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    Course Registration Info for Returning Students
    Posted on 05/06/2021

    On May 17th, HIMS will Open the online Registration window in the SOURCE.  Please prepare by watching this video which is dated 20-21, it is the same process for 21-22 . This video addresses specifically HS, the Middle School process is the same, our “live” screens will just offer different choices once you access the SOURCE. The Video is approx. 10 minutes in length

    The registration window will be open for one (1) week, during this time parent/guardians and students are able to change selections as many times as needed. Once the window has closed, students will need to wait until late August when “draft” schedules are made available on the SOURCE to make a request for any elective change. Change of elective form will be posted in Late August.

    We do our best to honor student requests, but due to space availability and scheduling issues, no elective is guaranteed.

    Once you open the registration page on the SOURCE, you will be able to view your CORE classes that have been pre-assigned for you at the very bottom of the elective choice screen. The Core class assignments are as follows:


    7th grade Students – you should have the following CORE classes on your schedule

    • HCC (Highly Capable Cohort) 7th grader:
      • HCC LA Arts 7A/B
      • WA State His (Spring/Fall)
      • General Science 1A/1B
    • General Education and AL (Spectrum) 7th grader:
      • LA Arts 7A/B
      • WA State His (Spring/Fall)
      • General Science 1A/1B

    If you took Math 6 this year, you have the option of choosing Math 7 or our new condensed Math7/8 during online registration.A letter was sent to all involved as well as your current teacher will discuss the difference between these classes with you.

    • Math placements are based on the next sequence to either Math 8 or Algebra 1A/B


    8th grade Students – you should have the following CORE classes on your schedule

    • HCC (Highly Capable Cohort) 8th grader:
      • HCC LA Arts 8A/B
      • US History A/B
      • Biology A/B
    • General Education and AL (Spectrum) 8th Grader:
      • LA Arts 8A/B
      • US History A/B
      • General Science 2A/B

    Math is based on the next sequence to either Math 8 A/B, Algebra 1A/B or Geometry A/B


    Math Placement:

    Some families have made the decision to repeat, based on a myriad of issues. If you and your family decide it is best  to repeat your 2020-2021 math class, please send an email directly to your students current Math teacher and Ms. Peila at


    Music Program: FULL YEAR

    Seattle Schools has reconfigured and renamed many classes in both the Visual and Performing Arts for the 21-22 school year. The Changes are as follows:

    • Beginning Band, is now Introductory Band A
    • Intermediate Band, is now Premier Band A
    • Junior Band, is now Intermediate Band A
    • Senior Band, is now Concert Band A
    • Jazz Band, is now Jazz Band A
    • Intermediate Choir, is now Intermediate Choir A
    • Advanced Choir, is now Concert Choir A
    • Vocal Jazz, is now Vocal Jazz A
    • Beginning Orchestra, is now Introductory Orchestra A
    • Intermediate Orchestra, is now Premier Orchestra A
    • Junior Orchestra, is now Intermediate Orchestra A
    • Senior Orchestra, is now Concert Orchestra A

    When choosing your next level of Music class, be sure to reference the below listings. If you have any questions please email Ms. Peila.

    If you took the course on the left during the 20-21 school year, you will enroll in the course on the right for the 21-22 school year.

    • Beginning Band or Orchestra > Premier Band or Orchestra
    • Intermediate Band or Orchestra > Intermediate Band or Orchestra
    • Junior Band or Orchestra > Concert Band or Orchestra
    • Senior Band or Orchestra > Concert Band or Orchestra
    • Jazz Band > Jazz Band

    Auditions are available upon request for Jazz Band, please email Ms. Peila.


    World Language Program: FULL YEAR

    To participate in HIMS Immersion (DLI) Language Arts program, you must currently be enrolled in DLI (Immersion). If you are a heritage speaker, you may request to be evaluated. Send an email to and specify Spanish or Japanese.  Your email will be passed forward to the appropriate teacher. They in turn will reach out to you and then send a placement recommendation to the Registrar.

