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    In-Person Learning Update 04.02.2021
    Posted on 04/02/2021

    Dear Hamilton Community, 

    The Seattle Education Association and Seattle Public Schools have reached a tentative agreement to provide in-person learning for grades 6-12 that meets the guidelines of the Governor's proclamation. All details have been wrapped up in the contractual negotiations, which I could not speak to until they were finalized yesterday. I will continue to be in touch as more details emerge, but for now, I’ve tried to summarize the critical items as we make this next transition in our school year.   

    In-Person Learning Start Dates: 

    Special Education Intensive Service Pathway students who opted to start receiving instruction on-site will start our new schedule on Monday, April 5th. 

    • The on-site instructional time for this group of students is from 11:40 am-3:50 pm. 
    • Students enrolled in an Intensive Service Pathway will receive four afternoons of in-person instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week. 
    • Wednesdays will continue to be remote for all students.  
    • Staff in these programs have completed health and safety training over the past week and case managers are in communication with families. 

    All other Hamilton students have an opportunity to return to the building for on-site learning on April 19th.  For students who stay in the remote setting, please know we will continue to provide a robust remote learning environment. With either model, in-person or remote, we will continue to focus on providing a quality and engaging instructional experience.  

    • A survey will be sent to you where you will indicate whether you intend to have your student return to the building for on-site learning or keep them in the remote setting. The survey will have a very short turnaround as April 19th is right around the corner.
    • When I have a finalized schedule to share, I will email it out to our Hamilton community. 

    Logistics are as follows:

    • All students at Hamilton will receive synchronous remote classes in the morning four days a week on M/T/TH/FR.
    • In the afternoon on M/T/TH/FR, we will offer both remote and in-person small group and individual instruction and support for all students.
    • Students who select the in-person instructional model will attend class on-site two afternoons per week on either M/T or TH/FR.
    • Wednesdays will continue to be remote for all students.  

    Schedule Example:


    • Morning: Remote synchronous classes
    • Afternoon: In-person (Cohort 1) or remote


    • Remote all day


    • Morning: Remote synchronous classes
    • Afternoon: In-person (Cohort 2) or remote

    Reminder - Asynchronous Learning April 5-7 for General Education Students & Access and Resource Service Pathways: 

    Our General Education, Access and Resource Service program staff will begin health and safety training and preparing classrooms for students next week. Monday through Wednesday, April 5-7, educators will be in training and there will be no live instruction.  

    • Students will return to remote learning on Thursday and Friday, April 8-9, using the same schedule we have been following since September.  
    • Asynchronous At-Home Activities to be used for April 5-7 are available online at You can also have your student check Schoology pages for their classes to see if teachers have posted materials unique to their courses.   
    • The Office of Public Affairs communicated messaging over this plan Wednesday night.  


    Health & Safety: 

    Next week we will communicate the steps we have taken at Hamilton to prepare for student and staff return to the building. 


    To ensure you have the information you need as we move forward, the following informational opportunities will be available: 

    • Join us for a live question answer event on Wednesday, April 7th from 6-7 PM on a Microsoft Teams meeting. Please save this date and time.  A link will be sent to families on Monday. We will start together with an overview from Principal Manza and our administrative team will provide time to answer specific questions.   
    • We will be posting all updated information on our school website for families to access-   


    Spring Break: 

    Reminder, our SPS Spring Break is April 12 – 16th.


    I sincerely appreciate your continued patience and support as we navigate this transition.   
    We are in this together!


    Go Hawks! 

    Dorian Manza (he/him)
    ”A collaborative community of inspired and engaged learners.”
    Telephone: 206-252-5810