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    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton PTSA

    Upcoming Events

    Hamilton PTSA

    December 20

    Band Winter Concert | 7:00pm | Hamilton Gym

    December 21

    One Hour Early Dismissal | 2:45pm  

    December 22 - January 6

    Winter Break 

    January 7

    First Day back to School

    January 8

    PTSA Board Meeting | 7:00pm | Hamilton Rm. 214

    January 11

    Ski Bus begins

    January 17

    Night of the Arts | 6:00-8:00pm | Hamilton MS

    January 21

    No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 22

    Hamilton Open House for Incoming Students | 6:30 - 8:30 pm | Hamilton MS

    January 29

    Last Day of 1st Semester

    January 30

    No School - Day between semesters

    Please check the calendar on the Hamilton Calendar for a complete listing of events.

    Hamilton PTSA

    PTSA News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Reflections Art Contest

    The submissions for the REFLECTIONS Seattle City Competition are up at the Armory at Seattle Center. They will be on display throughout the Winterfest.

    There will be a Recognition Ceremony on Sunday, January 6, 2-3pm in the Armory Loft Rooms 2&3

    Art that is not moving on to the state competition can be picked up that day or it will be returned to school shortly after.

    Vote Yes for the Seattle Operations and Capital Levy Renewals

    On February 12th, Seattle voters will be asked to renew two levies for Seattle’s Public Schools. These Seattle Public School levies must be renewed every 3-6 years to fill the gap in educational funding from the State.

    The Operating levy provide critical funding for about 18% of the Seattle Public Schools budget. The Capital levy will be funding improvements to Lincoln as well as adding almost 2,000 new seats across the district and removing 76 aging portables. Hamilton International Middle School has benefited tremendously from these levies in the past.

    The two levies on the February 12th ballot are:

    1. The expiring three-year Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O)
    2. The expiring six-year Building Excellence Capital Levy (BEX V)

    The Operations levy fills the gap between what the state funds and what our schools need to operate every day, including:

    • Staff, including teachers, nurses, counselors
    • Services, such as special education, bilingual services
    • Academics, such as textbooks, technology and classroom supplies.

    The Capital levy funds construction of school remodels, repairs and maintenance, helping Seattle Public Schools with

    • Safety and security measures in schools
    • Building new schools, adding capacity and classrooms to existing schools
    • Maintaining aging school buildings.
    • School and classroom technology

    The Hamilton PTSA Board urges everyone to vote YES on both levies on February 12th. Better yet, join Annie Tegen and volunteer to support the campaign, or to donate at For a full list of what’s funded, including a project list by school, visit:

     Still have questions? Check out the Q&A document here or contact Annie at for more information.

    Hamilton PTSA Facebook

    Facebook Image  The Hamilton PTSA is now on Facebook.


    Hamilton PTSA

     Hamilton School News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW  From the Counseling Office:

    Holiday Stress

    With the joy of this season can come added stress.  Mental health counselors and family therapists with the American Counseling Association offered the following tips for helping work through the holiday stress:

    • Understand that you can’t please everyone and attend every function.
    • Incorporate a tradition that you want to do or makes you happy, such as a childhood holiday tradition or a favorite side dish at the holiday meal.
    • When trying to work through grief and loss, be prepared for triggers. Involve a deceased loved one’s memory in holiday celebrations, such as making and displaying an ornament that reminds you of the loved one and brings back a happy memory.
    • Consider seeking help from a counselor if the holiday blues continue to interfere with daily life.

    Read more tips here

    Meet the Counseling Interns

    Did you know that in addition to the three school counselors at Hamilton, this year we have three school counseling interns? All three are in their final year of their 3-year master's degree program. They have joined the Hamilton community 2-3 days a week for this entire school year. Under the supervision of the Hamilton staff, they are working with individual students, leading small groups and clubs, and teaching classroom guidance lessons. They are excited to get to know the students and families of Hamilton International Middle School!

    Counseling Inters

    From Left to Right: 
    Alan Waite (Seattle University) is working with Ms. Colleran and the 8th grade class.  
    Savannah Minear (Seattle Pacific University) is working with Ms. Goldsmith and the 7th grade class.
    Chelsey Hays (Seattle Pacific University) is working with Ms. Camero and the 6th grade class.


