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    The Hamilton Weekly News

    May 17, 2018


    Upcoming Dates 

    May 7-21st 

    • Smarter Balanced Testing ELA & Math 

    May 24th 

    • Jazz Night | 7:00pm | Hamilton Commons
    • Swing Dance Lessons | 6:30pm 

    May 25th 

    • Orchestra at Folklife Festival | 5:25pm

    May 26th 

    • Jazz at Folklife Festival | Vocal Jazz

    May 30th 

    • PTSA Spring Membership Meeting | 7:00-8:30pm | Hamilton Library

    May 31st 

    • Choir Concert | 7:00 pm | Hamilton Commons

    June 1st - 3rd

    • Silverwood Field Trip

    June 4th 

    • 7th Grade Field Trip | Wing Luke Museum 
    • Ice Cream Social for Incoming 6th Graders | 6:30 - 8:00 pm | Commons 

    June 21st  

    • 8th Grade Cruise | During the School Day

    June 22nd 

    • 8th Grade Promotion | 1:15pm | Hamilton Commons

    Please check the calendar on the Hamilton Calendar for a complete listing of events.



    PTSA News

    Spring Membership Meeting

    Wednesday, May 30th 7-8:30pm | Hamilton Library

    Mark your calendars for the PTSA Spring Membership Meeting, with guest: Dorian Manza, Hamilton's incoming principal for 2018-2019. Wednesday, May 30th, 7-8:30 in Hamilton Library. Join your fellow parents to discuss year-end plans, vote on next year's budget and board nominations, and get to know our new principal. (It's not too late to get involved with the board for next year: if you'd like to learn about roles that might be a good fit for you, contact 

    Join the PTSA!  Open Board Positions for 2018-19

    The PTSA Board has several open positions next year including support positions. 

    Elected Board Positions 

    Vice President

    Appointed Board Positions

    6th Grade Liaison
    7th Grade Liaison
    Member at Large
    Mini-Grants Co-Chair
    Membership Co-Chair 

    Key PTSA Roles and Support Positions

    Support positions would not require you to attend Board Meetings and would limit your commitment to the amount of time/energy that you have available.  Support positions will help to support the Board in actualizing the Board's goals.  

    Treasurer Support
    Events Support
    Legislative Support
    Art Contest Coordinator
    Reflections Coordinator

    For more information contact

    Follow the Hamilton PTSA on Facebook

    Facebook Image  The Hamilton PTSA is now on Facebook.


    Letter from the Assistant Principal

    Tim Snyder

    Dear Hamilton Families,

    Our art students had an amazing opportunity to be a part of a Raku fining at Hamilton.  Thank you to Mr. Serpe for making this happen. It was awesome. Below is a write up and some photos of the Raku firing from Mr. Serpe.

    Go Hawks!

    Tim Snyder

    Assistant Principal

    On May 11th, 2018 three Visual Art classes had the opportunity to participate in a unique experience. These classes and a Japanese class had the opportunity to participate in an actual on campus Raku firing (Japanese firing process) 楽焼 raku-yaki


    Raku Pottery was developed in Japan in the early 1500’s as the Ceremonial Tea Ware of the Zen Buddhist Masters. The word Raku signifies enjoyment of freedom. It was preferred by the Masters because of its humility, tasteful unpretentiousness, simple naturalness, and its deliberate avoidance of luxury...all very important to the Zen philosophy.

    Seldom watertight, Raku is a very poor choice for a casserole or a flower vase; it is pottery without utility or function. It is a low-fired ware with lead based glazes, and will only hold water for a short period of time. Raku must be approached with a different criterion in mind, like a painting or a symphony. According to the Zen Masters, its elusive, subtle, yet vigorous beauty is Raku's only worth. It is valued because it is believed that the Spirit of the Maker is embodied in the form and revealed at the foot, which is traditionally left naked (unglazed). It is believed that if we are alert to ourselves, in contemplating the Raku form, we will recognize in it our own Spirit and Meaning.

    Raku Firing Image   Raku Firing Image


    Raku Pottery is earth derived...the firing process is unique and daring, and in the eyes of the Zen Masters, the process truly reflects the most fundamental rhythm of enlightened life.

