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    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton PTSA

    Upcoming Events

    Hamilton PTSA

    May 3 

    First Fridays Parent Coffee | 8:30-9:45am | Hamilton Library

    May 10-12 

    Silverwood Music Festival | Senior Orchestra and Band

    May 14 

    PTSA Board Meeting | 6:30 - 8:30pm | Hamilton Classroom #214
    FOMAHI Board Meeting | 7:00pm | Hamilton Library (Open to the public)

    May 23 

    PTSA Board Meeting | 6:30 - 8:30pm | Hamilton Classroom #214

    May 27 

    No School - Memorial Day

    May 30 

    PTSA Board Meeting | 6:30 - 8:30pm | Hamilton Classroom #214

    June 5 

    HIMprov Olympics (Intro to Drama (3)) | 6:30 - 8:00pm | Hamilton Commons

    June 6 

    Incoming Students Spring Ice Cream Social | 6:30 - 8:00pm | Hamilton Commons

    June 7 

    First Fridays Parent Coffee | 8:30-9:45am | Hamilton Library

    June 11 

    PTSA Board Meeting | 6:30 - 8:30pm | Hamilton Classroom #214
    FOMAHI Board Meeting | 7:00pm | Hamilton Library (Open to the public)

    June 20 

    8th Grade Promotion & Reception | 2:15-3:45pm | Hamilton MS

    June 26

    End of Year Field Trips | During the School Day | Stay tuned for more information
    8th Grade - Argosy Cruise | 7th Grade - Location TBD | 6th Grade - Location TBD

    June 27

    Last Day of School
    1 hour Early Dismissal | 2:45pm 

    Please check the calendar on the Hamilton Calendar for a complete listing of events.

    Hamilton PTSA

    PTSA News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Continuing the Community Conversation on Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

    Were you unable to make it to Jo Langford's 2/28 talk for the PTSA on cyberbullying, sexting, streaming, and digital parenting?

    Here is a link to his website and he spoke to us on "Digital Parenting for Digital Kids":

    Got a kid who wants to be (or be like) the next, big YouTube Star?Then it's time to start the "Tech Talk" (or rather, "Talks"). Like the "Sex Talk/s" - these are a bunch of regular, smaller talks that focus on social media, sharing, streaming and self(ie)-esteem.

    We learned:

    • The Platinum Rules of behaving online with an audience
    • The Three M's of high-quality conversation about what their online interactions actually look like - crucial triad of Maintenance, Monitoring and Mentorship that will help you up your parenting game!

    Here is a link to a recent article he published with the Good Men Project around kids’ posts going viral

    Jo Langford is a fellow Hamilton parent and uses two decades of experience working with t/weens to give us the information we need to connect with our child/ren—to help them make informed decisions and to have the tools to go at sexuality, relationships and growing up with technology—with a sense of confidence and seriousness, so that they have fun along the way while doing as little harm to themselves and their peers as possible. He writes books on these topics and is also the first person to publish "The Talk" book specifically for LGBTQ youth.

    Now that you're prepared, what better way to spend spring break with your kid than continue the conversation!

    On 3/21 Hamilton students got to meet with Stefanie Thomas who has been doing community outreach to schools and parent groups for almost 10 years surrounding internet safety.

    Her student presentation covered the following topics:

    • Cyber bullying
    • Social media/online gaming
    • Online posting
    • Sexting
    • Safety tips

    Some notes on Stefanie's background and discussion:
    I’ve presented all over the Seattle school district for years as well as most of the Eastside schools, up north in the Everett school district and down to the Tacoma school district. I’ve presented thousands of times to all school assemblies or just grade level presentations. I also do elementary schools and high school versions as well. I prefer to do students separate than their parents as the presentations are different and I do a lot of engagement during the presentations and get more truthful participation and results when the parents are not present.

    For 7 years I worked for the Seattle police department in the high risk victims unit & internet crimes against children. My focus has always been working with victims of crimes and education & outreach. I now work for federal law enforcement doing similar work with victims of crime. I have a bachelors in criminal justice from the University of Washington and a Masters degree from Seattle University.

    The student version really is focused on helping and encouraging students to think before they post and take ownership of making responsible/safe choices with their online usage. It covers cyber bullying, social media, online gaming, sexting and safety tips. I walk through a few real life case studies as well as basic safety steps they should all consider with their online foot print. My approach is not geared towards them deleting social media/online gaming profiles but instead how they can use the internet in a safe, responsible & ethical manner.

    Hamilton PTSA Facebook

    Facebook Image  The Hamilton PTSA is now on Facebook.