    Prevention Lessons

    Project Alert Lessons are being taught in our 7th grade Science classes in December & January. This is a district wide curriculum taught in 7th grade. You can find information & resources here on the SPS Prevention and Intervention page. 
     We are also fortunate to have Kelly Kerby, Hamilton’s onsite NeighborCare Therapist & Prevention Interventionist, as a guest speaker on the subject of drugs & alcohol in our 8th grade science classes.  These talks are in collaboration with 8th grade counselor and 8th grade science teachers. Ms. Kerby will be leading discussions with our students to assist them in making healthy life choices.

    Resources and Information:
    Healthy Youth Survey results for Seattle Public Schools
    Vaping and Youth Fact Sheet
    Pod Style Vapes (JUUL)
    Parent Map Article 

    More from the Counseling Office:

    • In the month of October, all counselors went to advisories and/ or students classes and gave a counseling needs assessment to all our students.  This information helps drive our program and determines where we can provide support to our students, either in the classroom, small group or individually. The needs assessment has 4 different categories: Coping with Stress, Social Situations, Managing Emotions, Things that worried me. We also include a question to see if students have access to technology at home. This year, among all grade levels, the highest percentage was in “Coping with Stress”.  Questions that students answered were: stress in how to handle my homework, being too busy and for 8th graders organization and time management.
      All counselors started meeting with students according to the needs assessment and /or other referrals.
    • 7th grade started a New Student group for those new 7th graders to get to know the school and staff a little bit better/ school rules and make connections with other students in the group.  The group is led by Intern Savannah Minear. The group was held for 4 meetings and it was a success!  An additional 4 more weeks were scheduled, the group is learning new skills in how to maintain friendships, self-esteem, and team work.
    • We continue supporting our students who are grieving. We have a memory box in the counseling office for students who want to send some cards and thoughts to the families. Counselors are available one on one if students need more support and in January we will start inviting students to a small grieving group(s) depending on the needs.
    • 6th grade will start a study skills group. Seventh grader began a “Why Try?” small group for boys. Groups will run during periods in a rotating basis for about 8-10 weeks.
    • Late September, counselors and interns organized the Club Fair during lunches. This year we have quite a variety of clubs. They all are in session now, all clubs are ran by staff either before school, during HR/advisory or after school. If you need more information please contact the counseling office.
    • Table Talks: Table Talks are held in the Commons during all three lunches. The counseling interns man the tables and interact with the students. The designated tables provide a space for students to meet new people, participate in social activities, and a space to read. SPIRIT club participates in planning for Table Talks.

    Please, feel free to contact your grade level counselor if you need any assistance.


    Lunch Room Volunteer | Ongoing 
    Math Volunteers | Ongoing 

    Lunchroom Volunteers 

    Principal Manza would love some volunteer help in the lunchroom.  This isn't an enforcement role--it gives the curious of us of a chance to get to see middle schoolers enjoying each other in the middle of the day!  No need to stay for all (3) lunch periods, come when you can.  Click for details and to sign up:  Signup Genius

    Math Volunteers 

    Greetings parents and community members!

    Might you be able to tutor HIMS kids in math during the school day? We have a need for this during “Hawk Time” – our Advisory period on M, Th, F from 2:15-2:50. What this would look like is you would help 1-3 students at a time with their math homework, quiz corrections, or general catch-up in one of the flex spaces. Mr. Bundy and Ms. Barker would make sure you are supplied with great kids who need help and are ready to receive it. We would also make sure you are equipped with what you need to know to work effectively.

