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    The Hamilton Weekly News

    February 8, 2018



    Upcoming Dates 

    Feb. 8th (Thursday)

    • Music-a-thon | All Day | Young Musicians Concert | 7-9pm | Commons

    Feb. 9th (Friday)

    • Ski Bus 
    • Puerto Rico Fundraiser "Hamilton" | 6-8:30pm | Commons/Stage

    Feb. 10th (Saturday)

    • Hamilton Basketball Games | (link to schedule below)

    Feb. 13th (Tuesday)

    • PTSA Board Meeting | 6:30-8:30pm | Main Office Conference Room

    Feb. 14th (Wednesday)

    • PTSA Dessert Bar for Staff | 11:40 - 1:20pm | Staff Lounge

    Feb. 15th (Thursday)

    • FOMAHI Board Meeting | Hamilton Library

    Feb. 16th (Friday)

    • BSU and La Chispa students field trip to UW
    • Ski Bus

    Feb. 19th (Monday)

    • Hamilton Chess Tournament | 7am-5pm | Commons & Gym 

    Feb. 19th - 23rd  (Monday - Friday)

    • President's Day/Midwinter Break | No School

    Feb. 22nd - 24th (Thursday - Saturday)

    • Vocal Jazz Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival | Moscow, Idaho

    March 2nd (Friday) 

    • ANGST (The Movie) | 7-9 PM 

    March 3rd (Saturday) 

    • ANGST (The Movie) | Noon-2 PM 

    Please check the calendar on the Hamilton Calendar for a complete listing of events.


    PTSA News

    New Valentine's Day Dessert Extravaganza 

    This Valentine's Day, please help indulge our Hamilton staff with an amazing and delicious spread of fabulous desserts.  You can drop off your creation in the staff room any time between the start of school and the first lunch at 11:00AM on Wednesday, February 14th.  Sign up here to contribute, and thanks for showing your appreciation of our Hamilton staff!


    Letter from the Principal

    Dear Hamilton International Families,

     One of the wonders of 21st Century American middle school – like this one – is to see a student whose first language is something other than English and who is only now experiencing western culture wrestle with The Outsiders. It’s a novel that among many other things is a commentary on economic divide, on tribalism, and on an adolescent trying to make moral sense of the world.

     The themes are so apt for adolescents in any era – how and whether to be good, what it means to be good, what defines who we associate with, how others define us and what that means.

     And here we are in Seattle in 2018 reading a forty-year-old novel written in a vernacular that is uniquely American and dated too:

    That was the truth. Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, careful not to let their real selves show through. I had seen a social-club rumble once. The Socs even fought coldly and practically and impersonally.

     Imagine learning English and American culture and being guided through these sentences? There’s a lot we’re expecting in this situation – we want our readers (our students) to understand an author’s choices – the words, the types of sentences, the creation of the character, particular plot twists. We want readers to understand the control a writer has, and we want our readers to be able to understand the impact of a writer’s choices. And at the same time, with our student whose first language is Swahili, he’s learning new vocabulary and slang all buried in cultural cues that only a U.S.-raised reader would pick up on without help.

     It’s hard, it’s wonderful.

     As you know, I announced that I will be leaving Hamilton after the end of the school year. The process for selecting Hamilton’s next principal is not yet settled, but as soon as it is I will get that out to you.

     As I write, most of our bus drivers remain on strike against their company. We know that this is a considerable burden to you and we’re grateful for the lengths you are taking to get students to school.

    Go Hawks!

    -Tipton Blish ~ Principal 


    Hamilton School News

    New Course Selection for 6th & 7th graders 

    Course selection form for our current 6th and 7th graders will be handed out on Thursday the 8th during Advisory and are due back no later than February 14th.

    ★Updated Hamilton: The American Fundraiser

    A Charitable Fundraiser Benefiting UNICEF

    The people in Puerto Rico are suffering after the effects of Hurricane Maria, and they aren’t receiving the help they deserve. As privileged children in Seattle, we wish to help these kids who are just like us with your donation.

    Please come to Hamilton International Middle School at 6 PM on February 9 
    to see Hamilton kids perform songs from Hamilton: An American Musical and to help us help Puerto Rico. Performed and organized by the HIMS Acting for Justice club with the approval of the HIMS ASB.