    Hamilton PTSA

     Letter from the Principal

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW  Principal Dorian Manza 

    Hello Hamilton Families,

    We are moving full steam into April and I have some news to share with our families about our spring schedule!  

    I hope that everyone in the community received my email of Monday April 15, regarding our Smarter Balance Assessment testing schedule.  Our students will be testing at various points throughout the period of April 29 – May 31.  For more detailed information about the schedule, please visit the Hamilton website here.  If you have any specific questions about the SBA or the WCAS (WA Comprehensive Assessment of Science), please contact testing coordinators Bethany Sjoberg  (Assistant Principal) or Samantha Huckabee  (House Administrator).  If you are concerned that you did not receive my email, please check to see whether another person in your household may be on our Seattle Public Schools “School Messenger” contact list.  

    We also have some details about our year-end activities.  You may have noticed that the 8th Grade Promotion ceremony has been posted on our school calendar for 2:15 – 3:15 pm on Thursday, June 20, with a half-hour reception to follow.  Although the last day of school is officially Thursday, June 27, we determined that it would be preferable to keep the promotion as previously scheduled to allow families who had already made plans to attend this event.   The Promotion event takes place in the Hamilton gymnasium, and students are not required to bring anything or to wear any special attire.   
    Hamilton also has a tradition of year-end field trips in the final days of the school year.  Our 8th graders will have the Argosy Cruise field trip to look forward to this year, taking place on Wednesday, June 26 to cap off the 2018-19 academic year.  Students and staff will bus out from Hamilton that morning to the MOHAI Lake Union dock, where they will board an Argosy ship for an afternoon of lunch and music and fun with friends, docking at Shilshole in the afternoon and returning to school prior to the end of the school day.  Students in grades 6 and 7 will also have field trips on June 26th, and we will release additional information about those trips as details are confirmed.   

    Go Hawks!
    Dorian Manza 
    Hamilton International Middle School 

    Hamilton PTSA

     Hamilton School News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW 8th Grade Promotion & Reception  

    Save the Date!  
    Thursday, June 20, 2019
    Promotion: 2:15pm-3:15pm
    Reception: 3:15pm-3:45pm

    ★ NEW 
    SBA Testing  

    Dear Hamilton Families,
    This Spring, all Hamilton students will participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.  Our 8th grade students will also participate in the new Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) assessment.  All assessments will be online again this year.   More information about the Smarter Balanced assessments and practice tests can be found on the Seattle Public Schools website here. If you have any specific questions about the SBA or WCAS, please contact testing coordinators Bethany Sjoberg (Assistant Principal) or Samantha Huckabee (House Administrator).
    During the SBA testing weeks in May, we will be implementing a block schedule (125 minute classes, 3 classes each day). Students will take the ELA test when their ELA classes meet the first week and will take the Math when their Math classes meet the second week. (See details below.) 8th graders will take the WCAS in their science classes during the last week of May. Students will attend their other classes, as regular. 
    Testing Schedule Overview:

    Date Assessment   Description

    April 29-May 6

    • Block Periods M-Th
    • No advisory on block days
    • No testing on Friday, May 3
    • Regular schedule on Monday, May 6
    SBA ELA (All Grades)   Students will have 3 testing sessions, during their scheduled ELA classes. 

    May 7-13

    • Block Periods T-F
    • No advisory on block days
    • Regular schedule on Monday, May 13
    SBA Math (all grades)  Students will have 3 testing sessions, during their scheduled Math classes.  

    May 14-17

    • Regular Schedule
     Extended time (all grades)  Additional time will be provided for all students who need to complete their assessments.

    May 28 - 31

    • Regular Schedule
     WCAS (8th grade) Students will have 4 testing sessions during their scheduled Science classes.

    This year, part of the state testing window coincides with the observance of Ramadan. Seattle Public Schools are required to follow the state mandated testing window and cannot change the testing window. Our school’s testing dates within the window are April 29th-May 31st.  We want to meet every student’s needs for successful preparation and support them in doing their best as they take the state tests. For families observing Ramadan, please let Prinicpal Manza, Ms. Sjoberg or Ms. Huckabee know how we can best accommodate your students/family during this time. 

