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    School Update 05.07.21
    Posted on 05/10/2021

    Dear Hamilton Community, 

    We are on the home stretch as we prepare to finish up this year strong!  I will be sending updates for our end of year activities next Friday.   

    Below are a few notifications and reminders, as we look ahead in preparation for the upcoming school year: 



    Family Support Link:


    Online Registration for Current Students:

    Registration information will be sent to all out current 6th and 7th grade students and families.  

    • The registration window will be open for one (1) week 
    • Registration Window will be opened May 17th, an email along with a PPT presentation will be included (counseling team is currently tweaking it) 
    • Registration Window closes on 24th 
    • If student does not complete the online registration task, electives will be assigned for them based on space availability. 
    • Schedules will be posted in late August, at that time a form to request “change of elective” will be available, and will be processed/approved base of seat availability and CORE class assignments. 

     If student or families have questions, please direct them to email me directly at


    Compacted Math Offering Reminder: 

    Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, Hamilton International Middle School will be adding Math 7/8 Compacted to our math offerings. We are providing this course as an option for all students in an attempt to disrupt the legacy of racism and inequities in our math educational system. This course supports our commitment to make sure every student graduates prepared for college or a career by providing an opportunity to earn high school credit in middle school and access college-level math courses in high school, which supports students going into STEM careers.  

     The Math 7/8 Compacted course is offered to 7th grade students who took Math 6 as a 6th grade student. This course will accelerate students one year. Students who complete this course will take Algebra I in 8th grade and earn 1.0 high school credit.  

    In the Math 7/8 Compacted course, students will learn math standards from Math 7 and Math 8, which will prepare them for Algebra I in 8th grade. A typical Math 7 or Math 8 course contains 8 topics of study. The Math 7/8 Compacted course covers 13 topics. This means some topics of study will move at a faster pace than a course that covers one grade level of math standards.  

    Students may consider taking this course for a variety of reasons, which include: the joy of learning math, an interest in STEM-related fields, enjoyment of learning math at an accelerated pace, an interest in studying Calculus in high school, or an interest in earning high school credit in 8th grade. Since this course will move through content at an accelerated pace, students considering taking this course should be willing to ask for and accept support when needed, be willing to persevere through struggle, have a growth mindset, and be motivated to learn!  

    We also know that after a year of remote learning, students might not feel ready to move at this accelerated pace. Students will have additional opportunities for acceleration in High School.  

    Any incoming 7th grade student may request to enroll in this course. Math 7/8 Compacted students will be supported by Hamilton International Middle School in the following ways:  

    • Prior to 7th grade, Math 6 students are participating in activities that build their math confidence  
    • Access to embedded videos and additional online supports within the math curriculum, enVision Math 2021, through Savvas Realize platform  
    • Math instruction that prioritizes learning together and from each other  
    • Quarterly goal-setting and communication between teacher, student and family  
    • After school support/tutoring options as part of after-school programming  

    If you have questions, please contact Kelly Barker ( 


    Student Arrival: 

    We are not marking students tardy who are commuting to the building for in-person learning. We have built in extra time for 1st period and 4th period in the afternoon schedule to provide a buffer for students and families to get to school. We do not want this to be a source of stress, so please don’t have your student leave their morning synchronous class early to get to school. We have plenty of staff on site ready to help your student check in when they arrive.   


    Naramore Art Show Virtual Museum and Celebration May 21, 6 p.m:

    The Naramore Art Show is all virtual this year! We are celebrating artworks by Seattle Public School’s middle and high school students online. 

    Naramore is a partnership with Seattle Art Museum and for the second year in a row, it is a virtual museum on our website with a celebration on SPS TV, and Instagram postings for students to show what they’ve been creating at home and at school. The celebration on May 21 will include a viewing of the artwork, a keynote by Seattle emerging artists, student video diaries, and music by Totem Star recording artists from SPS. Please share with your school community. 

    Virtual Museum runs: May 12 – June 30, 2021 at 
    Celebration on SPS TV Channel 26: May 21 at 6 p.m. 
    Instagram: Use the hashtag #artistsofsps


    Go Hawks!

    Dorian Manza (he/him) 
    “A collaborative community of inspired and engaged learners.”  
    Telephone: 206-252-5810