact of drug use, and what parents can do to prevent it. Dr. Walker will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

    Location: Wright Auditorium, enter through RIVER ENTRANCE, Seattle Children's Hospital - 4800 Sand Point Way NE

    Date: Thursday March 24, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

    Ballard Little League Softball & Baseball Registration Open

    Registration for the Ballard Little League 2016 seasons for Softball and Baseball is open. Boys and girls who live in Ballard or attend school in Ballard are eligible to play on a Ballard LL team. Enthusiastic volunteers to coach and/or umpire welcomed, no experience necessary. To Register visit For any other questions or additional information contact

    Queen Anne Quick Styx Girls Youth Lacrosse Spring 2016 Registration Open

    Online registration for Girls Lacrosse is open at  More information in the Parent link on the website.

    North Seattle Baseball Registration Now Open

    Register your ballplayer for the upcoming 2016 Spring Baseball Season with North Seattle Baseball for Spring PE credits. Games use Pony rules that include lead-offs, and age-appropriate base path and pitching distances. Sign up at


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