March 5, 2015

First Things First ...

HIMS Pi(e) Night will be held 3/10!


Upcoming Events ...

    • TONIGHT, 3/5 Jazz Night, 7-9 p.m., Hamilton Commons
    • Tues. 3/10 HIMS PI(E) Night! 6:30-8:30 p.m., Hamilton Commons
    • Tues. 3/10 Boys' soccer tryouts begin NEWDATE
    • Tues. 3/10 Girls' volleyball tryouts begin NEWDATE
    • Wed., 3/11 6th grade class field trip VOLUNTEERSNEEDEDsee below
    • Tues. 3/17 Co-ed track: first practice!

Please check the calendar on the HIMS website for a complete listing of events.

Daily Schedule/Bell times
Main Office: 252-5810 / Attendance: 252-5814
Hamilton Happenings




This year we are "rounding down" and celebrating this mathematically fabulous day at HIMS on Tuesday, 3.10 from 6:30–8:30 p.m.

So come and bring your favorite pie to share for our infinitely awesome Pie Buffet. We are also bringing back the famous HIMS Pie Baking Contest and Pi Recitation Contest, and this year, we will be holding multiple rounds of the always-thrilling Pie Eating Contest.

Pie Buffet: Bring your pre-sliced pie (either pizza or sweet variety, homemade or store-bought) to share any time throughout the evening.

Pie Baking Contest:
Fancy yourself a stellar pie baker? Any member of the HIMS community (student, staff, parent, grandparent, etc.) is welcome and encouraged to enter the Pie Baking Contest. Prizes will awarded in the following categories: Best Fruit Pie, Best Cream Pie, Flakiest Crust, Most Original Pie and Best Presentation.

Pie Eating Contest:
This year we will be holding multiple heats of the Pie Eating Contest. Interested students will have a chance to submit their name during each lunch period on Friday, March 6th. Final participants will be posted on Monday, March 9th.
Pi Recitation Contest: Think you know the digits of pi pretty well? Try your luck in front of Mr. Gussin and members of the HIMS math team. Prizes awarded for reaching 25, 50, 100 digits and beyond!

Pie Raffle: Great prizes given away throughout the evening.
This all-school event draws a crowd, and we need adults to help it run smoothly, so sign yourself up! While you're at it, sign your friends up too! Use the Sign Up Genius form here:

Thanks to everyone for making Hamilton Pi(e) Night a continued success. Questions? Annie Hayward ( and Mary Orth (


The 2015 Legislative Session is progressing, and legislators are still sorting out how to fully fund basic education, as required by the McCleary decision.

In addition to education funding, a number of other education-related bills are being considered.
One very controversial bill that is proposed is HB 2048.

The bill would cap all large school districts at 35,000 students. Seattle Public Schools, with 52,000 students, is the only district that fits into that category. Seattle school district leaders oppose the measure, saying the district leads the state in student test scores and that splitting it into two districts would increase costs.

Rep. Eric Pettigrew, D-Seattle, the bill’s sponsor, says smaller school districts would improve performance for low-achieving children. The bill is headed to the House Rules Committee, which means that there are still opportunities over the next few weeks to weigh in and have an impact on the bill’s passage or defeat.

Hamilton PTSA has not taken a position on this bill. However, if you have opinions (one way or another) contact your elected officials to share your thoughts.
The Washington State Legislative Hotline will allow you to get messages to your representatives, senator, and the Governor’s office: 1.800.562.6000.


Open enrollment runs through tomorrow, Friday, Mar. 6 for students wanting to attend a school other than their assigned school for next year. Visit


Chaperones wanted for the AWESOME 6th grade trip to the Chihuly Glass Museum AND the Pompeii Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, Wed., March 11.

We’d love to see you there! If you want to chaperone, please contact your student’s 6th grade language arts teacher and Trina Torgelson, Volunteer Coordinator, at To volunteer, you must complete all SPS Volunteer Screening Procedures listed below:

1. Print and completeeachschool year the SPS Volunteer Screening Form:(return with a copy of photo ID; a driver’s license is great). Volunteers workingdirectly with studentsMUST be screened through Washington State Patrol’s Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) program—this is a standard practice with agencies and organizations that serve children, youth, and vulnerable adult populations.

2. Watch the district video:Adult SexualMisconduct Prevention Course. Print your online certificate and return to the HIMS front desk, attention: Trina Torgelson, volunteer coordinator.This is a one-time requirement.

3. Read, sign, and return to HIMSthe signature pages (pages 18-19) of the SPS District Volunteer Handbook.

4. Read, sign, and return to HIMS: SPS Guidelines for Chaperones—Day Field Trips.

5. Read SPSDistrict Policy No. 3246/Use of Reasonable ForceandDistrict Policy No. 5630/Volunteers.

Here’s the link to the SPS District Volunteering web site for more information:

Please contactTrina, volunteer coordinator,, with questions.All forms should be returned to her attention through the main office.

Thank you!

HIMSStudent/Family Directory, now with street addresses!

