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    What is Our School Pages, and why is the Hamilton PTSA using it?

    Our School Pages is a website-hosting service created by a Washington parent in 2008 to organize data commonly used by parent-teacher organizations. Our School Pages is a partner of the Washington State PTA.  The Hamilton PTSA Board has decided to adopt the system because it will allow us to:

    • collect all of our membership, directory and volunteer data in one place
    • create a mailing list for the Hamilton Weekly News
    • host an Online Family Directory which can be updated on an ongoing basis
    • give families the option to pay for PTSA memberships online with a credit card

    Who should have an account on Our School Pages?

    We suggest that one adult from each household associated with a student create an account on Our School Pages. You can list multiple parents/guardians and multiple Hamilton students on that account.

    PTSA Membership

    • Can I still pay for my PTSA membership with a check?  Yes.  After you have ordered the PTSA Membership on the site, and selected “pay by check” you will receive an “order confirmation” email from us.  Please print out this confirmation email and send it with a check made out to “Hamilton PTSA” to school with your student.
    • Can I still join the PTSA if I don’t want to put all my contact information into this system?  Sure!  The Washington State PTSA requires us to collect only a name and an email address for each registering member. You do not need to provide any other information about yourself or even provide your child’s name. The name and email address you enter when you create your Our School Pages account will show up in the school’s Online Directory by default, but you can easily edit your listing to hide your email address so only your name appears.  (And remember, even if you don’t want your email address shared, the PTSA needs your email address to add you to the mailing list for the Hamilton Weekly News and for our Volunteer Database.)
    • What are the fees associated with using my credit card to pay for my membership?  PayPal charges us $.30 per transaction, plus a 2.2% fee on the item being charged.  The PTSA will cover the cost of these fees.

    PTSA Directories and Your Contact Information

    • Will there be a print directory this year?  No, the price of printing the directory for each member of our community is prohibitive.  However, there will be a print copy of the Directory available in the Hamilton Front Office.
    • Who can access the Online Directory?  Only individuals who have an account on Hamilton’s OurSchool website. Technically anyone can create an account on Hamilton’s OurSchool website, however, only those who know our “authorization code” can gain access to the Directory. The authorization code will be sent home with students on a paper flyer during the first week of school.  When you first attempt to access the Online Directory, you will be asked to enter the authorization code. If you don’t have the code and need to be verified in some other way, please contact Hamilton PTSA Membership Co-Chairs, Tama Leahy and Molly Rothwell at We will do our best to ensure that only Hamilton families can access the Directory.
    • What information will be listed in the Online Directory? Standard listings in the Online Directory include basic contact information for parents/guardians and more limited information for students. For students: name and grade level. For adults: name, email, address, home phone and cell phone.
    • Can I change the information that will be listed in the Online Directory?  Yes! You can log into your account to update your contact information or change how much information is displayed at any time.
      For students:  If you do not want your child’s name and grade level to appear in the Directory, simply delete him/her from your Our School Pages account.  (Go to “My Account” on the left-side toolbar.)
      For adults:  Once you are an authorized user, look yourself up using the “HIMS Directory Lookup” tool (cell phone icon, left-side toolbar) and click on the “eye” logo next to the information you wish to be invisible in the online directory.  When the info appears as such:  123 Main Street, you will know that that piece of information is no longer visible to others using the Online Directory.  (Note: Hamilton PTSA administrators will still have access to that information.) To make the information visible again, click on the “eye” logo again. Please note that while you can hide your contact details, your name itself will continue to appear in the Online Directory.  If this is a concern to you, please contact  
    •  How can I edit the information I put into the OurSchoolPages system?
      Go to “My Account” on the left-side toolbar.  For each person you have entered into the system, you will have the opportunity to “edit” or “delete” their information.

    Privacy Assurances

    • How will Our School Pages use our family/student information?
      “We will never use any of your information, your organization's information, or your users' and students' information for any purpose that is not directly related to serving you and helping you to host a fantastic website. We do not, under any circumstances, give your information away or sell it to anyone. The information that you capture or store on your website belongs to you and you alone.”
    • How will the Hamilton PTSA use our family/student information?
      The Hamilton PTSA will use the information you supply to provide the services you have opted for in your account (e.g., PTSA membership, newsletter, directory, volunteer e-mail list). We may, on occasion, also include you in special Hamilton PTSA email alerts if there are important announcements. The PTSA will only use your information to contact you about matters of importance to our membership and our community. We will never sell or give your information to any other party.