    If you could contribute to our community in this way it would be so amazing because you would be pitching in on pursuing important school-wide goals around Eliminating Opportunity Gaps…but more to the point, you would be helping students achieve success in math. Please contact Mr. Bundy at if you are interested, and thanks! - Seth Bundy

    Volunteer Forms

    Please complete the “Online Volunteer Application.” One part of this application process is to complete (also online) the 17-minute “Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention” Training. Click for more information:  Seattle Schools Volunteer

    HIMS Talk Update 

    As part of our school wide effort to help students develop a global perspective, we offer monthly HIMS Talks. HIMS Talks is a monthly forum for students and local speakers to discuss topic related local and global challenges. Students can sign up for these 30 minute sessions with their advisory teacher. On Friday, students will have an opportunity to participate In the HIMS Talk: Immigration, Status and Asylum. Our guest speaker, Elaine Fordyce, will be addressing topics such as, “How do people fleeing danger arrive in the United States”, “What is legal status, and how do people obtain it?”, and “What does it mean to seek asylum, and what rights do asylum seekers have?”  We have a variety of guest speakers lined up, but would welcome any volunteers or suggestions for individuals who would be interested in joining us in our mission to educate students to succeed and contribute in a diverse world.  Please contact Dana Radcliffe at with any potential guest speaker recommendations. 

    ★ Updated High School Information for 8th Grade Families 

    It’s hard to believe that it is already time to start thinking about high school transition for our 8th graders! It is a very exciting, and sometimes anxiety producing time for students and families.
    I will post information in the newsletter and in the bulletin announcements for students as it becomes available. I encourage you and your 8th grader to equip yourselves with information to help in the decision-making processes that lie ahead. Please check individual high school websites for more information and specific details.
    Some initial questions to ask:

    • Do I know what high school I am assigned to?
    • Does my high school have an open house night? 
    • If I want to apply for another SPS high school other than my assigned school, do I know the Open Enrollment process?

    Information Opportunities

    High School & Beyond Lessons in the 8th grade SS classes for students

    Jan 14,15 - High School Transition
    Jan 28, 29 – Naviance HSBP Lesson 

    Open Houses for Students and Families

    High School Open House Dates Tours

    Lincoln High School

    January 15, 2019
    6:30 - 9:00 PM
    @Hamilton Intl MS

    No Tours Under Construction

    Roosevelt High School

    January 31, 2019
    7:00 - 8:00 PM

    No tours announced

    Ballard High School

    February 7, 2019
    6:30 - 9:00 PM

    8th Grade Morning Tours (students & parents)
    Tuesday, Feb 5
    Wednesday, Feb 13
    8:00 – 10:00 AM

    Shadowing in February – see website for details

    Ingraham High School

    February 6, 2019
    General Info Night

    February 5, 2019
    IB Info Night

    Day Time Tour
    February 7th
    9:00 - 11:00 AM
    (Students must be accompanied by an adult)

    Nathan Hale High School

    February 12, 2019
    6:00 - 8:30 PM

    Garfield High School

    January 16, 2019
    6:00 - 8:00 PM

    Day Time Tour
    January 16th
    9:00 AM
    (Students must be accompanied by an adult)

    The Center School

    January 17, 2019
    6:00 - 8:00 PM

    February 13, 2019
    6:00 - 8:00 PM

     The Nova School January 24, 2019
    6:00 - 7:30 PM

    Jan 10: Parent/Guardian Tour   12:30 –
    1:30 pm
    Jan 16:  8th Grade Student Intro 9:00 –
    11:45 am (Pre-registration Required)
    Jan 22:  Parent/Guardian Tour  12:30 –
    1:30 pm
    Jan. 29:  8th Grade Student Intro 9:00 –
    11:45 am (Pre-registration Required) 
  • For a complete list of all Seattle Public Schools High Schools and for individual school websites click here.
  • To find out your attendance area high school click here.
  • Open Enrollment:  February 4 - February 19, 2019   This is the annual two-week period where students may apply to attend a school other than their assigned school by attendance area. For information about how to apply to a high school that is not your assigned school click here.

    Please contact Kelli Colleran, 8th Grade counselor, at if you are unable to find answers to general high school related questions. 

    For information about specific high schools, please visit the high school website or contact the high school directly.