    All proceeds of net expenses will be held in trust by Seattle Public Schools until disbursed to UNICEF, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

    Click here to Donate:

    High School Alignment Plan Science Update for Hamilton Community

    A High School Alignment Plan was announced recently and a there has been a lot of questions about the new changes in high school courses.  The High School Science Alignment Plan eliminates the 9th grade physical science course. In its place, it offers a semester of chemistry and a semester of physics in 9th grade, followed by a full year of biology in 10th grade, and a second semester of chemistry and second semester of physics in 11th grade. In the 12th year students are offered a choice of advanced science courses.  Science teachers support the plan because it eliminates redundancies between the middle and high school science courses and creates additional opportunities for student learning in the 12th grade.

    Standard Pathway


    Subject to take 


    Chemistry A/Physics A


    Bio A/ Bio B


    Chemistry B/ Physics B* 


    AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Electives 

    The High School Science Alignment Plan eliminates the 9
    th grade physical science course, which was redundant with what is now being taught in middle school science courses throughout the district. Over the past three years, the Middle School Alignment Team aligned the middle school science courses with the Washington State Next Generation Science Standards.  The topics taught at middle school, such as force and motion, are now redundant with those taught in the 9thgrade physical science course. The new High School Science Alignment plan eliminates this redundancy.

    In the High School Science Alignment Plan students will complete all three core science courses at the end of their 11th grade year providing an opportunity for students to take an advanced science course in their 12th grade year. These may include AP Science, IB Science, Biotechnology or college in the high school courses.  In the current sequence, most students do not have the opportunity to take advanced science courses unless they arrive to high school with advanced math skills.  In the new plan, all students will have an opportunity to explore advanced science topics in the 12th grade.  For the students who are in the HCC program they will complete the core science courses at the end of their 9th grade year, allowing three full years for advanced science courses.  

    There will be a few transition years for our HCC students as the courses will be offered for the first-time next year.  Please refer to the following tables:

    HCC Pathway for Students taking HCC 7th Science Before 2018


    Subject to take 


    High School Physical Science


    High School Biology 


    Chemistry or Physics 


    Chemistry or Physics
    IF Chemistry in 9th grade they can take AP Bio, AP Chemistry
    IF Physics in 9th grade they can take AP Chemistry

    HCC Pathway for 7th Grade students entering HCC science in 2018


    Subject to take 


    Chemistry A/Physics A


    Bio A/Bio B


    Chemistry B/ Physics B 


    AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Electives 


    AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Electives 


    AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Electives 


    If you have more questions about the plan you may visit the Seattle Public School Science Alignment website.  Also, the SPS Science Team is hosting community information sessions:

    February 8, 6:30-8 p.m. Garfield High School, Commons Tonight

    Jen Fox (
    Science Department Chair

    From the Counseling Department

    ANGST (The Movie)

    Reports and diagnosis of anxiety are on the rise – in our school community and in our country. The results of our Hamilton student needs assessment this fall showed 14% of 8th graders; 12 % of 7th graders and 13% of 6th graders self-reporting concerns about anxiety. The counseling department and Hamilton staff are working to implement supports for all students. Increasing awareness is the first step. We have implemented “Mindful Mondays” this year as a part of our weekly advisory schedule. Next month we will be hosting 2 screenings of the documentary ANGST for our community….

    Angst is a 56-minute film and virtual reality experience that explores anxiety its causes, effects and what we can do about it. The filmmakers' goal is to have a global conversation and raise awareness around anxiety. Angst features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they've learned about it. The film includes discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, as well as help, resources and tools.


    Mark your calendars for March 2nd (evening) and/or March 3rd (matinee)!


    Learn More:

    Article in Parent Map this week related to anxiety:


    Talking to your Child or Teen about anxiety:


    APPS to assist:

    Breath2Relax ; Headspace ; MindShift; Pacifica ; Stop Breathe & Think


        New From the Nurse - Ms. Fote 

        New Avoiding Illness During Flu Season

        Reminder on ways to stay healthy and avoid spreading illness

        Give Kids a Smile: Free Preventive Care for Kids

        As February is Children's Dental Health Month, the UW Center for Pediatric Dentistry, with support from Bartell Drugs is again offering children FREE preventive care during Give Kids a Smile.

        The event this year is on February 20, from 1-5pm.  Appointments are required, but we will have a wait list to be sure we fill all spots.  This is during mid-winter break, so a great time for families to enjoy Magnuson Park the come for their free dental care.

        Families simply call 206-543-5800 and ask for a Give Kids a Smile appointment.  If the child is eligible for Medicaid, they can help arrange transportation.

        Kids will receive a full exam, xrays, teeth cleaning and fluoride.

        All kids welcome, ages 6 mos. - 18 years old, and families can bring multiple children. Interpretation will be available, and no immigration questions asked.

