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    Incoming 6th Grade Families Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can I tour the school building?

    We don’t offer individual school tours at Hamilton and families are not allowed to tour the building while school is in session. We will announce opportunities to for enrolled families to take an informal school tour, after school hours, in the spring. 

    Will staff from Hamilton be visiting my student’s elementary school

    Yes! The 6th grade counselor and administrator will be visiting elementary schools in the Spring to meet students and to talk about what it means to be a HIMS student.

    Will there be an opportunity for me as a parent to meet with Mr. Manza?

    Yes! Mr. Manza, the HIMS Principal, will be holding “Meet the Principal” evening events in the Spring. You are invited to come meet Mr. Manza and hear more about what to expect for the next three years. 

    I have heard that my student needs to register for specific classes.  How do I do that?

    Students enrolled in HIMS for the 2019-2020 school year will receive a registration information packet in the mail in April. This packet will include information about course selections and what options are available for elective classes (world language, PE, art, drama, band, orchestra, choir, etc).

    What about the different tracks?  I understand that there is a Highly Capable Cohort and Advanced Classes in addition to General Education. 

    Students who are coded as HC will be assigned HC classes in Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. Students who are coded as AL will be assigned AL class in Language Arts

    My student is currently enrolled in Special Education.  What programs does HIMS offer to students that need additional support?

    Special Education teachers will be reaching out to the elementary schools and families to ensure a smooth transition. Special Education student’s schedules will be based on students IEP goals and programming.

    What about math placement?

    Math placement is made at the building level. HIMS placement evaluation includes: current school student is attending, district placement based Elementary curriculum, SBAC scores. Teacher recommendation is taken into consideration as is parent input. More information will be sent in late April.

    My student is currently in a language immersion program in an SPS elementary school.  Does HIMS offer continuation of this program?

    HIMS currently offers Spanish and Japanese programs for those currently in language immersion at the elementary level. You will need to notify HIMS through the registration information packet that is sent in late April.

    What if my student is NOT in language immersion but wants to take a world language in middle school?

    Currently HIMS offers Spanish.

    Is it possible to meet one on one with the principal/counselor/teacher now, before the end of this current school year?

    Our staff are committed to supporting our current students. Unfortunately, we do not have time to meet individually with parents or families that are not current HIMS students. We encourage all families to come to one of the Principal Information Nights.

    I am interested in participating in the PTSA.  How do I sign up?

    HIMS has a fantastic PTSA that is always interested in adding new members.  Find out about the PTSA and how to join here