    Thank you for continuing to work with us to make sure your child is successful. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better support your child and your family. We want your child to leave Seattle Public Schools with a strong foundation of skills and a future full of opportunities.
    Dorian Manza (Principal), Bethany Sjoberg (Assistant Principal), & Samantha Huckabee (House Administrator)

    From the Counseling Office  

    Parent Institute Monthly Newsletter

    Hamilton's Counseling Department has purchased a subscription to the Parent Institute Monthly Newsletter to share with families.  April Newsletter:

    8th Grade Families:  High School Course Selection/Registration General Info

    On Thursday, April 18th High School Counselors will be coming to Hamilton to talk with all 8th grade students about high school course selections during 1st period. Students will attend a session with the counselor for their assigned school.
    *For additional information about high school registration, please see the school websites:

    Roosevelt HS registration information 
    Ballard HS registration information
    Lincoln HS registration information
    Ingraham HS - Ingraham does not yet have registration information posted, please continue to check their website.*  
    *Updated information for Ingraham HS listed in the SPS Section below

    There will be an Option High School Fair on April 18th from 5:30-7:30 for students interested in Middle College, Nova, Seattle World School, Skills Center, and South Lake. 

    Naviance - 7th Grade Families

    Dear 7th grade families: 
    Ms. Goldsmith (counselor) and Ms. Minear (counseling intern) will be going to all the 7th grade social studies classes next week. Students will have a lesson in Naviance. Naviance is an online tool to help students identify their strengths and goals.
    Students will learn how to login and will do the career key and began to explore careers.  After that, students will be able to access Naviance at any time either at home or whenever they want. Please ask your student about what they learned in Naviance after the first week of April. (Ms. Lambier class visit will be on Monday April 15).

    Meet the Principal - New incoming 5th Graders

    Hamilton International Middle School is an exciting and vibrant learning community and it is our pleasure to welcome you to our annual “Meet the Principal” event.  We would like to extend an invitation to Parent/Guardian(s) and our 5th grade riser students.
    Below are the scheduled dates for each of our feeder schools.  This event will be scheduled from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and will be held in the Library or Commons as shown below.   Also, for any parents unable to attend their school scheduled event, Hamilton will hold an additional Meet The Principal night on 05/02/19 in the Library.   
    We look forward to meeting you! 

    04/04/19 | Green Lake and BF Day Elementary School | at Hamilton Library
    04/18/19 | West Woodland Elementary | at West Woodland Elementary Library
    04/23/19 | Cascadia Elementary | at Cascadia Elementary Library
    04/25/19 | McDonald International Elementary | at Hamilton Commons
    04/30/19 | John Stanford International Elementary | John Stanford International Elementary Library
    05/02/19 | Hamilton International Middle School | Hamilton Library

    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton Athletics

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Spring Sports

    Come out this weekend and watch the Boys Soccer Teams take on Whitman MS,  the Girls Volleyball teams challenge Eckstein MS and Blaine and the Track Team at the Second Invitational Meet!

    Go Hawks!! 

    Events this weekend: Saturday, April 6th

    Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Whitman MS | 9:30am | @Memorial Stadium
    Boys JV Soccer vs. Whitman MS | 12:30pm | @Ingraham HS

    Varsity Volleyball vs. Eckstein MS | 12:30pm | @Eagle Staff MS
    Volleyball JV vs. Eckstein MS | 2:00pm | @Eagle Staff MS
    Volleyball JV2 vs. Blaine K-8 | 12:30pm | @STEM MS

     Track Meet | 2nd Invitational Meet | @SWAC (Across from Chief Sealth HS)

    Boys Soccer
      Varsity Schedule (updated 4/5) |  Varsity Standings 
    Junior Varsity Schedule (updated 4/5)
    Girls Volleyball
    Varsity Schedule (updated 4/16) Junior Varsity Schedules (updated 4/16)
    Co-ed Track
    Track Meet Schedule  (updated 3/25)

    For more information:

    Hamilton Athletics:        
    Seattle Schools:            
    SPS Athletics Webpage 
    Schedules and Information

    Follow SPS Athletics on Twitter

    Hamilton PTSA

    Music News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW FOMAHI Board Members Needed for 2019-2020 

    The Hamilton Music Program needs you. FOMAHI is the parent music boosters group that helps support and fund the great music program at Hamilton.  A few of the Board members will be moving on next year, so there will be openings on the board.  Please consider volunteering, as FOMAHI is a vital support for our directors and your student.  It’s really not that hard, and believe it or not is fun.  After-meeting sojourns to local drinking establishments have been known to happen….

    Positions needed:

    • Co-president for Orchestra and Choir
      • Supports and collaborates with the Director, identifying specific needs of the program
      • Runs monthly FOMAHI meetings
      • Time commitment variable, but averaging 3-4 hours/month
    • Communications Chair
      • Creates weekly music program submission for Hamilton PTSA newsletter
      • Creates monthly FOMAHI newsletter
      • Monitors FOMAHI gmail account
      • Time commitment:  4-5 hours/month
    • Vice-president for Concert Operations
      • Organizes volunteers for thrice yearly concerts
      • Sets up sign up genius for concerts, organizes during concerts, coordinates with directors
    • Fundraising Chair
      • Organizes yearly Music-A-Thon fundraiser
      • Process is “turn-key”: already established and well documented

    If interested, please email, or Christina Holden at, for more information.  We can put you in touch with the current Board member so you can learn the ropes directly.  Or attend the next FOMAHI Board meeting May 17 at 7 pm in the Hamilton Library to see for yourself.  

