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    The purpose of the Hamilton Weekly News is to keep the Hamilton community informed about academics and goings on at Hamilton. The Hamilton Weekly News is sent to Hamilton staff, parents and guardians of Hamilton students (at the email address with which they registered with), as well as interested community members.

    The Hamilton Weekly News is published every Thursday during the academic year. The deadline for submission is noon on Wednesday. Please send submissions to the Hamilton Weekly News Editor, at

    When submitting items for inclusion in the Hamilton Weekly News, please consider the following:

    Brevity - We aim to condense a lot of information into a page or two that will not be too daunting for busy parents to read. Please try to be succinct and keep text VERY tight.

    Privacy - Seattle Public Schools’ policy dictates that students’ surnames are not published on school websites or in school publications intended for the public. Since archives of the Hamilton Weekly News are available on the HIMS website, and since members of the general public receive our newsletter, we must abide by this rule.

    Accuracy - Please double-check to ensure that phone numbers, web addresses, and the spelling of names are correct. We are not responsible for incorrect information that you provide.

    Relevancy - The Hamilton Weekly News is intended as a school publication, so we will only publish items in the main body of the newsletter that are directly related to Hamilton. However, we are happy to include announcements about non-school related events involving Hamilton students (i.e., plays, musicals) in the Community News section, provided the announcement is informational rather than promotional (i.e. no publicizing of individual students names). There, we also publish announcements for outside businesses and organizations, provided the editor decides the announcement would clearly be of interest to our students or families (ie. recreational organizations, after school classes, etc.), and are available in our feeder school/geographic area. All submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis and notifications of whether or not we choose to publish a specific submission will not be sent out.