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    HIMS Fall 2020 Remote Learning Supply List
    Posted on 09/01/2020
    Image of various school supplies

    We recommend these items be purchased for your student. HIMS will also have supplies for distribution at school for families in need or for families who have difficulty finding some of these items. If your student would benefit from receiving a package of school supplies, please enter that information on the form linked to here: NEEDS SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES: 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEARor call our front office at 206-252-5810.


    Note:  Your student will not need to have these items before the week of September 14.

    • Paper and pencils or pens for note-taking or any scratch work
    • One or two notebooks (any type) where your student can do some free writing for their Language Arts and Social Studies classes
    • Scissors
    • Tape or a few glue sticks
    • Construction paper
    • Index cards (a couple of packages of 3 x 5)
    • A couple of packages of post-it notes for bookmarking work or brainstorming  (3 x 3” or 1.5 x 2”)
    • Colored pencils OR colored markers

    Your student’s teachers may request a few additional supply items once school has started. Some math teachers may recommend purchase of a composition book that contains graph paper measuring at 5 square/1” scale. We will have these available at school if you have difficulty finding them.


    Optional Donation to the HIMS Supply Fund

    In the past, HIMS has asked families to donate a $50 supply fee to help cover the cost of composition books, copy paper, Kleenex, colored pencils and markers, construction paper and glue, balls and equipment for student use on their lunch breaks, and microscopes and lab supplies, novels and world language dictionaries, and so on and so on. 

    With online remote learning, some of these costs are eliminated and we expect that families will be more likely to have to purchase some basic school supplies to have at home. In lieu of these circumstances, we are not requesting the usual Supply Fee of our families. However, if your family is willing and able to contribute a small amount to our Fund, that will help us in purchasing teaching supplies, digital texts and paperbacks to send home, postage and subscriptions and/or school supplies for use by students who are furthest from educational justice.

    If you’d like to make such a donation, you can do so here.