    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton Athletics

    Hamilton PTSA

    Winter Sports

    Boys Basketball
    Varsity Schedule  
    Girls Basketball
    Varsity Schedule

    For more information:

    Hamilton Athletics:        
    Seattle Schools:            
    SPS Athletics Webpage 
    Schedules and Information

    Follow SPS Athletics on Twitter

    Hamilton PTSA

    Music News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ Updated Winter Band Concert Tonight

    1. Need Parent Volunteers for Thursday, December 20th Band Concert!

    FOMAHI concert crew & band directors need parent helpers the night of the Dec 20th.  We need help with set-up, door ushering and organizing performers beforehand.  Please consider donating an hour of your time so students and the instructors can focus on the performance that night! 


    Note: you can work the backstage shift when your student is not performing! 

    2. FIRST BAND CONCERT OF THE YEAR Thursday, Dec 20th in the Hamilton Gym

    The December Concert showcasing the Hamilton Bands will be Dec 20th at 7:00 pm in the Hamilton Gym.  Due to space limitations, the concert will be held in two sessions. Musicians should arrive 30 minutes prior to their session.  Visit the Bake Sale (with Banh Mi Sandwiches, coffee and treats) in the Commons before or after the performances.

    7:00-7:45 pm:  Intermediate & Junior Band Performances (musicians arrive 30 min prior)
    8:00-8:45 pm:  Beginning & Senior Band Performances (musicians arrive 30 min prior)

    3. Banh Mi Sandwiches and Bake Sale at the Band Concert - NEED BAKED GOODS AND VOLUNTEERS

    Please sign up to bring baked good or volunteer at the table when your student isn't performing. Sign up here.
    The Bake Sale Fundraising benefits our student performers and helps to keep the music program strong.   Come have Banh Mi for dinner or celebrate with a treat before or after performances (6:30 - 9:00pm) in the Hamilton Commons.

    Winter Junior Jazz Registration Now Open

    Session begins January 8th and continues through February 28th, with Jazz Night Concert on March 5th at 7pm in the HIMS Commons
    Junior Jazz is a fee-based, after school enrichment program that develops concepts in jazz styling and improvisation. Students are required to have at least one year of experience on their instrument. Exceptions may be made for students with previous instrumental music experience who are learning a new instrument. Qualified students in ALL grades are encouraged to participate.  Visit the FOMAHI Website for more information and to register, link here

    Pay Enrichment Fees with FOMAHI: Please!!!

    FOMAHI and the Hamilton music programs depend on your FOMAHI registration fees to bring you the resources and programs you have come to expect from this program.  We are behind in our budgeted funds expected from our enrichment fees. These fees help pay for the instruments, trips, and music that support our great program.  Please register and pay the $25 enrichment fee yearly.  

    1. Go to FOMAHI website link here.
    2. Click "Register and Payments" icon on the upper left column.

    Orchestra Trip Coordinators Needed

    Trip coordinators are need for the following orchestra trips.  There is a binder of information from previous trips in which to follow.   

    • Senior/Chamber orchestra:  Asta Orchestra Festival in Bellingham/Western Washington University on 3/15/18.  This is a one day trip.  Please email Geoff Ogle at for information.
    • Intermediate orchestra:  EBMEA Festival at Whitman Middle School March 2018.  This is a one day trip.  Email Geoff Ogle at for information.

    Silverwood Trip Coordinator Needed

    Calling all parents/guardians of Senior Band, and Senior/Chamber Orchestra.  A trip coordinator is needed to help organize the Silverwood trip/festival this May (May 11 is date of trip). There is a step by step manual from last year's organizer so it will be pretty easy to follow.  Plus, your work will be rewarded by the screams of delight from the students, and the gratitude of the directors and parents.

    Please email, or Christina Holden at

    Concert Attire Exchange

    Concert season is upon us, and it's time to gear up with concert attire that fits your growing student. Concert attire exchange bins are located in Mr. Harshman's band room for band and orchestra. Please donate your outgrown, clean black shirts, pants, and shoes (please either tie shoes together or put them in a bag) in the bin. Take gear in the bins that fit for your own use. 

    Hamilton PTSA

    HOST After-School Program

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Winter HOST Classes - Registration Now Open!  

