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    Immunization History Look up
    Posted on 10/23/2017

    Hamilton Families,

    Exciting news!

    As a SPS Middle School registrar, I have found that the up and coming Private School Application period is always a stressful time for families. Sending you the following information with the hope to help alleviate some of that stress. We (SPS Registrars) at the building level can no longer access Immunization records via Power School, instead all records must be accessed via the WAIIS State system, which as a general rule, only school nurses have access, thus adding another layer to the request process.

    The below link allows ALL families in Washington State to access their own families State Immunization records. It is a fluid document so that, as families take care of getting necessary vaccinations, it is updated immediately. Tried for my own family and it is VERY user friendly.

    Please note, that the only vaccinations that show up on this report are those that have been entered/recorded by a sanctioned facility. It does NOT record information that was submitted by parent/guardian “stating” that vaccines had been completed when families “update” student enrollment information at the building level.

    Option 1: Sign up for MyIR to View, Download, and Print Your Family's Immunization Information

    MyIR allows you to manage your family's immunization records securely online. Once you register, you can access the records any time you need them. You can also print your child’s Certificate of Immunization Status (PDF) ( for school and child care entry. You can do all of this without an extra trip to your healthcare provider.

    Step 1: Go to to begin the sign-up process. If you choose the Auto Match option and the system finds an exact match, MyIR will send you a verification code by either text or phone call. If an exact match is not found, MyIR will direct you to Step 2.

    Thank you


    Hamilton International Middle School