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    September 24th, 2018

    Dear Hamilton International Middle School Families,

    It is time for students who are currently enrolled in two (2) year-long elective classes to complete their Physical Education waiver forms. This agreement allows those students who complete 60 hours of directed physical activity to waive the state PE requirement allowing them to continue both year-long classes. 

    A master list of PE compliance status for all students will be posted in the commons starting October 8th and updated weekly.

    In Washington State every student is expected to participate in one (1) full semester of Physical Education each year. In order for a student to enroll in two (2) year-long elective classes families are required to complete a PE waiver process. Please review the information below and complete all attached forms and necessary documentation.  

    1. Enroll and participate in at least 60-hours of outside physical activity in an approved program during the 2018-2019 school years. This can be obtained by participating in one of the following:
      • Seattle Public School after school athletic program
      • Seattle Parks Department athletic programs such as soccer or basketball
      • Specific HIMS HOST programs (check with Mr. Delcid Boys and Girls Club)
      • Organized programs such as Row Club, Swim Club, Tennis Club
      • Martial Arts, Archery, Ski diving, Dance, etc. lessons as long as licensed instructor is teaching the activity
    2. Complete the attached P.E. waiver form no later than December 3rd, 2018. Students have until the end of the school year to complete their hours, but you must submit a completed Family Plan (see PE waiver form form) no later than December 3rd, 2018.
    3. If you child is participating in an SPS or HOST eligible activity a letter along with roster will be submitted for the entire team by the coach or instructor
    4. Submit a signed (must be an original ink signature) letter from a coach or instructor on letterhead within two (2) weeks of the start of the activity (If letterhead is not available please attach a business card, website cover page or brochure). We can’t accept emails, fax or phone calls to complete this process.
    5. A signature from physician or religious Leaders is needed ONLY if your child has special circumstances that would not allow them to participate in P.E.

    A family plan (see PE waiver form) from parent/guardian is mandatory.   Letter from a coach or instructor must be submitted within two (2) weeks of the start of the agreed upon activity. If this process is not completed in a timely manner student schedule is subject to change for Semester and will include a PE class.

    Please return in the box marked “PE WAIVER FORMS” on the front counter in the main office or on top of shelf outside of RM 105C. Questions? Please email Ms. Peila.

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Peila



    PE Waiver Form and Information


    Students in grades 1-8 are required to participate in an average of at least 60 instructional minutes per school week in PE classes (60 hours), unless such participation is waived. Students in grades 1-8 may be excused from any P.E. instruction for the following reasons:(Reference: RCW 28A.230.040)

    A. Physical Disability; or
    B. Religious Belief; or
    C. Participation in Directed Athletics because they are participating in two (2) year-long courses. For example:  World Language and Music

    • Physical education waivers are not automatically granted, especially in cases where students have room in their schedule to participate in a P.E. class. Students can and have been denied P.E. waivers when appropriate.
    • Making a request does not ensure that a waiver will be granted. 
    • Verification from a physician, religious leader, head coach or instructor on official letterhead (for those activities that have begun), must be attached and turned in to the Main Office no later than DECEMBER 3rd, 2018. If verification and approval is not received by December 3rd, 2018 students will be scheduled for a P.E. class during 2nd semester in place of either World Language, Music, Art or Drama classes. Exception to rule: A student is participating in a planned activity after December in which case you have two (2) weeks from that start of activity to turn in the appropriate letter.


    A. Physical Disability: Attach verification from student’s doctor or health care professional indicating that participation in a P.E. class will be detrimental to a student’s health. A new letter needs to be submitted each year.

    B. Religious Belief: Attach a request from a student’s religious leader for Religious Accommodation per School Board Policy D150.01

    C. Directed Athletics: Waivers for participation in directed athletics will be granted for students who are participating in Seattle Public School sponsored sports or athletic teams, as well as community based organized athletic teams. To receive a P.E. waiver for participation in a community-based athletic team, the team must meet the following criteria:

    1. The team must hold regular workouts or practices.
    2. Activities must be facilitated by a licensed/qualified adult instructor or coach.
    3. The student must participate in a minimum of 60 documented hours of activity between September 6th and June 22nd.

    Individual student waivers may also be granted for students who participate in competitive sports. Just as with sports teams, the activity must have regular workouts or practices, be facilitated by a qualified adult instructor or coach, and include 60 documented hours of activity. Attach verification letter from the coach or instructor on official letterhead with original signature. 

    (If letterhead is not available please attach a business card, website cover page or brochure of participating team or business). 

     Make sure the letter from the coach or licensed instructor indicates 

    • Participation dates. 
    • Original ink signature on the letter


    EXAMPLE of a coach or instructor letter follows.
    Please be sure to include one (1) of the following with the coach or instructors note. These notes MUST have an original ink signature. 

    1. written on associated activity/business letterhead  
    2. business card from that activity/business 
    3. print the homepage of the website of team or licensed business and attach to note.

    EXAMPLE ONLY: The purpose of this letter is to document that (student name),intends to be involved in several sports during the current school year that combined together will satisfy the PE waiver requirement of 60 hours of physical activity.   

    At present, he/she is participating in (team name or activity).  Attachedis a verification letter from the coach or instructor on official letterhead (If letterhead is not available please attach a business card, website cover page or brochure)verifying (number of hours) of combined practices and games We will send a letter from Coach/Instructor within two (2) weeks of the start of the season for each agreed on activity.

      Make sure the letter indicates participation date’s, TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS IN THE SEASONand original ink signature of the coach or licensed instructor.




    Time Period / Weeks



    Sept - Nov/ 14 weeks/Approx. 4.5 per week
    (not including expected city tournament in December)


    Basketball – HIMS

    Nov - March /14 school weeks
    Est. 3 hrs/wk

    est. 42

    Baseball – North Central Little League - majors

    March - June / 16 weeks
    Est. based on 116 hours spring 2015


    Total Hours


    ~210+ hrs


    Complete the FAMILY PLANbelow and return to the drop box in the main office. No fax or email copy will be processed. 


    Time Period / Weeks











    Total Hours





    Student Name (Please Print): ____________________________       Grade _________

    Parent/Guardian Signature:   ____________________________     Date: __________

    Daytime phone number: _______________________________Email_______________________________________