        Facebook event link is:

        Yearbook Photos Needed

        The Hamilton Yearbook Staff is requesting uploads of school-related photos (field trips, spirit wear/school pride, concerts, athletics, and etc.) for potential inclusion in the HIMS 2017-18 yearbook!

        Anyone - adult or student - can submit photos via new software from our yearbook publisher – of course all submissions will be reviewed by adult staff members before being added to the photo pool for review by students.  These photos will be considered for use in addition to photos taken by students on the yearbook staff.

        Go to and enter school code: HIMS.  The website will ask you to give contact information (so we can reach you if necessary and will ask you to provide details about the names of students or the event - please provide as much information as you can. You will be able to upload 10 photos at a time.  For questions about uploading photos or if you need an alternative workaround for uploading large numbers of photos, please contact Lisa Melenyzer at

        Order Your Hamilton Spirit Wear!

        Looking for Hamilton t-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more? Order your spirit wear for home delivery from


        Hamilton Athletics

        Winter Sports - Basketball 

        Seattle Schools Sports Schedules and Information

        Hawks Ultimate Spring League  
        Registration Open Now Thru Feb. 17th 

        Registration for Spring league Ultimate Club is now open on the Hawks Ultimate website!
        If your student would like to join tryouts for Spring Ultimate please register by Saturday, Feb 17th. Students can only try out if they register and forms are submitted.
        Tryouts are planned the week after Mid-Winter break.  See Web site for more information.
        We encourage any Hamilton students who are interested in Ultimate to attend tryouts and learn about the "Spirit of the Game".  However, due to overwhelming interest, even with five teams we are often not able to take every student.
        Go Hawks!

        New Hamilton Track Team  

        Track team sign up is open. Sign up today outside her classroom, #233. If you have any questions about track, please check with Ms. Paris. Track packets will be distributed later this month.


        For more information about the Hamilton Athletics Department or upcoming sports click here:


        Music News

        New EBMEA Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival

        This year's Solo and Ensemble will be held March 24 at Chief Sealth High School.  Students can register to participate by completing a form from their music director, registration closes Feb 28.  Pay online at the main page at  Cost is $19 for a solo or $29 for ensemble, payable online via credit card or PayPal.



        HOST After-School Program

        HOST Information 

        Winter HOST runs Monday January 22nd, 2018  - Thursday March 29th, 2018

        MondayTuesdayThursday, from 4:00 - 5:30pm

        Wednesday from 2:45 - 4:45pm.



        Seattle Schools News

        Open Enrollment Information

        Monday, February 5, 2018 | Open Enrollment Begins (choice forms available)
        Friday, February 16, 2018 | Open Enrollment Ends (on time applications)
        Thursday, May 31, 2018 | School Choice deadline (late applications)
        SPS School Choice and Open Enrollment home page
        SPS School Choice Forms 

        Updated★ School Bus Driver Strike


        School Calendar for the 2018-19 School year


        Seattle Schools Calendar for next School year 2018-2019


        Updated★ Seattle High School Information Nights

        For more information or additional dates please visit the High School Websites. 

        Ballard High School  Parent Night | Feb. 8 | 6:30-9pm Tonight
        Tours | Feb. 14 | 8-9:30am 
        Tours & Open House Info

        Cleveland STEM High School |Feb. 15 | 9am - 11:30am
        Tours & Open House Info
        Center School | Feb. 8 6pm-8pm  Tonight
        Tours & Open House Info
        Garfield High School
        Tours & Open House Info
        Ingraham High School  
        IB Info Night | Feb. 8 | 7:00 pm
        Tours & Open House Info
        Nathan Hale High School | Feb. 13 | 6pm-8:30pm
        Tours & Open House Info
        Roosevelt High School 
        Tours & Open House Info

        New Center School Open House

        Final Center School open house is this Thursday, February 8th from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the Armory Loft (up the stairs above the food court), 305 Harrison Street on the Seattle Center campus. The Center School is a small, arts-focused, arts-integrated public high school available to students from any neighborhood. We are a college prep high school with wonderful programs in theater and poetry, as well as film-making and photography. The Center School has an exemplary social justice program and an award winning Model United Nations program. The Center School is a gem among Seattle public high schools! We hope you will join us at an upcoming open house.  Questions for a Center School parent?  I have a happy TCS 10th grader, and would be happy to chat.  LuAnn Wangsness,  Also, if you are interested in talking with the Principal and/or having your student shadow at the school during the day, please call The Center School office at 206-252-9850 to see if they are able to accommodate this request.  Hope to see you on Thursday!

