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    8th Grade Promotion
    Posted on 06/11/2019

    Promotion this year will be on Thursday, June 20th from 2:15-3:15p. With a reception from 3:15-3:45p.

    • Students will attend their regular 1st-3rd period classes.

    • For 4th period (11:45a) students will report to specific teachers based on last name. 

    • At 12:00p students will begin promotion rehearsal. 

    • Students will then have lunch @ 1:15p-1:45p. Students may use this time to change clothes, etc. 

    • After lunch students will return to their assigned teacher.

    • Students will then proceed to the blacktop before entering the gym for the promotion ceremony


    Why are we not assigned to a current class/teacher?
    This year the 6th and 7th graders will be on the campus – with all the mixed classes, it is not possible to assign through current classes.

    Lunch seems awfully late. Will I starve?
    Please bring a snack. You will be able to have a snack during 3rd period. (It’s a SNACK, not lunch. Don’t bring anything messy – and clean up after eating.)

    Are parents invited?
    Yes! A message has gone out to families already. Tell them to be at the gym at 2:00!

    Parking is very limited.
    Carpool, walk, Lime bike, or just plan for it to take some time to get here.

    Do we have to dress up?
    Fancy dress is not required but many students choose to look nicer than the average Thursday. You will be able to get ready during lunch.

    Will there be cake?
    The reception is put on by the PTSA and there will be tasty treats!