    A once-fired (bisque), unglazed pot is first coated with glaze and placed into kiln. The kiln is then heated to about 1,800º F at a fast rate. It is this first tremendous heat shock which often causes a pot to explode or to develop large "body cracks" in the clay walls. If the vessel survives this shock, almost immediate metamorphosis begins.  The entire vessel glows like red-hot coal, and the glaze melts into a sheet of liquid glass. 

    At this point, the pot must endure a second shock as the potter uses tongs to remove the glowing mass from the inferno. As the cool are outside the kiln hits the glowing vessel the severe temperature change produces the cracks in the glaze. These cracks are highly prized as characteristic of traditional Raku Pottery -- they are "proof-marks" of the earthenware's having survived this dramatic trial by fire. 

    Upon leaving the kiln, the glowing pot is placed directly into an airtight container ("reduction chamber") filled with leaves, sawdust, or the like, which turns the naked clay foot black and highlights the valuable cracks in the glaze.

    As if all this were not enough, the vessel (often still over 1,000º F) may then be plunged into cold water to halt the process.

    And so, the cycle of earth, fire, air and water is complete. Raku is a daring process, and a great many pots do explode during some phase of the firing. Those that survive the ordeal -- the test of fire -- are blessed.


    Raku Firing Image  Raku Firing Image
    Students learned about the history of Raku and a variety of vocabulary words related to the process. Students learned and used the extruder method to construct cylindrical vessels to use for their firing process. Students then had pieces fired first in class, and then afterwards they choice one of three glazes specially formulated for the Raku process, and then participated in a day long firing. Students watched as their pieces reached temperature, then were pulled from the kiln while glowing red hot, pots then placed in a reduction chamber with combustible material, and watched as their pieces and the combustable material caught on fire to causes the glaze reaction needed to get the metallic or crackle color change that occurs only with this firing process. When the pieces were cooled and cleaned students could take them home. This unique opportunity was funded by the Art’s enrichment fund that the PTSA funded.


    Hamilton School News

    ★NEW Counseling Corner 

    "13 Reasons Why"
    The second season of the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” is due to release on May 18th. Many of our students have watched the first season, and many will be watching or re-watching in anticipation of season 2. Parents should be aware of that this series contains difficult subject matter such as suicide and sexual assault. This series could be upsetting to some students who are unprepared for this type of content or who are in vulnerable situations themselves. Please see this resource from the National Association for School Psychologists. Please reach out to your grade level counselor if you have concerns or need support.

    Moving Schools? 

    If you are not attending Hamilton next year please see the information below. 

    In an effort to keep our roster as pertinent as possible, the below site was activated today so that families that know they will not be attending HIMS next year (2018-2019) may go online and drop them from NEXT YEARS database.  Families will continue to receive information/ROBO calls/Mailings regarding the current school year (2017-18).


    State Assessment Testing Schedule

    Date   Assessment  Description
    May 7-14 SBA ELA (all grades)   Students will have 3 testing sessions, during their scheduled ELA classes.
    May 15-21  SBA Math (all grades)  Students will have 3 testing sessions, during their scheduled Math class 
    May 22-25  Extended time (all grades)   Additional time will be provided for all students who need to complete their assessments


    For more information about the Smarter Balanced assessments, visit

    To try out an online Smarter Balanced practice test, visit

    Please call or email test coordinators Deirdre Schreiber ( or Bethany Sjoberg ( if you have questions about state testing.

    Order Your Hamilton Spirit Wear!

    Looking for Hamilton t-shirts, fleece jackets, caps, and more? Order your spirit wear for home delivery from


    Hamilton Athletics

    Hamilton Boys Soccer 

    Soccer Practice will be at Lower Woodland.  The team will meet after school and walk to Lower Woodland together.  Parents please pick up your student at Lower Woodland (Northernmost Fields) at 5:30 pm.  

    Varsity: Tuesday & Thursday, After School
    Varsity Soccer Schedule
    Junior Varsity: Tuesday & Thursday, After School
    Junior Varsity Soccer Schedule

    Girls Volleyball  

    Volleyball Practices are in the Gym.  

