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    Connecting to the Hamilton community is
    Easy and Fast !

    Visit in order to:

    Sign up or Update* to receive Important E-mails and the Hamilton Weekly News!
    The Hamilton PTSA hosts/supports many school activities and also distributes the
    Hamilton Weekly News, which contains important information about the school, FOMAHI, HOST, PTSA and the local community. If you are a returning user, please update your student’s grade level in order to ensure grade appropriate communication (See instructions below).

    → Purchase your Membership in the Hamilton PTSA!
    The Hamilton PTSA provides key support for students, teachers and staff. Now you can purchase your Hamilton PTSA membership online! Membership dues are taxdeductible,
    and full scholarships are available.

    → Sign up for our Volunteer Database!
    Volunteers are the heart of Hamilton. Sign up to be in the PTSA’s Volunteer Database, and we’ll email when opportunities arise. No pressure – only do what works for you!

    → Get listed in the Online Hamilton Family Directory!
    You can edit your family’s contact information at any time and look up classmates on the go.

    For more information about OurSchoolPages, see our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the HIMS website:

    Additional questions? Want to request a free membership? Contact Hamilton
    PTSA Membership at

    1. Sign in using the same email /password as last year
    2. Click on the "Getting Started" button in the side bar
    3. Click on the “edit” button to review/update all your information, e-mail preferences, online
    directory settings, and student’s grade
    4. Click on the “save” button to save any changes
    5. Click on the “next” button to order your PTSA membership for 2017-18!