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    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton PTSA

    Upcoming Events

    Hamilton PTSA

    November 16-17

    Camp Burton: Junior/Senior/Chamber Orchestras

    November 22-23

    No School | Thanksgiving Break

    November 29

    Jazz Night | 7-9:00pm | Hamilton Commons

    December 3

    PE Waivers Due

    December 5

    Staff Appreciation Luncheon | Volunteers Needed

    December 6

    Choir Concert | 7:00pm | Hamilton Commons

    December 18

    Orchestra Winter Concert | 7:00pm | Eckstein Middle School

    December 20

    Band Winter Concert | 7:00pm | Hamilton Gym

    December 21

    One Hour Early Dismissal | 2:45pm  

    December 22 - January 6

    Winter Break | First day back January 7th

    Please check the calendar on the Hamilton Calendar for a complete listing of events.

    Hamilton PTSA

    PTSA News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Staff Appreciation Luncheon December 5th - Volunteers Needed!

    The second of five staff lunches will be held on Wednesday, December 5th, and we will be serving a soup and salad bar for all Hamilton staff members.  The signup has lots of ways to contribute from shopping and setting up to cooking and serving.  Do you make a mean chili? Crazy good cornbread? A soul-warming chowder?  Please help us to pamper our staff with a fabulous meal!

    PTSA Fund Drive Update

    With the 2018 Fall Fund Drive officially over, we’re happy to report—Together, we raised $139,810! That’s quite an accomplishment, wouldn’t you say? (We only missed our mark by about $10K.) So a big ol’ THANK YOU to everyone who participated; which was just under half the families at Hamilton. And to those that didn’t, please take a minute to reconsider; it’s for the kids after all. The Donation’s Page will be up for while longer to accommodate any change of hearts. 

    Hamilton PTSA Donate Now button

    Hamilton PTSA Facebook

    Facebook Image  The Hamilton PTSA is now on Facebook.

    Hamilton PTSA

     Hamilton School News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ Updated  Volunteers Needed

    Lunch Room Volunteer | Ongoing 
    Math Volunteers | Ongoing 

    Lunchroom Volunteers 

    Principal Manza would love some volunteer help in the lunchroom.  This isn't an enforcement role--it gives the curious of us of a chance to get to see middle schoolers enjoying each other in the middle of the day!  No need to stay for all (3) lunch periods, come when you can.  Click below for details and to sign up:

    Signup Genius

    Please complete the “Online Volunteer Application.” One part of this application process is to complete (also online) the 17-minute “Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention” Training. Click for more information:  Seattle Schools Volunteer

    Math Volunteers 

    Greetings parents and community members!

    Might you be able to tutor HIMS kids in math during the school day? We have a need for this during “Hawk Time” – our Advisory period on M, Th, F from 2:15-2:50. What this would look like is you would help 1-3 students at a time with their math homework, quiz corrections, or general catch-up in one of the flex spaces. Mr. Bundy and Ms. Barker would make sure you are supplied with great kids who need help and are ready to receive it. We would also make sure you are equipped with what you need to know to work effectively.

    You would need to complete the “Online Volunteer Application.” One part of this application process is to complete (also online) the 17-minute “Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention” Training.

    If you could contribute to our community in this way it would be so amazing because you would be pitching in on pursuing important school-wide goals around Eliminating Opportunity Gaps…but more to the point, you would be helping students achieve success in math. Please contact Mr. Bundy at if you are interested, and thanks! - Seth Bundy

    Typing Agent News

    Typing Agent is available for all SPS students to learn and practice their typing skills. This year Typing Agent integrates with Clever so that it is easier for students to sign in.  Thank you for your patience as we work to understand the system and resolve issues.

    • Access from the Student Portal/Clever (recommended for grades 3-12) – When students sign in to a computer with their SPS username and password, then students can access Typing Agent through the Student Portal. 
    • To access the Student Portal from the SPS website point to Students from the top menu and then click Student Portal > Log in with Active Directory > Typing Agent.

    Safety Update

    This month Hamilton participated in the Great Washington Shakeout, a statewide opportunity to practice the “Drop, Cover and Hold on” response. We believe that in order to be able to react quickly in an emergency it is important to practice regularly.For resources about earthquake safety and preparation, please visit This month we will also be implementing another Evacuation Drill, completing our annual Hazard Assessment and Identification Audit, and revising/updating our Annual Site Emergency Management Plan. Please let us know if you have any safety concerns you would like our safety committee to address.