    ★ NEW
    Reminder for Silverwood Senior Band and Senior Orchestra Trip 

    Be sure the Silverwood trip is on your calendar, Friday, May 10 - Sunday, May 12.  On Friday, student's must arrive by 9am, load the bus and go!!  Keeping in mind that it's MOTHER'S DAY on Sunday, May 12th, please expect students to return between 3 and 3:30pm.   Full itineraries will be emailed out around the end of the month and made available in class.  Room assignments will be posted the morning of departure.  If you have questions, please email: 

    Hamilton PTSA

    HOST After-School Program

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Spring HOST

    Spring HOST Classes Start this week: 

    • Tuesday – Dungeons & Dragons Club and Baking Club
    • Wednesday – Get Your Game On, Yoga Club, and Magic Club
    • Thursday – Art Club and Robotics Club
    • Friday – Get Your Game On

    If you’re interested in signing up, please talk to Ms. Porter in Room 104.

    Program Director Contact Information

    For more information: 

    ​Hawks Out of School Time (HOST) program is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. 

    Porter Wells
    Program Director
    Hamilton Middle School Boys & Girls Club
    Office 206-252-5831
    Room 104 (across from the main office)

    Hamilton PTSA

    Seattle Schools News

    Hamilton PTSA

    Lincoln Senior High School

    Lincoln High School PTSA Newsletter:  April 9, 2019 Edition

    LSHS Football

    Lincoln High School Football will be conducting a parent-player meeting on April 24th, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the John Marshall building. There is a lot of excitement building about the program. Please come to learn more about the program, schedule including Spring ball and the current staff. For questions contact Corey Eichner at The John Marshall building is located at 520 NE Ravenna Blvd.

    Ultimate Frisbee at Lincoln HS

    If your student wants to play Ultimate Frisbee at LHS, please fill out survey -- Thank you!
    Let us know if your 8th or 9th grader will be attending Lincoln HS, or is strongly considering Lincoln HS and plans to play Ultimate. Getting a handle on numbers will help us budget and figure out how many teams we will have and how many coaches we need. Please fill out this quick survey.

    Other ways to stay Connected

    Lincoln HS Website:
    Twitter:   @lincoln_seattle  @CoreyEichner

    Lincoln PTSA Website:
    Parent Community:  LHS Parents Facebook Page
    *this is a parent group not run by LHS Admin

     Ingraham HS Registration Information

    Hello Class of 2023. Registration assignments for Ingraham will be sent to the Counseling Office after April 5th. We will follow up during Spring Break with an email home regarding registration. Registration is on-line via the student portal. We only get one email account at this time of year and it will be the number #1 contact in the system. Please be on the lookout for an email from Ingraham. Counselors are scheduled to visit the Middle Schools after the Spring Break to assist with registration. If you are interested in Music – Symphony Orchestra Auditions will be from April 15-19 - please email Ms. Oveson for an appointment. The Main Office will be closed during Spring Break.

    ★ Tonight Option High School Fair, April 18

    The Admissions department will be hosting a high school fair on Tuesday evening, April 18, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at Nova high school, specifically for our service schools, now known as “Option Schools with Continuous Enrollment”. This is an opportunity for families and students to learn more about the individual schools and programs and what they have to offer particularly for those students who are searching for something more than a traditional high school to achieve academic success. It’s important that our students understand the options that are available to them as SPS graduates. There are plenty of options to graduate and a very important decision for any student and family to make at this time.

    For more information or questions, please contact Faauu Manu, Manager at (206) 252-0205 or by email at Thank you for your support. 

    Snow Make-up Days 2018-2019

    The 2018-2019 school year has been extended to June 27 to account for snow days missed.  For more information please see the SPS post:  Here  

    Click for the 2018-2019 Revised School Year Calendar

    2019-2020 School Year Calendar

    The 2019-20 School Year Calendar, dates listed below, was approved by the School Board in January 2019.  

