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PTSA Membership Meetings

October 2021 Meeting Summary

Counseling staff presented at PTSA Fall Membership Meeting

The PTSA held its Fall Membership meeting on Thursday, October 21 via Zoom. It was well attended with 34 parents or guardians and eight staff members present. 

As to COVID, Principal Manza reported kids are wearing their masks and social distancing without push back. He said that admin and custodial staff are stretched thin with the all-hands-on-deck approach needed to monitor kids in all of the available eating locations during lunch. As a result, he asked parents to remind their kids to clean up after themselves during lunch to make clean up easier on staff. He also reminded us that we are all in this together. To keep the spread of COVID at bay, everyone needs to keep wearing masks, washing their hands and social distancing.

School counselors presented a slideshow with tons of helpful information for parents including what mental health challenges students are facing nationally and specifically at Hamilton based on a school wide survey the counselors conducted. The presentation also included how to talk to your kids about stressors they are facing as families and schools attempt to “go back to normal.” Learn more about the Hamilton Counseling team and services provided.

A couple of helpful protocols Manza shared with the group include: 

Who do I go to with school issues?

  • Concern with a teacher or classroom situation → Reach out to the teacher 
  • Grade level concerns → Reach out to grade level administrators
  • Facility or building wide issues → Reach out to the principal

How can my student connect with a counselor?

  • Students can reach out to counselors in an email or through Schoology to make an appointment. 
  • Students can tell a teacher they would like a hall pass to go talk to a counselor.
  • Parents can also reach out to counselors and ask that their child be called in to meet with a counselor. 

In other business, members voted a new secretary, Amanda Mack, and a new treasurer, Maribeth Haglof, into office.