    Varsity:  Practice Monday & Thursday, 4-6pm
    Varsity Volleyball Game Schedule
    Junior Varsity:  Practice Tuesday & Friday, 4-6pm
    Junior Varsity Volleyball Game Schedule

    Hamilton Track Team   

    Track Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:50pm to 5:35pm. Most practices are held at Lower Woodland track field, and a few at the park adjacent to Hamilton.  The team runs together to and from practices.  Parents can pick up students at Hamilton at 5:45pm. 

    Tuesday & Thursday, 3:50-5:35pm
    Middle School Track Meet Schedule

    For more information
    Hamilton Athletics:
    Seattle Schools Schedules and Information:


    Music News

    ★Updated  Become a FOMAHI Volunteer in 2018-2019

    Are you still thinking of being a part of FOMAHI, but too afraid to step up?  Now is the time!  Being part of the Board is a rewarding experience, and is really not a lot of time commitment as there are many FOMAHI board members to distribute the work. We support the amazing work of HIMS music educators and their students through trip planning, concert operations, fundraising, and much more. It is also a great way to meet other HIMS parents and learn more about the school.  Don’t let our amazing program wither!  If you know any rising 6th grader music parents who may be interested, please spread the word.

    Open Positions

    • Vice President for Concert Operations:  Helps coordinate concerts operations for band/choir/orchestra including delegating bake sale coordinators, audio/visual recordings, and concert programs.  Attends monthly board meetings.  Not a lot of time commitment.
    • Volunteer Coordinator:  Recruits volunteers for HIMS music concerts and events.  Attends monthly board meetings. Not a lot of time commitment.

      We would love to tell you more. If interested, please contact Fiona Cohen at or

      ★Updated  Jazz Night May 24th in the Commons

      6:30pm: Swing Dance Lessons

      : Performances Begin

      Bring your dancing shoes and hear the Hamilton Jazz ensembles perform! There will be a 30-minute swing dance lesson before the performances begin. All are welcome to participate.

      We will have a bake sale with Banh Mi sandwiches so come hungry.  A call for bakers and sellers will be coming soon.


      ★Updated Music In The Parks

      Music in the Parks is on June 9th

      All Junior Band, Junior Orchestra, Treble Choir and Junior Jazz students should have received field trip forms. 

      If you would like to chaperone, please contact Jamila Reid at!

      Come cheer on the performances. The schedule is as follows:

      Treble Choir, Junior Orchestra & Junior Jazz

      Thomas Jefferson High School 
      4248 South 288thStreet, Auburn WA 98001

      • Treble Choir Warm-Up at 10:00 am
      • Treble Choir Performance at 10:20am 
      • Junior Orchestra Warm-Up at 11:20 am 
      • Junior Orchestra Performance at 11:45 am 
      • Junior Jazz Warm-Up at 11:45 am
      • Junior Jazz Performance at 12:10 pm

      Junior Band

      St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
      515 S. 312th Street, Federal Way, WA 98003

      • Jr. Band Warm-up at 10:55 am
      • Jr. Band Performance at 11:20 am (this is the correct time; forms have a typo)

      After the ensembles’ adjudicated performances, students will spend the afternoon at:

      Wild Waves & Enchanted Village Theme Park
      26201 Enchanted Parkway South, Federal Way, WA 98003 


      HOST After-School Program

      Spring HOST Session

      Last Day for Spring HOST Season is June 7th 

      Host Webpage:



      Seattle Schools News

      ★NEW  Ballard High School Robotics - Attn: 8th Graders

      Mark your calendar!  Wed, May 30th, 6-8 pm The Ballard High School Robotics team will be hosting an Open House/Ice Cream Social for current 8th graders/incoming 9th graders and their parents who are interested in joining our award winning FRC team. 

      Event will be held at Ballard High/ Room NW204 / Engineering Workshop.  Parking is available in the lot behind the school; we’ll have student greeters or signs marking where to enter.   Questions? Contact Sharon –

      Roosevelt High School Wants You! 
       - Attn: 8th Graders

      Have a student attending Roosevelt in the fall? The PTSA would love to hear from you! We are currently recruiting for two roles on our board: Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator. (Additional roles may be opening.) Come see what we do! Our last board meeting is 7 p.m. Weds, May 16 in the Roosevelt library. 