    • Japanese Language Arts or Spanish Language Arts (IMMERSION/DLI)
      • 7th grade = 2A/B
      • 8th grade = 3A/B

    General Education World Language Program:

    • Spanish
      • 7th or 8th graders = Spanish 1A/B
      • 8th graders = Spanish 2A/B
        (must have completed Spanish 1A/B or Spanish B in 7th grade)


    All other Electives:  see descriptions below.

    • Tech Exploration A (Coding/Beginning) MPC4059: is a one (1) semester class only this class is intended for beginners. Computers intersect with every aspect of children’s lives, but most don't understand how they work. Through coding, students build essential literacy skills, gain an understanding of logic and sequence, and learn the mechanics of iteration. These tools support project-based learning and give students the freedom to create, collaborate, remix, and tinker with their own unique designs. Using these picks, kids can unlock the logic of code and the basics of programming, turning computers into tools to make new things.
    • Tech Exploration B (Coding/Advanced) MPC4090: Continue to explore and add on to your skills.You must have completed TECH Exploration A to be placed in this class. Due to space available, you may NOT take both Beginning and Advance Coding in the same school year.

    • Stem Modeling = Genius Hour/Passion ProjectAt Google employees are given 20% of their time to explore something they are passionate about.  At HIMS we are going to give YOU 20% of your time to do the same thing.  In this class you will choose a personal subject of interest. Investigate and learn about that subject and come up with a solution based on your learning. You will then create something of your choice to help communicate your solution and learning. For example, you could create a website, podcast, video game, app, artwork, book, anything you want!

    • Leadership Class: is a one (1) semester class only.Open to responsible, service minded 7th and 8th grade students wishing to make a difference at Hamilton International Middle School. Students will learn about important characteristics of leaders and how to develop those same characteristics in themselves. Leadership courses are designed to strengthen students’ personal and group leadership skills. These courses may cover such topics as public speaking, effective communication, human relations, organization and management, and group dynamics.

    • Visual Art Beginning: This is a one (1) semester class, full year is not available.Grow your creativity and artistic skills while expressing yourself in Visual Art.Expand your understanding of the elements of Art and Principals of design by creating 2D and #D projects that may involve drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay to mention a few.

    • Visual Art Advanced: This is a one (1) Semester class, due to space, full year is not available, and you must have completed at least one (1) semester of Beginning Art in prior years at HIMS. Beg and Adv Art may not be taken in the same year. This class builds on all the elements taught in Beginning Art and Express, celebrate, and reflect on your unique perspective, ideas, culture, and feelings with individual and group projects

    • Theatre Beginning: This introductory class is designed for students interested in acting, performing as part of a supportive community through fun and creative activities.Public speaking, creative problem solving, are explored through voice and movement exercise, improvisational story structure, creating character and screen study.

    • Theatre Advanced: Year Long Course, you must have completed at least one (1) semester of “Beginning Drama” (Theatre Beginning) at HIMS.

    • Physical Education: Sport & Fitness Class– Students move through a variety of sport activities (examples: Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, foundational fitness movements) to learn motor skills, teamwork, cooperation, and game strategy. This class also explores personal wellness and how physical, mental/emotional, and social skills impact your health.

    • Alternative Activity: - Students are introduced to a variety of fitness workouts that includes yoga, weight training, cardio, and walking for fitness. This class also explores personal wellness and how physical, mental/emotional, and social skills impact your health.

    • Teachers Assistant: Available for next year’s 8th graders only.All students that make this an “elective” choice will be sent a form separately, must have a “sponsor” teacher and parent/guardian sign off on the paperwork to be processed. This class is intended to support teachers and students. It is recommended that student choose a subject matter they are passionate about. Most will be assigned to courses for 6th and 7th graders. More information will be sent to all students that chose TA option during “online registration”. Due to limited seats, not all students will be able to be placed.

    • Journalism class: This is a one (1) Semester class that introduces the fundamental skills of producing news media & news feature publications, including journalistic writing and editing, layout and design, interviewing, and photography. This course has two goals: to help students understand the nature of news media in the era of social media and to produce a quality news publication, employing high standards and tenets of good newspaper design. Journalism students will also be involved with a new Student Equity Team and will communicate that team’s discussions and decisions to the school community. The very first journalism class also has the special privilege of democratically deciding on the name of the school publication.