    HIMS Talk Update 

    As part of our school wide effort to help students develop a global perspective, we offer monthly HIMS Talks. HIMS Talks is a monthly forum for students and local speakers to discuss topic related local and global challenges. Students can sign up for these 30 minute sessions with their advisory teacher. On Friday, students will have an opportunity to participate In the HIMS Talk: Immigration, Status and Asylum. Our guest speaker, Elaine Fordyce, will be addressing topics such as, “How do people fleeing danger arrive in the United States”, “What is legal status, and how do people obtain it?”, and “What does it mean to seek asylum, and what rights do asylum seekers have?”  We have a variety of guest speakers lined up, but would welcome any volunteers or suggestions for individuals who would be interested in joining us in our mission to educate students to succeed and contribute in a diverse world.  Please contact Dana Radcliffe at with any potential guest speaker recommendations. 

    LAST CHANCE! Hamilton Hawks Spirit Wear On Sale Through Sunday 11/18!

    Spirit Wear for the 2018-19 year will be on sale for a limited time only – now through November 18 - at our online store, with delivery expected the week before Winter Break.  If you or your child would like a shirt, sweatshirt or hat bearing the new Hamilton Hawks logo, check out the available merchandise here:  Items will delivered to Hamilton and will be available for pick up in mid-December. 

    If you have the financial means to purchase an extra shirt for a Hamilton kid in need, please consider donating one, preferably a Youth Medium or Large (if you do so, please contact Fiscal Specialist Lisa Melenyzer at  Alternatively, if you have a student who would love to have a shirt but would need help with purchasing such an item, please contact your student’s counselor or Lisa at

    PE Waivers - Deadline Dec. 3rd

    PE Waiver Letter  

    Place all completed forms/letters in the box located in the main office on the front counter or in the one outside of RM 105C on top of the bookshelf. PE waiver are due no later than December 3rd. In the commons an updated list of all students and the status of PE waiver is posted every Monday Morning.  It is the student’s responsibility to check this list and make sure all information is accurate.  

    If you have any questions feel free to email Ms. Peila at Students are welcome to come to RM 105C for further explanation.   

    Private School Applications 

    Are you and your family planning on applying to a Private School for the 2019 -2020 school year? 

    If you answered yes, the 1st step is, go to RM 105C and ask Ms. Peila for the Hamilton Private School application information packet. 

    Information from Mr. Bundy

    Greetings Parents!

    RE: Student devices, i.e. smartphones

    Teachers and parents – we all share something in common: We are adults, who care about our kids/students, trying to manage their access to and interaction with technology. I am gratified that so many conversations have been taking place and that together we are learning about this, and each other. In that spirit, I would like to inform you of an amazing talk happening on Tuesday, November 27, by the developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It is particularly aimed at parents but teachers and administrators will surely find it relevant as well. I hope to see you there! - Seth Bundy (HIMS math teacher and parent of two girls, age 6 and 9)
    Raising Children in a Digital Age
    The digital world is here to stay, with far-reaching consequences for children. How do we lead our children through these potent technologies in a developmentally healthy way? How do we harness the spectacular potential for virtual connection and avoid the pitfalls? Dr. Neufeld will look at the digital revolution as a developmentalist committed to helping parents help their children become all they were meant to be.

    Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a Vancouver-based developmental psychologist with over 45 years of experience. A foremost authority on child development, Dr. Neufeld is an international speaker, a bestselling author (Hold On To Your Kids), and a leading interpreter of the developmental paradigm. His Neufeld Institute is now a world-wide charitable organization devoted to applying developmental science to the task of raising children.

    Tuesday, November 27,  7:00-8:30 pm
    Mountaineers Club 7700 Sand Point Way NE

    Tickets go on sale this Tuesday, and it is predicted to sell out.

    Building Leadership Team (BLT) Meeting Summary: 10/18/18 

    The Hamilton BLT is a school governing body, made up of teachers, staff, two parent representatives, and Mr. Manza. Broadly, the group discusses and makes recommendations on the building’s strategic plan (the Continuous School Improvement Plan or CSIP), the school budget (and related budget tradeoffs), professional development and other emerging issues, as needed. The BLT meets the third Tuesday of every month from 7:30 am to 8:30 am; sometimes more in the spring budget season. 

