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    Online Registration for Current 6th/7th Graders

    Check your counselor’s Schoology page for a PDF version of these instructions. Make sure to review the Hamilton information packet, Guidelines, and Course Descriptions for additional information. Hamilton counselors will be available via email, teams chat, Schoology or phone to help you with course registration.

    Check out more information about course name changes and brief elective descriptions here.

    *If you are assigned to Hamilton after registration closes on 5/24 please contact Ms. Peila for a registration packet*

    Getting Started

    • Use your course selection worksheet and have your information ready
    • Log into your student Source account and find the registration Tab on the left
    • Enter your Full Year, Semester, and Alternate elective requests
    • Submit your requests by May 24th


    Decide What Electives you would like to take before starting the online Process

    • Review your HIMS registration materials
    • Read about the elective courses on the Online Registration Worksheet
    • Talk with your parents or guardians
    • Use the Online Registration


    How to select your chosen electives

    1. Log into your Source Account (must be a student account)
    2. Click on “Class Registration” (left-hand menu) to view your next year’s grade level course registration screen.
    3. On the registration ‘home page’ there will be two categories. By clicking on the pencil “icon” on the far right side of the row, you can view the list of individual course options for each category.
    4. Review your pre-assigned core classes that are listed at the bottom of your registration page. If you notice that you are assigned to a core class incorrectly, please contact Ms. Peila.
    5. Enter your elective course requests by category
      1. Once you click on the pencil icon, you will see the list of available courses for that category
      2. Scroll to the bottom of each list; there may be more than one page of courses available
      3. To select a course, click anywhere in that row; it will turn blue when selected
      4. If you change your mind, simply uncheck the row and begin again
      5. When finished, click ‘Okay’ at the bottom right of the screen to submit your course request


    Students enrolled in Math 6

    • Students currently in Math 6 must choose their next Math course on their source registration from either:
      • Math 7 and 8 Compacted A (Accelerated Course)
      • Math 7


    Selecting Electives

    You need to determine how many electives you need to complete your schedule. There are 3 categories for electives:

    1. Full Year Electives
    2. Semester Electives
    3. Alternate Electives

    • Each full year elective class counts as two (2) semesters. You man choose up to two (2) of these classes.
    • If you choose one (1) full year elective, then you need to ALSO choose two (2) semester long electives.
    • If you do not choose a full year elective, you need to choose four (4) semester long electives.
    • All students must choose four (4) alternate electives that are different than their initial choices.


    Alternate Electives

    • Select 4 alternate semester electives.
    • Why? Your initial elective requests may be full, or they might not fit in your schedule.
    • If your initial elective requests are full or do not fit into your schedule, your alternate electives will be used to complete your schedule.
    • Do not select a course as an Alternate that you have already selected initially. (It will not help you get the course and will only cause an error.)



    • Always click “Okay” on the bottom right corner of the category screens to save/submit your requests.
    • Priority – Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to tell us what priority to use for your Alternate requests.
    • Got an error message? Double check what you’ve selected to make sure you’ve selected the correct number of courses. Too many or not enough will give you an error.
    • Did you select all your full year, semester, and alternate electives?
    • Have a pressing question? Contact your counselor


    Ready to finalize your course requests?

    1. Click “Submit” on the bottom right corner of your home page
    2. Save a copy/screen shot/photo on your smart phone so you’ll remember what you requested
    3. The computer program will populate electives randomly based on student selections
    4. Schedules will be available on the source approximately a week prior to the start of the school year.