        ★ New Nathan Hale High School Information Night

        All future and prospective parents/guardians and students are invited to join us for the following informational evening:

        Tuesday, February 13, 2018

        6 – 7:00PM   Information Tables and Tours in Commons (last tour leaves Commons at 6:40)

        7 – 8:30PM   Presentation and Questions in Performing Arts Center

        Topics: Courses offered; structure of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades; school culture and philosophy; school communication and opportunities for connections within the Nathan Hale Community

         8:00 PM Distinct Program (SM4), Access (SM4), Social Emotional Learner – SEL (SM3), SM2 and Medically Fragile classrooms will be open and teachers will be available during your visit 

        Join us in any way that works for you:

        • Take a tour of the whole school – tours start at 6PM in the Commons – last tour leaves the Commons at 6:40, then head to the main office to be directed to the classrooms noted above
        • Or - head straight to the main office to be directed to the classrooms noted above.

        Students are welcome! 

        We invite and encourage families who will be assigned to NHHS to attend an information evening to get a head start on transition to high school. We also welcome families who are assigned to another school but are interested in NHHS and are considering going through the Open Enrollment process. 

        Families who are not able to attend one of the Information Nights are more than welcome to come to the main office between 3:40 and 4PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to sign in, pick up an information packet and walk through the building on a self-guided tour. 

        ★ New Seattle World Languages Fair | March 10th  

        Languages Lead Us on a Path to Understanding Other Cultures* on Saturday, March 10, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at Seattle World School, 1700 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122 Information session for families, students, community members and educators about World Language offerings in Seattle,World Language Credit TestingSeal of BiliteracyDual Language Immersion, Community-Based Organizations, refreshments, and more.

        Find out:

        • What languages do we teach in Seattle Public Schools?
        • How many world language credits do students need for graduation?
        • How can students earn high school credits for languages they learned at home or outside of school?
        • What is the Seal of Biliteracy and how do you earn it?
        • What are the benefits to early language learning?

        *theme of National Foreign Language Week March 4-10

        Learn more at the World Languages Page.

        Contact: Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Education Administrator, 

        ★ New High School Boundary Changes Approved for 2019-20

        At their regular meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 31, the Seattle School Board approved high school boundaries for implementation in the 2019-20 school year. There are no high school boundary changes for the 2018-19 school year.

        • All 9th graders in fall of 2019 will be assigned to their attendance area high school based on the approved 2019-20 boundaries.
        • All 9th graders attending Ballard or Roosevelt in 2018-19 as their attendance area school and who live in areas that are changing to the Lincoln High School attendance area in the fall of 2019 will be geo-split, meaning they will start 10th grade at Lincoln High School in fall 2019.
        • Any student may apply to another high school through school choice.

        Highly Capable Changes Approved for 2019-20

        Changes were also approved for high school Highly Capable (HC) pathways. Beginning in 2019-20, there will be three HC pathways: a north pathway at Lincoln High School, a central/southeast pathway at Garfield High School and a southwest pathway at West Seattle High School. The IBX program at Ingraham remains as an optional pathway. This information is shown below.

        Additionally, beginning in 2019-20, any student in 9th grade who is HC eligible, even if they were not in HCC in middle school, may opt into their HC pathway school in high school. 



        Lincoln High School

        Ballard, Ingraham, Lincoln, Nathan Hale, and Roosevelt

        Garfield High School

        Franklin, Garfield, and Rainier Beach

        West Seattle

        West Seattle and Chief Sealth

         Exceptions to the HC Changes:

        • All students in the HC pathways at Garfield and Ingraham will be grandfathered. HC students from West Seattle who are currently in 6th and 7th grade at Washington Middle School can continue to Garfield instead of moving to the new southwest pathway.
        • Additionally, HC or HC-eligible students entering 10th grade in 2019-20 may opt into Lincoln if they are at Garfield or at their attendance area school and live within the Lincoln HC pathway, even if they were not in HCC in 8th grade.

        Dual Language Immersion Changes Approved for Ingraham in 2019-20

        A change to the North dual language immersion (DLI) pathway was approved at the high school level. Lincoln will be the new DLI pathway school beginning in 2019-20. It will start with 9th grade. Students entering 10th grade in Ingraham’s DLI pathway in 2019-20 can also opt to attend Lincoln. Students in the DLI pathway at Ingraham will be grandfathered, but new 9th graders will not be assigned to DLI at Ingraham beginning in 2019-20.

        Opening of Lincoln High School

        Lincoln will open with grades 9 and 10 only in the 2019-20 school year. The information below outlines the grades to be served at Lincoln until the school reaches full scale in 2021-22.