      More info: Roosevelt PTSA page or contact PTSA President Laura Wolf


      Ingraham High School - Attn: Future Rams 8th Graders

      Ingraham Fundraiser: 
      Hello families of 8th graders and incoming Ingraham freshmen!

      Are you interested in socializing with current Ram families and making an immediate impact for the student body? Please consider attending Ingraham's annual fundraiser on Sat May 5th. It is a fun night of dinner/music, silent/live auction, dessert dash, raffle and more. We can even seat you with incoming families. All students are a part of the Friends of Ingraham.

      For more information and to purchase tickets, go to this link.

      Also, please join the Friends of Ingraham Community Facebook page to start receiving relevant information and being a part of a wonderful community. 

      Ingraham HS Ultimate - Attn: Future Rams 8th Graders

      Are you going to Ingraham High School next year and want to play Ultimate?  We'd love to see you at the IHS Welcome Wagon for incoming freshman at Ingraham on June 5, starting at 6:30pm in the gym. Players from boys' and girls' teams will be present to say hello at the Ultimate Table.  New and experience players welcome!  For more informations about Ultimate at Ingraham, check out the Ingraham Athletic Booster Club Page.  Questions? Contact the girls team manager, Lucy Sutphen ( or the boys team manager, Katie Bumstead ( 

      Ingraham & Ballard HS Ultimate Frisbee Camp

      A week long Ultimate Frisbee camp for players specifically attending Ingraham and Ballard High School. Team Ultimate Camps focus on building team work skills, leadership, coaching, and overall developing a sense of community along with individual skill development. This is a great opportunity for teams to get together in the off season and a great place for entering 9th graders to meet their new community! We hope you will all join us! Financial Aid Available!

      When: July 23rd - 27th, 9am-3pm
      Where:  Soundview Playfield
      Cost: $310 - financial aid available
      Who:  IHS & BHS players, entering 9th through 12th grade in the 2018-19 school year. 
      Registration Link: 


      Seattle Skills Center - Attn: 8th Graders

      We are a free program in Seattle Public Schools that prepares students for college, careers, and life. We provide this training through our regular school year courses and our summer program. The Summer Skills Center Program provides free Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to Seattle Public Schools students entering 9th - 12th grade. Summer Registration is now open (  

      Form more information:


      Community News

      Camp Erin® – Grief Support Camp for Teens

      Teen Camp Erin®- King County is a three-day (Friday—Sunday) overnight camp for teens, ages 13 - 18, who have experienced the death of a loved one. Facilitated by professional staff from Providence Hospice of Seattle’s Safe Crossings Children’s Grief Support program & other trained volunteers,Camp Erin is offered free of charge to families throughout King County.

      At Camp Erin, teens have an opportunity to meet other teens who have experienced losses. They participate in typical camp activities (swimming, high ropes course, bonfires, arts and crafts, field games, and more!) as well as activities designed to help them understand and process their grief.

      Teen Camp Erin-King County will be held Friday-Sunday, July 13-15, 2018 at Carnation Farms in Carnation, WA.

      For more information, please contact Karita Knisely, Camp Erin Coordinator, at 206-992-3852 or

      Ballard Performing Arts Fundraiser: One Day Mattress Sale 

      Ballard Performing Arts is having a one day Mattress sale. Come check this out on June 2nd

      On Saturday, June 2nd, Ballard Performing Arts is pleased to host our 1st Ever Mattress Fundraising event. This event has been VERY successful for schools all over the country for over 13 years now and we are very excited to bring it to Ballard High School.  Groups like Yelm Choir earned $11,270 & Kentwood Football earned over $40,000 in the past 4 years!  Western Washington groups have earned over $750,000 in the past 4 years through this easy one-day event.  

      As a special thank you to all the staff who support our community and our students, we have arranged a very special offer for you and your families.  With this email, attached flyer, or the coupon below, you’ll receive $100 off the purchase of any mattress and 10% off any accessory only purchase (pillows, standard bed frames, mattress protectors, and even adjustable bed frames).

      Did you know that 10% of the population buys a new mattress every year?  If you or a loved one is in the market for a new mattress, now is the time to buy.  There will be 28 different styles on display; these are all top quality, NEW, name brand mattresses (like Simmons and Beauty Rest), and there will be a team of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Shop from us at Ballard High School just like you would any store.  Prices, before this special offer, are already discounted compared to standard retail, so this is a tremendous savings to you and your family if you’re in need of a new mattress.    