    The Winter Session of HOST classes begins January 14th, and you can sign your child up now via our online registration portal. Based off of student and family feedback, we've made a few changes to our previously offered classes, and added a few new options as well. For P.E. credit eligible courses, we've now added Cardio Kickboxing and Recreational Dance. To increase our STEM offerings, we've also added Lego Robotics. Aside from Get Your Game On, all of our previous classes (including our free-with-membership programs Homework Club and Math Academy) will be offered again. If you have any questions about the registration process, please email Program Director Porter Wells at

    Program Director Contact Information

    For more information: 

    ​Hawks Out of School Time (HOST) program is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. 

    Porter Wells
    Program Director
    Hamilton Middle School Boys & Girls Club
    Office 206-252-5831
    Room 104 (across from the main office)

    Hamilton PTSA

    Seattle Schools News

    Hamilton PTSA

    Lincoln High School

    Upcoming LHS Dates:  

    LHS PTSA Charter Meeting & Social | January 9 |6:30pm| Stone Way Cafe
    3510 Stone Way N. - Seattle, WA
    Incoming 9th Grader Info Night | January 15 |  Hamilton Commons* 
    *Location has been updated
    Dine Out for Lincoln (Fundraiser) | January 23 | Shawn O’Donnell’s Restaurant in Fremont 
    3601 Fremont Ave N - Seattle, WA 98103

    LHS Community Survey: 

    Students Survey
    Parent/Guardian Survey

    Other ways to stay Connected: 
      Like LHS on Facebook:
    Follow LHS on Twitter:   @lincoln_seattle  @CoreyEichner
    LHS Web profile:  Lincoln High School 

    ★ NEW Lincoln PTSA Charter Meeting & Parent Social 

    January 9 | 6:30-9pm | Stone Way Cafe (3510 Stone Way N.) 

    Future Lincoln High School parents and supporters are invited join us at our inaugural Lincoln PTSA event!

    The Lincoln PTSA Charter Meeting & Parent Social will be held Wednesday, Jan. 9, 6:30-9pm at Stone Way Cafe (3510 Stone Way N.) just seven blocks from Lincoln High School.

    At this event, we will launch our Charter Membership Drive, where YOU will have the opportunity to be one of the founding members of our Lincoln PTSA!  ** Plus, all who sign up for Charter Membership that night will receive a "Lincoln PTSA Charter Member" vinyl sticker to affix anywhere you want people to know how awesome you are, AND donors will have the chance to grab a spot on an early-bird tour of Lincoln High School ** So please bring your checkbook!

    We'll also present drafts of our Standing Rules and budget, and elect officers to our Lincoln PTSA Board (Only those who sign up for membership can vote, so sign up!)

    And we'll top the night off with a Parent Social, to meet and greet your fellow Lincoln parents and supporters (food and drinks will be available for purchase).

    Questions? Please contact Lincoln PTSA Steering Committee Chair, Lisa Rivera Smith, at

    We look forward to seeing you on January 9th at Stone Way Cafe!

    Lincoln High School Music Boosters

    For those students who will be attending Lincoln High School in the years to come, there is a nascent music boosters club in formation to help create a stellar music program from the start. They are involved in helping fundraise for uniforms, music, instruments, plus much more. Equally important is the attempt to help fund a renovation of the Lincoln auditorium which is in sad technical and physical shape and is NOT slated for improvement due to lack of funding.  

    To help out or for more information, please contact Tracy Hillstrom at

    ★ NEW Open Enrollment 

    The annual Open Enrollment period will be February 4 – 15 for all Seattle students and families to participate in the school choice lottery to apply to another school for the 2019-20 school year. This does not apply to students rising to 6th, 8th, or 9th grade next year if they choose to remain at their designated middle or high school feeder pattern. During this period, students and families may apply to another attendance area school, program, or Option school.

    School choice applications processed by February 15 will be considered “on time” and will receive priority through the applicable tiebreakers: 1) Sibling, 2) Geozone (Option schools only), and 3) Lottery number. Submissions after the 15th will not be given priority and will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist by lottery number and the date the choice form was received. The last day to submit a school choice application is May 31.

    Open Enrollment results and waitlist information will be sent to schools the first week in April, online at mid-April, and official assignment letters mailed to the families by the end of April.

    For more information, contact Faauu Manu at or 206-252-0205, or visit Open Enrollment Fast Facts.

