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    Welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you join our virtual Hamilton International Middle School Open House presentations.

    For prospective students, information is posted here in the form of a series of pre-recorded videos. The videos will cover a broad range of topics including academics, athletics, activities, and our program offerings.

    Please enjoy the following presentations.


    Hamilton International Middle School Philosophy Statement

    We recognize that, due to existing racist, ableist, heteronormative, and patriarchal structures in the system of public education, in Seattle Public Schools, and at Hamilton International Middle School, the students and families furthest away from educational justice stand to be most affected by current circumstances. We at Hamilton, commit to a healing-centered approach to: 

    • the unapologetic centering of Black, Indigenous, and POC students and families and the decentering of whiteness
    • critical reflection on and dismantling of systems and practices that perpetuate racism and other forms of oppression
    • the prioritization, pursuit, and embodiment of anti-racist practices and systems to best serve and uplift our most impacted students and to foster equity, inclusion, and safety for our entire learning community
    • fostering, protecting, and celebrating the hope and joy of our students furthest from educational justice, to build a community of young learners who “thrive, not just survive”

    To immediately put our commitment to safety, equity, access, and community for our most impacted students and families, and our entire learning community, into loving action, we will:

    • Communicate with all families in a way that is consistent, clear, accessible, & transparent
    • Prioritize relationships and proximity with students and families first
    • Value growth, process, and social-emotional health over academic benchmarks and perfectionism
    • Slow down and “move at the speed of trust”: solidarity over urgency 
    • Foster community voice and student agency to challenge paternalism and individualism

    Principal Introduction


    Language Arts




    Relevant Links:
    SPS Middle School Math Page
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    Update: Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, all 6th and 7th grade students will be taking the integrated Amplify science curriculum regardless of HC eligibility. Students receiving Highly Capable services who will be in eighth grade in the 2021-22 school year will be the final group of students to take biology in middle school. In 2022-23, all eighth-grade students will take eighth grade science.

    More information about the change is available here:


    Social Studies


    Special Education

    Relevant Links:
    SPS Special Education Page
    Services and Accommodations: Continuum Approach
    SPS Special Education Primary Service Types


    The Arts and Music



    World Language



    Physical Education





    FOMAHI (Friends of Music at Hamilton International)

    FOMAHI Logo

    FOMAHI, a 100 percent volunteer organization, raises funds for and provides volunteers to support the music program. Our volunteers help prep concerts, run bake sales, and ensure our directors have what they need to thrive.

    FOMAHI materially supports the music program by:

    • Licensing sheet music for every student
    • Instrument repair and purchase, sound system maintenance
    • Subsidizing field trips and out-of-state trips to major competitions
    • Providing scholarships for our students in need
    • Extra small group and individual coaching (especially during 2020-2021 school year!)

    - Approximately 60% of students at Hamilton participate in the music program.

    - Parents are asked to join FOMAHI and contribute suggested dues of $25/year (waived for 2020-2021).

    Learn MORE:

    Hamilton PTSA

    Learn more about Hamilton's PTSA here.