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    School Update 05.28.21
    Posted on 05/28/2021

    Dear Hamilton Community,   

    We are on the home stretch, 3 weeks to go!  Let’s finish the school year strong!  

    Below are a few notifications and reminders of upcoming events along with some informative and action-oriented news for the upcoming school year.  I will be providing more information about what the last week of school will look like and any updates I can share concerning school next fall in our update next Friday.   


    Family Support Link: 


    Special Education Community Forums: 

    For our third and final round of community forums this year, we invite families to join us to share their experiences. Special Education department leadership and staff will be present to provide information, listen to feedback, and answer questions. All sessions will be facilitated, and language supports will be available. Specific links to each session can be found below (click on the title of the event you wish to attend at the time the meeting is scheduled): 


    Please contact if you have questions or need information on how to join a meeting via phone. 


    8th Grade Promotion Updates:

    • We are producing a PowerPoint presentation to honor our 8th graders moving on this year. The 8th Grade Promotion PowerPoint will include videos from teachers, administration, and it will also include recognition of our 8th grade award recipients. The promotion PowerPoint will be posted to our website to maximize access for all 8th grade students and families. The PowerPoint will be password protected.  
    • We will be hosting a festive drive-through/scooter-by/bike-by/walk-by event for our 8th grade students and family members at Hamilton International Middle School on Tuesday, June 15 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. This was a wonderful event last year and we are looking forward to doing it again! 

    Stay tuned for more details concerning our promotion celebration on Tuesday, June 15 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.   


    Waitlists and School Choice: 

    Enrollment Planning in collaboration with the Admissions Department has begun reviewing and moving waitlists. Waitlists are reviewed each week and will remain active until August 31. Admissions will contact families directly by phone and email (if available) offering the student a seat to their choice school. Families will have 48 hours to accept or decline offers made through July; 24 hours to accept/decline offers made in August. The deadline to submit a choice form is May 31 and the first day to submit a Transfer Appeal Request for the 2021-22 school year and non-resident enrollment all begins June 1.  

    For questions about your waitlists, please contact Enrollment Planning: 


    Fall Sports - Soccer, Girls and Co-ed Ultimate: 

    • Fall sports teams at Hamilton will be Girls Varsity Soccer and Girls JV Soccer, each with about 18 girls, or 36 total athletes.   
    • Any girl, regardless of experience, is encouraged to try out for Hamilton’s soccer teams this fall.   
    • For soccer, sign-ups will begin first day back. 
    • For both sports, tryouts will be held during the first week back. Seasons start Sept. 8.
    • Be sure all athletic forms are up to date, fully completed, and returned to Hamilton’s front office by the start of school. Prospective athletes without completed forms may not try out. For all forms, go to:
    •  Any student, again regardless of experience, is encouraged to try out for Hamilton’s Co-Ed Ultimate Teams this fall. Here’s the pertinent info: 


    Hawks Ultimate - 2021 Fall Season:

    Information on Hawks Ultimate 2021 Fall season and how to register for tryouts (first week of Sept.) will be posted on the Hawks Ultimate Club website ( by the end of the school year. Currently, non-SPS opportunities to play ultimate this summer are on the website. If you want to be added to Hawks Ultimate Club email list, please email your name and email and your student's name and current (2020-2021) grade to: We will send out an email once the website has been updated for Fall 2021. We also use the email list to let families know about upcoming opportunities to play ultimate. 

    Be sure all athletic forms are up to date, fully completed, and returned to Hamilton’s front office by the start of school. Prospective athletes without completed forms may not try out. For all forms, go to: 


    Tech Resource Center at Nathan Hale HS:  

    This is directed to the north-end schools or for those with families living in north Seattle, please make note of the date and time of operation below.   

    Please note that Nathan Hale HS is the only Technology Resource Center in the north end.  

    ONLY Wednesdays, 11am to 6pm, closed for lunch from 1:30-2:30pm.  
    Nathan Hale Library - ONLY ACCESSED from the walkway from 110th. There are signs on 110th. 

    Here’s a link to a map accessible from district webpage for Tech Resource Centers: 

    ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: our librarian does not have keys to the Tech Center and cannot do any swaps of devices for anyone. The Technology Resource Center just *operates* out of our building; we do not staff it. We do not have access to the devices.  

    Our librarian has had to deal with frustrated parents and teachers/staff banging on the Library windows asking for a swap of iPads and laptops, or had sharp comments tossed her way when informing people that swapping devices only happens on Wednesdays and that she unfortunately can’t do that for anyone (except for our students at Hale, using our DoTS-issued swap cart that all schools should have). 

    It would save everyone some stress if they didn’t expect service or devices on any other day except Wednesdays during the times noted above. 

    Thank you so much! 


    Yearbook Update: 

    Hamilton will be taking yearbook orders again during the last week of school… we had to close the Schoolpay purchasing option for now, as by District policy we are not permitted to sell books continuously for longer than three weeks (as long as we follow these stipulations we do not have to collect sales tax). 

    If you would like to receive an email reminder when HIMS yearbooks go back on sale – on Monday, June 14 – please enter your email address in the form in this link for yearbook reminder. The cost will be $20. If your family would like to request a no-cost book for your child, please email your counselor or Fiscal Specialist Lisa Melenyzer at or call the Hamilton office at 206-252-5810 to request. 

    Please keep in mind that yearbooks are not expected to be delivered to Hamilton until July, so opportunities for your student to pick up the student’s yearbook will likely be later in July. Purchasers will receive an email in July with more information. 

    Thank you! 

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and Go Hawks!  

    Dorian Manza (he/him)
    “A collaborative community of inspired and engaged learners.”  
    Telephone: 206-252-5810