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    Studies show that students participating in athletics have higher GPA’s, better attendance, lower dropout rates, fewer disciplinary problems, higher graduation rates, and better success in college than nonparticipants. This is done by providing healthy, supervised after-school activities for students. Athletic participation teaches teamwork, goal setting, discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, and other valuable lifeskills, helping students become contributing members of their school and community as well as providing an important alternative to anti-social behaviors. Our department coordinates with our middle and high school’s to run this valuable portion of a student’s extra-curricular life.


    Our vision is excellence in academics and athletics by connecting kids to academics through an exceptional athletic program. To meet this vision our mission and goals are:

    • Transform: Providing an exemplary athletic program with maximum student participation
    • Enable: Utilizing the individual and group skills and knowledge of our athletic coaches, teaching staff, and community to encourage excellence both in the classroom and on the playing field.
    • Operate: Coordination of operating an all-encompassing athletic program in both the middle school and high school levels.
    • Productivity: Encourage academic and athletic excellence for all participating students.

    Rules for Middle School Athletic Programs

    1. Eligibility​


    1.1. Student must be assigned to the school for which he/she is playing

    1.1.1. A private and/or home-schooled student may play for the neighborhood public school they would be assigned to if the private school does not have a team that competes with other schools. It shall be the “receiving school’s” responsibility to ensure that the private and/or home school student meets all of the eligibility requirements.

    1.2. Completed application including parent/guardian consent

    1.3. Current physical examination prior to participating in any practice or game (valid for 24 months)

    1.4. Athletic programs are open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls.

    1.4.1. A student may participate in middle school athletics for three years. The first year as a sixth grader, the first year as a seventh grader, and the first year as an eighth grader. Eligibility begins with the promotion to the next grade

    2. Participation​

    2.1. Athletic Directors must use the following guidelines to determine if student athletes can be added to the “official team roster” for participation:

    2.1.1. Player eligibility will be based on a 2.0 average for all classes with no more than one core subject (math, reading, writing, social studies, or science) having a sub-2.0 grade at any time Progress reports must have been reviewed and signed by either the Principal, a designated administrator, or the athletic director of a school prior to that week’s game.

    2.1.2. Students must complete a “Student Athlete Progress Report” by end of the school day Thursday for the Athletic Director to be able to complete the “official team roster” for Saturday’s game. The report must be signed by every teacher.

    2.1.3. For special Education students only: the principal will work with the students IEP team to determine eligibility.

    2.2. Student must not be under any of the following disciplinary action on game day: expulsion or suspension. As noted with a formal NDA for either a D or E level offense.

    2.3. Any player or coach displaying unsportsmanlike behavior or any misconduct will be removed from the game and may not return during that game or the next contest.

    2.4. Student meets Team Coach’s rules (example: practice requirements, study table, “Citizenship or Sportsmanship” rules that are established by the coach etc…)

    2.5. Student may only participate in one sport per season.

    2.6. At the end of the regular season, there will be a one day Playoff to determine the champion for each division.

    2.6.1. To be eligible for playoff participation, a student must participate in at least 75% of regular season games.

    2.6.2. The top four teams in each division will compete in two games the Saturday following the regular season. Seed #1 will play Seed #4 and Seed #2 will play Seed #3. The winners of both will play for the championship, and the losing teams will play for third place.

    2.6.3. The remaining teams will play one playoff game to determine final ranking (example: 5 vs 6, 7-8 etc…)

    ​* the above was excerpted from the SPS Middle School Athletic Handbook