      When:             One day only - Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

      Where:            Ballard High School - Commons

      Time:              10:00am – 5:00pm

      This is a no pressure sale, just stop in and take a look.  Everything you can get from another mattress retailer you'll find available through our event.  Need home delivery?  It's available.  Need an old mattress hauled away?  It's available.  Need to finance a purchase?  That's available and there’s even free layaway!  Whatever your needs, we got it!!  

      Watch this short Youtube video to see what this event will really look like.... or go to the Facebook event at or take a look at the attached FAQs!  

      It is a pleasure to find a way to help our band while providing value and cost savings to our community and staff.  We appreciate your support and all that you do and hope you can take advantage of these terrific savings - please feel free to share this with all of your extended family.

      Thank you,

      Ballard Performing Arts

      ★NEW Kids With An Edge Summer Programs

      Tech Camps (graduating 5th graders and above) Uniquely systematic classes that help build a strong foundation. Taught by an industry professional with a lot of teaching experience.

      Evening Camps, 6PM-9PM, won't coincide with day camps!

      • Python 1 Programming:  July 9-13August 13-17
      • Python 2 Programming: July 23-27August 20-24
      • Web Design 1: July 16-20

      Math Camps aligned with common core requirements. Great for either a review or an intro to next year's math. Start school with confidence!

      • Algebra 1 Prep Math Camp - August 13-17
      • 6th Grade Prep Math Camp - August 20-24
      • 8th Grade Prep Math Camp - August 27-31

      Private Tutoring and Early Learning for Ages 4 and up in Math and Reading. Highly effective and interactive elementary and middle school tutoring to build a child's confidence.

      location: North Seattle, two blocks North of Licton K-8/Robert Eagle Staff


       Ballard Junior Football

      Ballard Junior Football is now accepting registrations for the 2018 season (August-October) with 50% off registration fees for first year players ($125 total)!  BJF has been around since 1962 and is dedicated to creating a positive, safe and fun football and cheer experience for all of its participants (ages 6-14).  Top quality equipment is provided to ensure the safety of our athletes.  All of our coaches are Heads Up Football certified and through training with the Positive Coaching Alliance we strive to use the power of positive reinforcement to pursue winning and the more important goal of teaching life lessons through the game of football.  To register or for more information please visit  Spots are filling up quickly, register today!

      Teen Program - Stroum Jewish Community

      The Stroum Jewish Community is excited to announce that applications for a new teen program are open! The Giving Initiative For Teens (GIFT) will allow teens to identify important causes in the community, learn the ins and outs of non-profits, meet local philanthropists, and allocate money to important causes. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community while developing leadership skills. Applications are due May 20.”


      If your son wants to have fun and make friends while becoming a stronger basketball player and a great teammate, this is the camp for him! The Beaver Hoop Camp is designed to provide individual skill instruction and emphasize team concepts in a fun and safe learning environment.

      July 16-20, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Ballard High School

      Register at: 

      Sign up before May 1st for early bird special pricing

      Disaster Preparedness Workshops 

      Disaster Skills Workshop
      Tuesday, May 22, 5:30-7:30PM @ Hamilton Library

      City of Seattle/SPS Disaster\Skills Workshop for Hamilton school staff and Wallingford Community in Hamilton MS Library. Details, alternative dates and location, and registration at:

      Light Search and Rescue Workshop
      Tuesday, June 12, 6-8PM @ Hamilton Library

      City of Seattle/SPS Light Search and Rescue Workshop for Hamilton school staff (optional; no clock hours) and Wallingford Community in Hamilton MS Library. Details, alternative  dates and location, and registration at:

      One on One Basketball Seattle Presents... 

      Summer Camps are open for registration NOW!

      Ravenna, Magnuson, Queen Anne, Meadowbrook, Laurelhurst 

       - Several camp opportunities for middle school players to improve over summer.

       - Shooting Camps, Rising High School Player Camps, Guard & Post Play Clinic

       - Basketball Day Camps at Magnuson are now offered up to Age 13!


      Check the schedule at all our area locations by clicking on the link below, 

      then click on CAMPS:





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