    • We welcomed new BLT member Sandy Adams (front office, admin secretary) who represents classified staff and ran unopposed for the position
    • We heard a presentation by teacher Seth Bundy and two Hamilton parents advocating for HIMS to adopt the “Away for the Day” cell phone policy. They:
      • Noted that other SPS buildings have implemented this policy
      • Cited research on cell phones interfering with learning and impulse control.
      • Asked to survey staff on if/how they are using cell phones in the classroom as an instructional tool. (BLT approved move.)
    • Related to the cell phone policy, we discussed challenge of “solving” for lack of technology available to students in the building (e.g. insufficient # of laptops) to avoid reliance on student cell phones for in-class technology. Discussion will continue, including with PTSA. Mr. Manza agreed to reach out to other principals who have implemented the away for the day policy.
      • We heard a supervision concern around the need to ensure students at second lunch are not sent back to class areas until 12:45; admin will look into it.
      • We debriefed results of a staff survey re: student advisory period (details on results to come in later BLT report).

    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton Athletics

    Hamilton PTSA

    Winter Sports

    Boys Basketball
    Girls Basketball
    Signups for Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball started this week.  Signup sheets will be posted in the main office.

    Fall Sports

    Girls Soccer 

    Varsity Schedule 
    Varsity Standings 

    JV Schedule 

    Ultimate Frisbee 

    Ultimate Schedules  
    Hawks Ultimate Club

    For more information:

    Hamilton Athletics:        
    Seattle Schools:            
    SPS Athletics Webpage 
    Schedules and Information

    Follow SPS Athletics on Twitter

    Hamilton PTSA

    Music News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Pay Enrichment Fees with FOMAHI: Please!!!

    FOMAHI and the Hamilton music programs depend on your FOMAHI registration fees to bring you the resources and programs you have come to expect from this program.  We are behind in our budgeted funds expected from our enrichment fees. These fees help pay for the instruments, trips, and music that support our great program.  Please register and pay the $25 enrichment fee yearly.  

    1. Go to FOMAHI website link here.
    2. Click "Register and Payments" icon on the upper left column.

    ★ NEW Volunteers Needed to help Winter Concerts

    Concerts are entirely dependent upon volunteers to make them run smoothly and to have a great experience for the students.  Many prior volunteers have moved on from Hamilton and we need others to step up.  Volunteers allow the directors to focus on music instruction, and not details of running a concert.  We need your help to make this the best experience for your musician.  Please volunteer, and don't worry, you won't miss your student's performance.  Help is needed in the following positions for Winter Concerts for Band, Jazz, and Choir:

    • Bake sale coordinator:  Creates sign up genius (from template), helps set up and clean up, supervises sale during the concert
    • Concert operations:  organize volunteers to set up/clean up, crowd management and flow
    • Programs:  works with director to make program (from a file), and prints 

    Email your director or Christine Holden at to help.
    Choir Angela Babbitt at
    Band Paul Harshman at
    Band Geoff Ogle at

    ★ NEW Orchestra Trip Coordinators Needed

    Trip coordinators are need for the following orchestra trips.  There is a binder of information from previous trips in which to follow.   

    • Senior/Chamber orchestra:  Asta Orchestra Festival in Bellingham/Western Washington University on 3/15/18.  This is a one day trip.  Please email Geoff Ogle at for information.
    • Intermediate orchestra:  EBMEA Festival at Whitman Middle School March 2018.  This is a one day trip.  Email Geoff Ogle at for information.

    Silverwood Trip Coordinator Needed

    Calling all parents/guardians of Senior Band, and Senior/Chamber Orchestra.  A trip coordinator is needed to help organize the Silverwood trip/festival this May (May 11 is date of trip). There is a step by step manual from last year's organizer so it will be pretty easy to follow.  Plus, your work will be rewarded by the screams of delight from the students, and the gratitude of the directors and parents.

    Please email, or Christina Holden at

    Orchestra Concerts

    Given the lack of an auditorium at Hamilton, and the fact that Lincoln is under construction, this year's orchestra concerts will be held at Eckstein Middle School (3003 NE 75th St, Seattle, WA 98115), and not at Jane Addams like last year. More details when the date approaches. Hopefully we will be back at Lincoln next year.