    Middle School Tour Dates

    Hamilton School Tour | January 22 | 6:30-8:30pm 
    Robert Eagle Staff | January 10 | 7:00-8:30pm 


    Hamilton PTSA

    Community News

    Hamilton PTSA


    First day of ski bus will be January 11th.  There is a list posted in the commons with ski bus assignments.  

    If you have any questions, please contact the HIMS Ski Bus coordinator (school parent volunteer) Jan Tackett at: 206.297.7616 or 

    ★ NEW Senator Pedersen's Educational Priorities for the Upcoming State Legislative Session

    The Hamilton PTSA and Building Leadership Team asked our state legislators for their priorities in the upcoming legislative session to help fill the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) budget gap. Senator Pedersen, whose kids are in the Seattle Public School system as well, responded:
    "I will be working with my colleagues in the coming session to:

    • Substantially increase funding for special education across the state.  It is clear to most legislators that our formula badly underestimated the costs that local districts incur.  If we get this right, then that will mean a large funding increase for SPS from the state.
    • Fully fund or delay implementation of the school employee benefits program.
    • Change the prototypical school model to increase funding for counselors and nurses, among others.  This would also help Seattle a lot.
    • Increase the $2500 per student cap on local levies.
    • Update the school construction assistance program to provide a more reasonable match for Seattle’s needs and gigantic local commitment to school construction and renovation.

    There are many other smaller issues on which we are also working with the district. I welcome all suggestions as we start working on the biennial budget."  Senator Pedersen can be reached at

    Ballard Performing Arts/Ballard High School Winter Concerts

    The musicians at Ballard High School are busy rehearsing for their free Winter Concert Series, featuring selections from Handel's Messiah for a Choral-Orchestral masterwork finale. 

    At their individual concerts, the Choir (Dec 18), Band (Dec 19) and Orchestra (Dec 20), will each present a selection of works that represent their programs for the first part of the concert. Each evening will culminate in a masterwork performance with a full symphonic orchestra and choir featuring selections from Handel’s Messiah. The Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra will combine for this finale performance, featuring more than 200 students on stage.

    The Masterwork finale piece performed at each concert is especially spectacular, and with the holiday favorite Handel's Messiah, this year will likely be a standing room only crowd.

    Free seating is general admission (doors usually open shortly after 7 p.m.) but assigned seating can be reserved for a donation to the music program. Purchase tickets online at; Look at upcoming events and search for “Ballard Choir Winter Concert”, etc. 

    Screening of Angst

    Angst is an independent documentary film about kids dealing with anxiety. In the film, they interview kids who struggle with anxiety and their families. They also talk about some possible root causes of anxiety, and how it affects the brain. The Whitman PTSA cordially invites our school community to a screening of “Angst”

    Location: Whitman Middle School’s auditorium
    Date: January 23rd

    Time: 7:00 PM (doors will open at 6:40 PM) Register for tickets here!

    Although the film is appropriate for ages 11+, we ask that only adults attend. The event is free, however, a ticket is required for entry. Please use the ticket registration link provided to secure your entry into the screening. The PTSA will be accepting donations at the event to offset the cost of the movie. We plan to have an informal discussion after the screening.

    Reserve your tickets for Angst a new documentary about anxiety. We want to start a conversation! #AngstMovie @IndieFlix Whitman Middle School

    Please visit for more information and screening dates and locations. There are many upcoming dates in Seattle.

    ★ NEW Adolesco Youth Exchange

    Are you ready to spread your wings to France, Germany, Italy, or Spain?  We offer a unique, two-way exchange program that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new language and new culture AND to host your carefully matched exchange partner in turn.  At ADOLESCO YOUTH EXCHANGE we will match you with a student about your own age in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain (your choice), you will decide exactly WHEN (whatever’s best for your schedule), and for HOW LONG (between 6 to 12 weeks) you want to go on exchange (and then to host) as part of our flexible and affordable nonprofit language immersion and cultural exchange program for qualifying students between ages 9 and 18.
    Please join us for an INFO MEETING on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019 from 1 to 3 PM at the Capitol Hill Branch Library, Meeting Room (425 Harvard Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102). RSVP, and see for more info. The application deadline is March 15, 2019, and matches will be announced by late April 2019. YOU can now learn French, German, Italian, or Spanish while living IN a new culture AND gain a great friend… for life!

