Bus Routes, Times, Eligibility

The Seattle School District Transportation Office determines school day bus routes, bus times, which students can ride the bus, and which bus they take. Please see the District Transportation page for information or contact their office by email: and have your student’s ID # handy.

Temporary Bus Route Changes (Green Cards)

Ms. Powers in the Hamilton Attendance Office is in charge of issuing Green Cards, which allow students to take an temporary, alternate school bus routes for a period of 1-10 days.  A request, with parent’s written permission, must be brought to the Attendance Office before school on the day it is to be used.

Activity Buses

Activity Buses are school buses that are operated by the School District to take students home from Hamilton after they have participated in an HIMS-sponsored athletic event or an after-school HOST class. Arrangements for Activity Buses are made during registration for HOST classes or athletics and are confirmed in writing by the Seattle School District Transportation Office.

Contact Information

SPS Transportation (website)
SPS Transportation
7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.