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    PTSA Board Roles

    The Hamilton PTSA Board would like to invite you to join us, and bring a friend!  Come contribute to the school community through the PTSA, we’re working to make it easier than ever.

    Some of our old roles are being redefined with greater flexibility, and most chair positions can be shared between two people. And did we mention the convenient zoom meetings (slippers! wine!), the chance to work with Principal Manza, and getting to know more about our great school and its community?  Contact us to learn more: 

    Open Elected Board Positions 

    Vice President
    Programs and Events Coordinator
    Fundraising Coordinator

    Open Appointed Board Positions

    6th, 7th, 8th Grade Liaisons
    Legislative Liaison
    Member at Large
    Mini Grants Coordintor
    Building Leadership Team

    Open Support Positions

    Support positions would not require you to attend Board Meetings and would limit your commitment to the amount of time/energy that you have available. 
    Support positions will help to support the Board in actualizing the Board's goals. 

    Staff appreciation coordinator

    Reflections art contest coordinator


    Position Descriptions


    Position Title


    Time Commitment

    President (open)

    Develop agendas and moderate the monthly PTSA board meetings, attend bi-weekly meetings with the school principal to discuss pertinent school issues, coordinate with fundraising committees andother all-school committee, lead PTSA general meetings. Member of Executive Committee

    4 hours per week including meetings

    Vice President (open)

    Work with committees and coordinators and report to Board on activities and needs. Work with president to provide direction and leadership. Member of Executive Committee

    5 hours per month; monthly meetings


    Perform weekly duties, including deposits, writing checks for reimbursements, budget development, monthly reconciliations, etc. Member of Executive Committee

    4 hours per week; monthly meetings


    Develop meeting minutes at each PTSA board meeting and send out to board members, post on website, keep general correspondence. Member of Executive Committee

    4 hours per month; monthly meetings


    Develop protocols for communicating events,activities, volunteering and other news across our modes of communication, including website and newsletter

    2 hours per week; monthly meetings

    Fundraising Coordinator


    Coordinate school fundraising activities with fundraising teams; Report fundraising updates and results at monthly board meetings

    4-10 hours per week in the Fall during fund drive; monthly meetings

    Programs & Events Coordinator (open)

    Work with committee to plan and execute community and grade-band specific events

    5 hours per month; monthly meetings

    Legislative Liaison (open)

    Attend WSPTA legislative assembly (2-day/optional), occasional WSPTA advocacy meetings, and report updates to PTA board and principal.

    1 hour per month plus month meetings and optional 2-day Legislative Assembly meeting

    Membership Chair

    Edit & distribute PTA membership form to families; Collect PTA membership forms and checks (mostly at TCB day and during September). Enter information intostatedatabase and deposit checks in PTA bank account. Coordinate volunteer & teacher awards at the end of the year

    3 hours per month in Sept/Oct then tapers off to 1 hr/mo; monthly meetings

    6th, 7th, 8th Grade Liaison (open)

    Communicate with families in your respective grade band to understand successes, issues and concerns. Inform PTSA Board at monthly meetings

    3 hours per month; monthly meetings

    Member at Large (open)

    Stay up to date on current school happenings, communicate issues and concerns to Board at monthly meetings. Typically this role is used to support continuity or expand board representation: i.e. someone who previously held an executive committee role, or by a member of a traditionally under-represented community in PTSAs)

    1 hour per month plus monthly meetings; special projects

    Staff Mini-Grants Coordinator (open)

    Disseminate and collect applications. Work with committee to approve and disburse funds.

    2 hours per week during grant period

    Building Leadership Team (BLT) Liaison (open)

    Attends regular BLT meetings and reports back to PTSA

    6-8 hours per month in meetings

    Staff Appreciation (open)

    Coordinate monthly staff appreciation efforts and May Staff Appreciation week.

    4 hours per month

    Reflections Art Contest Coordinator (open)

    Disseminate information about the contest to school community, collect entries, recruit judges, coordinate with city level contest organizers

    3 hours per week during contest months