    ★ NEW 
    Concert Attire Exchange

    Concert season is upon us, and it's time to gear up with concert attire that fits your growing student. Concert attire exchange bins are located in Mr. Harshman's band room for band and orchestra. Please donate your outgrown, clean black shirts, pants, and shoes (please either tie shoes together or put them in a bag) in the bin. Take gear in the bins that fit for your own use.   Rumor has it that the bins at present have a selection of clothes and shoes at present.

    Hamilton PTSA

    HOST After-School Program

    Hamilton PTSA

    HOST Class!! Math Academy

    Math Academy is back! This class is designed to get students up to grade level in math. Students will deepen their understanding of mathematical content by reviewing lessons covered in class and have 1-on-1 time with staff. Students will improve study & homework skills by utilizing helpful strategies and tools and have a supportive and focused environment to finish assignments!

    This class is NOT for students in advanced math classes.
    Stop by Room 104, or contact for more information.

    Program Director Contact Information

    For more information: 

    ​Hawks Out of School Time (HOST) program is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. 

    Porter Wells
    Program Director
    Hamilton Middle School Boys & Girls Club
    Office 206-252-5831
    Room 104 (across from the main office)

    Hamilton PTSA

    Seattle Schools News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ Updated Lincoln High School

    LHS is scheduled to open for the 2019-2020 for incoming 9th and 10th graders. Many of Hamilton families are zoned for LHS.  

    Upcoming LHS Dates: 
    Japanese Immersion Meeting | November 27 | Hamilton Middle School More information below
    Incoming 9th Grader Info Night | January 15 |  John Marshall Building

    LHS Community Survey: 

    Students Survey
    Parent/Guardian Survey

    Other ways to stay Connected: 
    Like LHS on Facebook:
    Follow LHS on Twitter:   @lincoln_seattle  @CoreyEichner
    LHS Web profile:  Lincoln High School 

    ★ NEW Japanese Immersion at Lincoln Meeting

    November 27 | 6:30pm | Hamilton Middle School Commons  

    Parents/Guardians of Hamilton Japanese immersion students please join staff from Lincoln High School on Tuesday, November 27th in the Hamilton Commons from 6:30pm to 8pm.  Topics under discussion will include choice enrollment for Japanese, how and when to register your student for Japanese, potential course offerings/pathways, and funding for the Japanese program at Lincoln.

    Lincoln High School Music Boosters

    For those students who will be attending Lincoln High School in the years to come, there is a nascent music boosters club in formation to help create a stellar music program from the start. They are involved in helping fundraise for uniforms, music, instruments, plus much more. Equally important is the attempt to help fund a renovation of the Lincoln auditorium which is in sad technical and physical shape and is NOT slated for improvement due to lack of funding.  

    To help out or for more information, please contact Tracy Hillstrom at

    Center School Open House Tonight!

    November 15 | 6:30-8:00pm | Center School - Armory Loft  

    The Center School is having an open house on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Armory Loft, 305 Harrison Street on the Seattle Center campus.  Sign-in and refreshments begin at 6:00 pm.  We request that you forward this letter to your 8th Grade families.

    The Center School is a small, arts-focused, arts-integrated public high school available to students from any neighborhood. While our class selections are not as numerous as those of larger schools, our curriculum provides depth and hands-on rigor, with a college prep track for each and every student. Our great science program includes AP Biology and AP Environmental Science.  Our multi-faceted visual arts program includes AP Studio Art. We have wonderful programs in theater, creative writing/poetry, as well as film-making and photography. The Center School also has an exemplary social justice program. Our students excel in an award winning Model UN program. The Center School is a gem among Seattle Public High Schools!
    We are a great choice for your graduating 8th graders who are artistically inclined and want intellectual rigor. The Center School is perfect for students who prefer a high school experience out of the mainstream that provides the structure and support needed for success. Talented students who might be uninspired by other schools really thrive here.
    Being situated in the Armory, in the heart of Seattle Center, The Center School has many arts and cultural organizations as neighbors. We love to build partnerships and learning opportunities with these unique resources and our students benefit from this rich environment.
    We want your students and their families to know about The Center School and what it offers that sets it apart from other high schools. Please contact us if you would like a student representative or two to speak to a student group at your school. We can also arrange for a parent to speak to a parent group. And we look forward to seeing you at our open house in the Armory Loft, (up the stairs from the food court), on Thursday, November 15th - sign-in and refreshments start at 6:00 pm, tour from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.


