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    School Update 04.23.21
    Posted on 04/23/2021

    Dear Hamilton Community, 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we launched our new Hybrid Schedule and learning model. It was wonderful to welcome our staff and many of our students back to the building this week! I need to thank our entire staff for helping with the heavy lift of switching to the new schedule. There was a tremendous amount of time, effort, and planning that went into ensuring a safe and successful return to school after Spring Break!   

    Below you will find some important updates, reminders, and announcements: 


    Family Support Link:  

    Family Needs:


    Qualtrics Attestation needs to be completed by 10 am:  

    • Please have your student complete their attestation survey by 10 am. This helps us streamline our attestation confirmation process and hit helps us bring out students into the building safely and efficiently. 


    Schedule for Next Week: 

    • We are not making any adjustments to the schedule next week.  Therefore, we will be following our normal Hybrid Learning Bell Schedule.  Please see the schedule linked below. 

    Hybrid Learning Schedule - Student-facing (1).pdf


    Student Arrival Time:  

    • Students may not arrive to campus before 11:35. We will begin confirming attestation at 11:40. Students may not enter the building before an attestation confirmation.  
    • In-Person Arrivals – We are aware that the time between remote morning online classes and arriving to school in-person is short, leaving a short period of time to eat lunch and travel to Hamilton. Please prioritize students need for health and wellness by ensuring they take time to eat lunch. We have built in extra time to the first afternoon class of each day to allow for student to transition into the building. 
    • We would also like to remind students to be safe when crossing streets and avoid walking out between cars due to the increase in traffic during drop off time. 
    • We added 15 minutes to the Period 1 and Period 4 to provide a buffer for students to get to Hamilton for their in-person classes. 
    • We understand that the travel time is a concern, and we don’t want your student worried about being marked tardy. 
    • If you student arrives after the attestation process has taken place your student needs to go to the front doors and call the main office or knock on the main office door.  They will need to complete their attestation before entering the building.  


    Student Check-In and Attestation Confirmation Process:  

    • We have updated our process for where each grade level will check in.  
    • 6th Graders will report to Blacktop/Play top (on the North side of the school). 6th Graders will not be checking in with their teachers on the playfield for the remainder of the school year.  They will go to their first class after confirming attestation.   
    • 7th Graders will check in at the Gym Lobby doors (on Densmore Ave. N) and will proceed toward the commons and then report to their classroom. 
    • 8th Graders will check in at the Front door (on 41st St) and will proceed through the front entry and report to their classroom.  

    Maps of school will be available, and we have increased signage in the school to help students find their classrooms.  


    Signed Consent Forms - In Person Learning:  

    As a reminder for families that have chosen In-Person Learning Services, please forward the COVID-19 Consent Form, either via email at or have your student bring it to school with them no later than April 30th.   


    Updated Student Dismissal Times:

    • Staggered release times – Students will be released from the building based on the location of their last period class.  
    • 1st floor – 3:45  
    • 2nd floor – 3:47  
    • 3rd floor – 3:50  
    • If you are picking your student up by vehicle, please pick your student up in front of the school heading West on N 41st Street or a designated pick-up spot on Wallingford Avenue.  


    Grab and Go Lunch and Breakfast: 

    • There are grab and go breakfasts and lunches available in the cafeteria at the end of the day for any student that would like one to take home.  These are free of cost. 


    In-Person Attendance: 

    • Attendance – If your student is scheduled in- person and does not come to school the day of their in-person classes, they will be marked absent. 


    Go Hawks!

    Dorian Manza (he/him) 
    “A collaborative community of inspired and engaged learners.”   
    Telephone:  206-252-5810