Bust out the postage stamps, because the updated 2013-2014 HIMSFamily Directory now comes with complete street addresses for your mailing pleasure!

For the security of everyone's personal information, the directory is located on the HIMS website, and can only be viewed by users who log onto the website. Find it on the PTSA page under "Quick Links" (or click HERE and then log on when prompted, just as you would to see classroom Fusion pages).

Please DO NOT forward this file to others. The directory contains contact information that is intended for personal use only, to facilitate communication between Hamilton families.


Music (FOMAHI)News

Concert Orchestra and Senior Orchestra

TONIGHT, March 5: Winter Jazz Night, (all Jazz Ensembles), 7 p.m., HIMS Commons

March 7: Frank DiMiero Jazz Festival (Vocal Jazz), all day, Edmonds

March 10:
FOMAHIBoard Meeting, 7 p.m., HIMS Library

March 12:
Choir Spring Concert, 7 p.m., HIMS Commons

March 13: WWU Festival (Chamber Orchestra), all day, Bellingham

March 14: Solo and Ensemble, all day, HIMS

March 19: Band Spring Concert, 7 p.m., Lincoln Auditorium

March 20: Hot Java Cool Jazz (Senior Jazz), Paramount


Lionel Hampton Success!
Many thanks to our fabulous Directors Dan Rowe and Angela Babbitt, trip coordinators/planners Heather Cook and Leanne Lowe, Jenny Peters (treasurer extraordinaire), our chaperones, and Mary Kay Gugerty, Sr. Jazz Coordinator. Both Sr. Jazz and Vocal Jazz performed wonderfully, as did the combos and soloists. Recognitions include:

  • Hayden H.--Hamp’s Club
  • Just in Time Sextet--Noteworthy Performance
  • Max Y.--Noteworthy Performance
  • Trumpet Section--Noteworthy Performance
  • Combo A (Vocal Jazz)--Noteworthy Performance --Avery C., Zoe D., Macy S., Hattie S.

Winter Jazz Night, 7 p.m. TONIGHT:
Come early and enjoy sandwiches and baked treats. All proceeds benefit Hamilton music programs.
Keep Music in our school – get involved with FOMAHI!

Join us!
FOMAHI, the HIMS music booster organization, is seeking new people to come join us in the 2015-15 school year! We will have several roles opening up in the fall semester, and would love to have you join us. Whether it’s baking cookies for a one-time event or joining the board, we need your help! To find out more about what we do, come to our next board meeting at Tues., March 10 at 7 p.m. in the HIMS library. No commitment required–just come by and say hi! For more information, please contact Jacqui Kramer ( See you there!


It’s not too late to sign up for HOST after-school classes! Just go to for information on how you can sign your student up for both Winter and Spring HOST classes, including the class that the Seattle Architecture Foundation is holding at HIMS.

For more information, contact Liz Chase at


Girls' Volleyball – Tryouts are scheduled for Tuesday, March 10 and Wednesday, March 11, from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m., in the gym.

Boys' Soccer – Tryouts are scheduled for Tuesday, March 10 and Thursday, March 12 from 2:30 – 4:30. Varsity and JV teams will practice from 2:30 – 4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Co-ed Track
begins Tuesday, March 17, which is the first practice, from 2:30 – 4:30. Practices will be held Tuesday and Thursday at the Lower Woodland Park Track at Green Lake.
Pick up a track packet, and sign up outside Ms. Paris’s room #306.Complete and return your packet as soon as possible!

HIMSBasketball Season is in full swing!
Come out and cheer on our Hawks.

2015 HIMSBasketball Game Schedule
*Scheduling changes may occur; contact team coaches for most up-to-date schedule

The above information was submitted by the HIMS Athletics department. For more information on Athletics, please see the Athletics page of the HIMS website, or contact HIMS House Administrator, Christy Smith at, or by phone at (206) 252-5852.

The Hamilton Weekly News is emailed on Thursdays to HIMS parents/guardians at the email address that they used to register for the Source. If you have questions, please contact We welcome your feedback! Please submit content for inclusion by Tuesdays at noon. For submission guidelines, click here.
Principal's Letter



Dear Hamilton International Families,
Public schools are at a crossroads and at more than any other time in our nation’s history we are the focus of conversation, legislation, editorials, and films. I started teaching 10 years after A Nation At Risk was first published, highlighting the underachievement of American public schools. Since then I have taught and led through education reforms that include a bevy of acronyms – ELARs, WASL, NCLB, RttT, MSP, MAP, CCSS, SBAC – reports, legislation, changes, and so much more.

