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    Health Center

    The HIMS Health Center staff help students with first aid and minor illness, talk to families about health issues, and help teachers and staff-members with issues that are part of student health. Details about important topics such as student medications, immunizations, free and reduced lunches, and vision and hearing screening can be found below.

    Medications at School?
    Students who take medication regularly at school or who need medications on an occasional basis must have an Authorization for Medications form on file with the school nurse. Yes, this even includes meds like Tylenol and Ibuprofen as well as allergy meds and inhalers! Complete the parent section, return it y to Ms. Fote and she will fax it to your doctor/clinic for their authorization. This form needs to be renewed each school year in order for students to carry their own meds or leave a supply, in their original containers, in the Health Office.

    No Medications at School?
    If your student was caught in a disaster and stranded at school for several days would they have their needed meds? Do they ever forget their meds at home? Families are strongly encouraged to keep a 3-day disaster supply of meds (in original containers) at school with the nurse. Having a back up supply is particularly important for students with inhalers, epi-pens, diabetes and seizures. In addition, students with inhalers and epi-pens must have demonstrated correct usage to the nurse in order to self-administer.

    Immunizations are important to keep all our students safe and healthy. Moreover they are required for continued attendance at school. Immunizations are available from your provider/clinic and many pharmacies. Contact the school nurse, Ms. Fote with questions or to update your student's immunization status. All students must have completed their DPT (within the last 5 years), Polio, MMR and HepB series. Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine is recommended but not required for grades 9-12. Please note that MMR and Varicella vaccines must be given on the same day or at least 28 days apart to be effective. While not required for school attendance students are also encouraged to have the meningococcal vaccine.

    Free and Reduced Lunch: The Importance of Good Nutrition for Learning

    If your student is eligible for free/reduced lunch please complete the form you received in your first day packet or ask for another. All students need the option of a healthy breakfast and lunch to fuel their brains and be successful at school. Studies show that kids who eat breakfast do better in school than kids who don't. This includes better math and reading scores, better classroom behavior and better attendance. Students also qualify for a variety of fee waivers, if they qualify for free/reduced lunch, so don't forget to sign the "other benefits' too. PSAT, SAT, ACT and college application fees are just a few! It also assists HIMS in qualifying for additional federal and/or state education dollars. What a deal to help fuel your student for a successful day at school!

    Vision and Hearing Screenings
    Vision and hearing screenings are routinely done in 7th grade during the middle school years and will be done when a concern is expressed or upon request.

    Visit the school nurse webpage for additional health resources and information.

    Contact Information

    Anne Fote RN, BSN
    School Nurse
    Phone: 206-252-5817 (Monday-Thursday)
    Fax: 206-743-3137 (confidential)

    Gail Atkins, LPN
    206-252-5817 (Friday)