    Click for the 2019-2020 School Year Calendar

    District Mobile App

    The new Seattle Public Schools smart phone app offers essential tools for families and staff. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play and customize the information your family needs. SPS Mobile App information

    Hamilton PTSA

    Community News

    Hamilton PTSA

    ★ NEW Summer Youth Program at UofW 

    The classes below are currently open for enrollment.  For dates and details visit: UW Summer Youth Program:  
    Focus on Fashion and Design and Focus on Fashion and Design II Mosaic Arts - 3D Resist! Write! Create! Bookmaking for Young Artists
    STEM Challenge: Engineering Things That Go 
    STEM Challenge: Engineering Sustainable Living 

    ★ NEW Ingraham Varsity Girls' Ultimate Frisbee Team Fundraiser 

    The Ingraham Varsity Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team (which includes many former Hamilton Hawk players!) is fundraising to make sure all their players can participate in the nation’s largest high school girls’ ultimate tournament (Pioneer Valley Invitational) this spring, in Northampton, Massachusetts. 
    Georgetown Brewing Co. has generously donated use of their tasting room—and the up-to-10 taps of delicious beer found in that tasting room—for the team to host a fundraising event on Saturday, April 20th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.
    Tickets for the event are now on sale through this link:

    Your ticket gets you:

    • A wide array of free on-tap craft beers generously donated by Georgetown Brewing in their tasting room
    • Heavy appetizers and desserts made and served by Ingraham girls' Varsity ultimate players. 
    • Limited space-available brewery tours, promptly at 5:45 and 6:15 pm, 20 minutes each.
    • A chance to buy labor from Ingraham girls' ultimate players, from weed pulling and shed cleanout to babysitting and more.
    • A chance to support great kids and a great cause with a great community of fun people.

    Thanks so much for the Hawk support! Invite your friends and neighbors! 

    Summer Seattle JazzED 

    Seattle JazzED is a non-profit music education organization in the Central District/Madison Valley. We’re dedicated to creating awesome opportunities for kids. Over 1,000 students from 100+ schools come through our doors annually. You ‘pay-what-you-can’ for any Seattle JazzED program, with free instrument loan assistance. Full tuition waivers are also available.
    Build your confidence and skills at this high-energy summer music camp. Play music from a broad base of genres: Funk, Fusion, Soul, Salsa, Samba, Afro-Beat, Reggae and more. You'll love the motivation of working with other passionate students under the direction of Ricardo Luna and Freddy Gonzalez. Students going into grades 10-12 can earn service hours as Leaders-in-Training. Open to grades 6-12, all instruments. Sliding scale tuition means every family can pay at the level that works for them. Register and find more information at or call 206-324-JAZZ (5299).
    Inspired by the long time New Orleans second line tradition, we are forming a NEW summer group directed by Tony Sodano and Jerome Smith. You’ll learn 3-4 new songs by memory to perform in the Seafair Torchlight Parade in downtown Seattle. This music is super
    fun and festive. LOUD and PROUD. Open to students in grades 6-12, with at least one school year on your instrument. Register and find more information at or call 206-324-JAZZ (5299).
    Join renowned jazz musicians and educators Johnaye Kendrick and Eric Verlinde for a fun and inspiring week devoted to vocals and jazz. You'll learn to sing in a new way, drawing inspiration from the great American song book, with a focus on singing freely and improvising in a supportive learning environment. Open to male and female vocalists in grades 7-12. No prior vocal jazz or vocal improvisation experience required. Register and find more information at or call 206-324-JAZZ (5299).
    Learn to approach jazz with a holistic understanding of its history and development. Work closely with faculty Riley Mulherkar, Roxy Coss and Marina Albero in small ensembles, masterclasses, and group discussion. You'll hone your leadership skills and expand your love for the many styles of Jazz - New Orleans, Jazz Age, Swing, Bebop, and Free. Grades 10-12, grade 9 by audition. Register and find more information at or call 206-324-JAZZ (5299).


    Hamilton PTSA


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    Hamilton PTSA

    Submission Guidelines

    The Hamilton Weekly News is emailed on Thursdays to those who have opted in to receive the newsletter at PTSA Hamilton Weekly News Signup. If you have comments, corrections or additions to the Hamilton Weekly News, please contact the editor at We welcome your feedback! Please submit content for inclusion by Wednesday afternoon. Click here for full submission guidelines.

    Know a parent or guardian who’s not receiving the newsletter? Please let them know they can sign up at PTSA Hamilton Weekly News Signup.

    Hamilton PTSA

    Hamilton International Middle School

    1610 North 41st Street, Seattle, WA 98103
    Main Office: (206) 252-5810 | Attendance:(206) 252-5814

    Hamilton PTSA

    Past Newsletters:


    The SPS 2018–2019 Academic Calendar

    The last day of school has been extended until June 27th due to snow. 

    2019-2020 Academic Calendar

    Next School Year
    Click for the 2019-2020 Academic Calendar


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