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    Hamilton PTSA Fundraising Logo

    Hamilton International Middle School Annual Fundraising Drive is live!

    This year we have a reduced total fundraising goal of $40,000 due in part to reduced spending last year.
    We still need your help to accomplish this goal!

    We know that everything is different this year.  We are focused on increasing racial equity at Hamilton now more than ever.  We are also continuing to develop Hamilton’s identity and philosophy as an International School.  We are choosing to support students furthest from educational justice.

    As you probably know, our PTSA fund drive raises money that goes directly to support our students.

    This annual fund drive is your opportunity to support ALL of our students and staff.




    Our teachers in fostering academic excellence
    ▸ Teacher classroom grants and professional development
    ▸ Department-level materials and enrichment

    Our community in building and strengthening Hamilton
    ▸ Building Hamilton’s international cross-curriculum opportunities and identity
    ▸ Extra counseling and staffing
    ▸ Support for families in need

    Our goal is to reach every family.  We understand that each family has an ability to give at different levels, and any amount is appreciated ($100 suggested donation per student) and will have a BIG impact.

    Last year a significant portion of our donations came from employer matching.  Don’t forget about this easy way to increase your overall giving.  Feel free to contact us to ask questions about matching.

    Thank you for helping make Hamilton International great for all of our kids.  And GO HAWKS!


    Online donations:

    Questions to:       
    Hamilton PTSA is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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