    Hamilton PTSA

    Community News

    Hamilton PTSA


    Due to incredible early demand, SKIBUS IS NOW SOLD OUT FOR the 2019 SEASON. We apologize for any disappointment.

    To be put on a wait list, please contact with the following details:    

    • Student name   
    • Parent phone number and email
    • Ski or snowboarding       
    • Students ability level   
    • Do they require bus and lessons or just bus

    If you have any questions, please contact the HIMS Ski Bus coordinator (school parent volunteer) Jan Tackett at: 206.297.7616 or 

    "Raising Kids in a Digital Age" Talk

    Talk by Dr. Gordon Neufield entitled "Raising Kids in a Digital Age." Sponsored by the Waldorf School.  

    Tuesday, November 27,  7:00-8:30 pm
    Mountaineers Club 7700 Sand Point Way NE

    Tickets go on sale this Tuesday, and it is predicted to sell out.


    Travel with Riveted Kids - Mid-Winter Break in Oaxaca  

    We are going to Oaxaca over Winter Break! There is room for a few more: up to 4 more girls and up to 2 more boys. 7th or 8th graders are welcome.
    Jay and Kymber Waltmunson are parents of HIMS 8th grader Beija and the counselors for this trip. We’ll be joined by Samuel Bautista Lazo, a Zapotec dynamo, to guide our adventures. Check out the details, itinerary, and next steps here:

    The trip will run Feb. 16 - 23 (mid-winter break) and will cost $1595 + Airfare. Call or email with any questions you have. 

    NirV Student Adventure Bible 

    Community member Sue Bodensteiner is offering free copies of the kid-friendly NirV Student Adventure Bible to any family who wants one. To request one, email

    Service Trip to India

    Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"  Has your student always wanted to travel abroad? Do they have a passion for volunteer work?  Now they have the opportunity to travel with a purpose. Next summer students from HIMS have the opportunity to go on a service trip to India! Last year 23 students attended the service trip to Tanzania and had the time of their lives! This service trip to India is about people, connections and self-discovery—all working together to change the world. It’s about being part of something bigger than yourself. It’s called ‘travelling with purpose.'

    The trip is through a non-SPS travel group called EF tours and will be partnered with the Free the Children non-profit. See some trip details: here

    Ms. Batty, a teacher at Hamilton will be taking the students and can give more details about cost/ how to enroll. You can reach her on a non-school email at for more information! 

    Seattle JazzED

    We have 5 full scholarship spots each in the Percussion Prep Ensemble and the Brass Prep Ensemble.

    I’ve included a bit of info about JazzED in case families are unfamiliar with us and what we do. Please feel free to edit as needed, and let me know if there is anything we can do to help YOUR school. If you have an auction/fundraising event coming up this year, we would be more than happy to donate a gift certificate to one of our programs.


    Seattle JazzED is a non-profit music education organization in the Central District/Madison Valley. We’re dedicated to creating awesome opportunities for kids. Over 900 students from 100+ schools come through our doors annually. You pay-what-you-can for any Seattle JazzED program, with free instrument loan assistance. 

    For those who need it, we also offer a full tuition waiver, no questions asked. Families simply need to enter code the WAIVER when checking out. 
    We’re looking for aspiring musicians in grades 4-8 to join our after-school Seattle JazzED Prep Ensembles. No experience required! You will learn how to play an instrument, perform, read music and set yourself up for a life of musical success. The Prep Ensembles began the week of October 1, 2018 and run through Thursday, May 16, 2019 with performances throughout. Registration is still open!
    You can learn to play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, upright bass, guitar, piano & singing, OR drums in the JazzED Prep Ensembles. And don’t forget, you can get an instrument from us!

    Ensembles rehearse at the MLK FAME Community Center at 3201 E Republican St in the Madison Valley neighborhood.
    Learn more and sign up on our website:

    Hamilton PTSA


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    Hamilton PTSA

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    Know a parent or guardian who’s not receiving the newsletter? Please let them know they can sign up at PTSA Hamilton Weekly News Signup.

    Hamilton PTSA

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