        Lincoln Grade Implementation Plan

        • In 2019-20, Lincoln High School will serve students in grades 9 and 10 only. New students in grades 11 and 12 will be assigned to their attendance area high school based on the 2017-18 high school boundaries.
        • In 2020-21, Lincoln High School will serve students in grades 9, 10, and 11 only. New students in grade 12 will be assigned to their attendance area high school based on the 2017-18 high school boundaries.
        • In 2021-22, Lincoln High School will serve students in all grades.

        Lincoln High School

        High School Grandfathering Plan Summary

        The following students will be allowed to stay in their current assignments. When the new boundaries and pathways take effect in 2019-20:

        • All students in the Highly Capable (HC) pathways at Garfield and Ingraham will be grandfathered.
        • HC students from West Seattle who are currently in 6th and 7th grade at Washington Middle School can continue to Garfield instead of moving to the new southwest pathway.
        • All 11th and 12th graders in areas that have a changing attendance area assignment in fall 2019 will be grandfathered.
        • All 10th graders in areas that have a changing attendance area assignment, but not to Lincoln High School, will be grandfathered at their existing assignment. This applies to students who would be moving from Roosevelt to Ingraham.

        Board action, amendments and resolution

        The Board Action Report with the Fv4.3 map and associated implementation plan was approved with amendments.

        • Amendment 1 passed
        • Amendment 2 passed
        • Amendment 3 withdrawn
        • Amendment 4 passed
        • Amendment 5 passed
        • Amendment 6, added from the dais, passed - The area of the Loyal Heights boundary above 85th and to the west of 28th Ave will be included in the Ballard High school attendance area beginning in 2019-20.

        The HC resolution to have HC in all high schools by 2021-22 did not pass.

        The substitute resolution to put together a plan to serve HC students in all schools passed.



        Community News


        If your skier will be missing a week of SkiBus please be sure to contact Jan. 

        If you have any questions please contact the coordinator, Jan (Parent Volunteer), at or 206-297-7616. 

        ★ New Volunteers Needed for a Committee to Add Lights to the Fields at Robert Eagle Staff

        You know how hard it is to reserve a field for sports. Some middle school students are even starting practices at 8pm on school nights. Here’s your chance to serve on an advisory committee that will recommend whether to grant a zoning modification requested in order to add lights to the field at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School located at 1330 N. 90th Street.

        Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is seeking community members to serve on this committee. The Seattle School District is requesting a modification from select City zoning regulations to reduce setbacks for field lighting at the school. 

        The committee will convene up to three public meetings at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School (1330 N 90th St.) over a three-month period. The committee will receive briefings from the School District, and gather and evaluate public comment on the departure request. Following these meetings, the committee will make a recommendation to the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI) to either grant or deny the requested modification. The committee may also recommend relevant conditions to be applied to granting the change to minimize its impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. SDCI will make the final decision.

        To apply, please send a letter of interest by either e-mail or regular mail by Thursday, November 30 to:

        Maureen Sheehan
        Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
        PO Box 94649
        Seattle, WA 98124-4649

        For more information contact Maureen at or call 206-684-0302.

        ★ New  Ballard Girls Basketball- Camps, Tryouts, In House League and Trainings

        For 3rd through high school girls, beginner to advanced, Ballard Girls Basketball offers opportunities for girls to play more hoops! 
        • Mid-Winter Break Camp Feb 20, 22, 22 from 9am-3pm at Ballard High School (1,2, or 3-day option)
        • Select Team Tryouts for Spring/Summer season. Register by Feb 11
        • Saturday In House League for 5th through 8th grade girls. Register by March 18
        To register and for more information, visit us at

        Kids with an Edge Tutoring

        Kids with an Edge Tutoring Center & Preschool offer highly interactive and effective one-on-one tutoring in reading and math beginning at the preschool level, straight through middle school.   Tutoring is aimed at building a strong foundation and sense of confidence. Visit to learn more.

        Ingraham Boosters

        Show your support for the Performing Arts at Ingraham High School by attending the Student Showcase, our major fundraiser of the year. Funds raised at this event make up 75% of the IPAB annual budget.

         Saturday, February 10, 2017 at 7:00pm
        Where: Shoreline Conference Center, 18560 1st Ave NE, Shoreline, WA

        • Student performances—drama, instrumental and vocal music!

        • Light hors d'oeuvres

        • Beer and wine available for purchase

        • Raise the Paddle, 50/50 Raffle and Dessert Dash

        Who: Must be 21+ to attend. This is a great opportunity for parents of incoming freshman to check out the growing performing arts program and community at Ingraham.

        Tickets: $25 in advance, available at  $30 day of the event at the door.



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