    ★ NEW One on One Basketball Seattle Presents...

    One on One 8th Annual Holiday Hoops Camps

    Meadowbrook CC or Queen Anne CC
    December 26 - 28, 9am - 3pm, Boys and Girls Ages 6-12

    • learn to play the One on One way!  Don't get bored during break...GET BETTER!
    • gain confidence with your skill-set going into basketball season!

    Register today at

    Boy's Lacrosse 

    It's time to sign-up for boy’s lacrosse! Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in America, and Seattle. Lax is great at a young age. We work on hand eye coordination and we do lots of running (we start practice with a 400m) and strength building, we do push-ups every day.
    Sign-up is now open for 2019 Spring lax for 3rd grade up to 8th grade. We put the 3rd and 4th graders together on one team, then have another team of 5th and 6th boys. Finally we put 7th and 8th graders together too. FYI we do encourage older boys to start even in 7th or 8th grade too so if you have older brothers who are tired of soccer/baseball it's never too late to try something new!
    Practices start in February and are twice a week at Loyal Heights Playfield or Whitman Middle School. Games begin in March on Saturdays. Kindergarten – 2nd graders can register for Props Academy which starts in April. The Academy runs weekly clinics on Sundays to introduce kids to the game of lacrosse. For more information, please visit the club page -
    If you have any questions about lacrosse please feel free to reach out to me directly or submit an inquiry via our website.
    Marcos Dachary (coach and father of a 4th grader at Greenwood Elementary)

    ★ NEW Seattle Children’s Theatre and Kaiser Permanente presents the world premiere of Ghosted as part of a ‘Free Community Event’ highlighting Social Emotional Learning programs.

    What: Free day of performances and workshops on mental health and anti-bullying featuring a partnership between Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT) and Kaiser Permanente presenting the world premiere of Ghosted by Trista Baldwin.  Developed by Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT) in collaboration and consultation with a Teen Advisory Panel and Kaiser Permanente Health, Ghosted is designed to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, to build social-emotional resiliency for students in grades 9-12. This world premiere production will be presented along with performances of Above, Between, Below written by Seattle-based playwright Ramon Esquivel – which examines the issue of middle school bullying.
    Where: Seattle Children’s Theatre (Performances in our Eve Alvord Theatre).
    Tickets: Free to the Public:

    Dates and Times: Saturday, February 23rd , 2019-  World premiere performance of GHOSTED by Trista Baldwin at 12:30pm and a 5:00pm performance of Above Between Below by Ramon Esquivel. Workshops focusing on mental health and anti-bullying will occur between performances.

    Entering a second year of outreach and partnership, Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT) and Kaiser Permanente’s “Free Educational Theater Program” has visited nearly 22,000 students and 2,100 Teachers statewide. The Educational Theater Program consists of touring productions, in class residencies, workshops and professional development opportunities for teachers and students alike. All of our programming is designed to inspire children, teens and adults to make informed decisions about their health and build stronger communities. 

    This February 2019, SCT will offer a free community event and the opportunity to see our touring productions of Above Between Below, the Kaiser Permanente touring show for grades 5-8 and a world premiere of Ghosted along with post-show discussions. Both performances and workshops are available to the public free of charge at the Seattle Children's Theatre on Saturday, February 23rd! Between each performance, SCT will offer free workshops focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) based on the themes of both shows. This programming supports the (SEL) Health Education Standards and Benchmarks for Washington State Public Schools in areas of mental, emotional and social health.

    Please contact us if you’d like more information on this program or would like access to our creative or educational teams. Photos available upon request.

    Click here for the event flyer.

    Hamilton PTSA


    Listings in Community News for any specific commercial or organizational product, process, or service, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the public and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Hamilton International Middle School or the Hamilton PTSA.

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    Hamilton International Middle School

    1610 North 41st Street, Seattle, WA 98103
    Main Office: (206) 252-5810 | Attendance:(206) 252-5814

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