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Language Arts

Language Arts Courses

Our students receive Highly Capable services through full inclusion model in our Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science classes.

Language Arts 6A+6B

Required for 6th Grade, Year-Long

English Language Arts 6 is a year-long course that provides a foundation for middle school Language Arts by emphasizing close reading, writing, and speaking in a formal style. Focusing on literary analysis and research from multiple sources, students study genres and types of texts at the 6th grade level increasing in complexity.

Language Arts 7A+7B

Required for 7th Grade, Year-Long

English Language Arts 7 is a year-long course which prepares students to deepen their craft through the analysis and understanding required for successful reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills, using of a variety of 7th grade texts.

Language Arts 8A+8B

Required for 8th GradeYear-Long

English Language Arts 8 is a yearlong course which provides students with a rigorous foundation of skills for English in high school and beyond. This course refines skills in reading, writing, language, speaking and listening.