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    School Update, 06.05.20
    Posted on 06/08/2020

    Dear Hamilton Families, 

    I hope this message find you safe and well.  We are reminding families as we approach the end of the year, we want to make sure that each student has an opportunity to retrieve items left in their lockers as well as return any school materials (except laptops) they may still have in their possession.  

    To do this, we will be allowing pickup/drop-off of these materials in the afternoons of June 8th and 9th. School staff will empty the contents of student lockers into plastic bags and will distribute these bags to families outside of the gym entrance on Densmore Avenue (closest entrance to Wallingford Playfield).  Even if you don’t have locker items to retrieve, we still need you to show up during your scheduled time to return any school materials. 


    Medication Pick Up:

    If you need to pick up medication next week please contact Nurse Fote at  


    Arriving by car: 

    • Please approach the school via 42nd Street and line up behind any other waiting cars.  
    • Please roll down your window and a staff member will ask for the student’s name and will radio the information inside to retrieve the bag.  
    • At that point, you can pull forward into a waiting area while your bag is brought to the sidewalk near your car.  
    • Once the staff member brings the bag and moves away, you can get out of the car to retrieve it.  
    • Please place any items to return to school in the bin, i.e. library books, textbooks, class novels, calculators, other borrowed materials 


     Arriving on foot/bike/scooter/etc.: 

    • Please approach from the direction of Wallingford Playfield. 
    • Maintain at least 6 ft. between any others in line 
    • Give your name to the staff member who will radio the information inside to retrieve the bag 
    • Once the staff member brings the bag and moves away, you can retrieve it.  
    • Please place any items to return to school in the bin, i.e. library books, textbooks, class novels, calculators, other borrowed materials 


    Distribution Dates and Times: 

    Monday, June 8th 

    • 1pm-3pm Students whose last names start with A-D
    •  3pm – 5pm Students whose last names start with E-K 

    Tuesday, June 9th 

    • 1pm-3pm Students whose last names start with L-Q
    •  3pm-5pm Students whose last names start with R-Z 

    Wednesday, June 10th 

    • 10am-12pm Students with shared lockers or those who could not make other times 


    Shared Locker Pick-up/Last Chance Pick-up 

    • If your student shares a locker with another student, please come on Wednesday morning in order to retrieve your student’s items. 
    • Please come into the gym lobby. 
    • We will have gloves and space available for your student to identify their materials and separate them from their locker partner’s.  
    • Please wear a mask 
    • There will be a sign in/out for anyone who comes at this time.
    •  If you are unable to make the other times, you can pick up your bag during this time period. 


    If you are unable to make any of the above times, please reach out to our security specialist, Mr. Hawk, at or 206-252-5842 to arrange a time for pick up after June 10th


    SPS Town Hall:

    CALLING ALL STUDENTS, from Pre-K to Seniors, you're invited to join us online, Wednesday, June 10th, to share your ideas and suggestions for how school will look this coming fall. We need YOU to tell us your concerns and hopes, as we plan what kind of school experience you'll have next year.

    Hosted by Lisa Rivera-Smith Seattle School Board Director, District 2 and a number of your SPS Directors will be there listening to everything you say, and we can't wait to hear from you! In our efforts to keep this meeting as secure as possible, please have your student register for this meeting at:

    Register for the Student Town Hall meeting here. 

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


    Family Support:

    We want to be sure that all our kids have full access to a computer, so they can get the benefit all the programming and materials that the District and Hamilton has to offer.  We have plenty of laptops here at Hamilton to lend to students, so if it would help your family to have a dedicated District laptop for your student to use, please contact 206-252-5812.   Don’t be shy about asking, because we really should have enough computers to get one to every student who needs one!

    We also recognize that this season has created lots of new financial challenges for families.  If your family is having trouble getting the school supplies you need, or if your family is in need of help with utilities or food or paying for other basic needs, please call 206-252-5812 and leave your name, child’s name, grade-level, and the best way for us to contact you, and we will do our best to connect you with resources.   Also, if an online survey is more convenient, please feel free to click on and respond to the following “Needs Support for Families” LINK.


    In partnership,

    Dorian Manza
    Hamilton International Middle School