Each new initiative or acronym brought a promise of increased accountability, rigor, equity, and hope for increasing the level of achievement of all students in our public schools; commitments public school educators make each morning they enter the school building. In Olympia, our legislature is wrestling with the mandates of the McCleary v. Washington State decision and fulfilling the "paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children…"

In every school I’ve worked in, I’ve never once heard a principal or district leader proclaim, "We have all the resources we need to provide an exceptional education for every student. In fact, we don’t need any more." Rather, our conversations have focused on doing more with less, managing funds with greater restrictions and higher levels of compliance, accountability, and expectation. It’s easy to bemoan the lack of funding, low pay of teachers, or the most recent political climate or legislation in Olympia or Washington, D.C. We can easily get distracted and lose sight of what’s most important. At Hamilton, it is the 943 students that walk in our building every day, the families that support them, and the teachers and support staff who do all they can to provide the best education for each and every one.

During the month of March, Seattle Public Schools are developing our school budgets for the 2015-16 school year. As with each of the previous 20 years, much of the conversation is focused on the fact that there aren’t enough resources, there are too many mandates, and we have to do more with less.

In addition to receiving the budget allocation, we also receive information about our enrollment projections for next year. At Hamilton, we are going to be full. During the 2013-14 school year, our enrollment eclipsed 1,100 students. We are expected to be that full if not fuller next year. That means we will need to make decisions about how we schedule students, how we distribute lockers, how we sit at lunches. With a building that full there are safety implications, scheduling implications, traffic implications, and lots of moving pieces that need to be managed. If any community can manage all of these challenges, our community will. It will require each of us bringing our best selves and assuming the best intention of others to truly make all of this work.

As the principal at Hamilton, I want to share with you my (and our shared staff) budget priorities as we move through this difficult but important process.

1. We will hold students at the center of every decision. Staffing, supplies, professional development – each decision will be made with consideration to the question – "How does this support student learning?"

2. We will live within our means. We will do the best we can to make the budget we have been provided work for all students at Hamilton. We will be creative, we will be thoughtful, we will figure out how to do more with less.

3. We will advocate for and ask for assistance when we need it. We are fortunate to be situated in a community that has a strong parent partnership; our PTSA and FOMAHI support our students and staff in ways that we cannot. As the principal, I am incredibly grateful for this partnership. I, along with our BLT, will also advocate for any additional resources from the school district that Hamilton needs to support all of our programs and students.

4. At the end of the day we will be honest, we will be transparent, and we will remember that we are in the people business. We must care for one another. We must make difficult decisions remembering our commitment to relationships and results. These coming weeks will not be easy for our staff. I ask for your patience and understanding as we make hard decisions, consider consequences, and ultimately do what is best for all of our kids.

If you have any questions about our budget or enrollment processes, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Go Hawks!

Cindy Watters



The Rocket Club at Ingraham High School is having a publicity launch at 60 Acres Park in Redmond this Sunday, March 8, at 11:00 AM. The Club will be launching rockets built from scratch by its three teams – Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot. Students and advisors will be available to answer questions about rocketry, current Club activities, and how to get involved. Snacks will be provided. The launch will occur weather permitting (we launch in rain, but not in wind). Hope to see you all there! If you would like to receive notification of launch cancellation due to weather, please email Eric Blumhagen at

The Ballard Branch Library has free fun programs for teens in 6-12th grades and their families.

The next First Friday Gaming for teens will be held Friday March 6, from 3-5 p.m.

Ballard Youth Basketball

Spring Tryouts are coming up soon. Registration is now open at:

Spring season tryouts: March 8, Ballard Boys and Girls Club
3rd through 5th grades: 2-3:30 pm
6th through 8th grades: 3:30-5 pm

Seattle Expanding Your Horizons (SEYH) 2015 Conference
The SEYHconferences offer girls in 6th -8th grades a day of career exploration in math, science and technology. The SEYH2015 conference will take place on Sat., March 14, from 8:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Seattle University. The cost of the workshop is $15 per girl. Scholarships are available (see registration form). Registration deadline is Feb. 20, or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first!
Family immersion travel opportunity to Costa Rica
Help your children continue their Spanish journey to proficiency! Each summer, Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE) organizes language immersion travel to Costa Rica for elementary students of Spanish and their parents. The programs include practical application of Spanish along with a family stay, allowing parents to see their students' language skills in action.

This is a great opportunity for graduating students to continue taking steps in Spanish! ISE is planning now for summer 2015 travel, and would like to include HIMS students. For more information, visit contact Anca van der Linden atanca@isemn.orgor612-436-8264.

North Seattle Baseball Registration Now Open. Real Baseball. Real Fun.

Kids ages 4-19 can now register for the upcoming 2015 spring baseball season. North Seattle Baseball is the premier competitive baseball league in Seattle’s north end, adopting Pony rules for a game that includes lead offs, and age-appropriate base path and pitching distances. Our practice and game fields are conveniently located in north and northeast Seattle. We also form tournament and all-star teams for kids who want to play further into the summer.

We're the only league in the area to offer indoor batting facilities, and there are no confusing boundaries, so families in all of north Seattle/Shoreline can play together. Find out why North Seattle Baseball provides the best baseball experience for your family! Visit our Facebook page at

Email questions to
contactnsba@gmail.comor sign up today

We do not screen or endorse any of the programs listed in the Community News Section

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