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Elective Courses

Please refer to your students Course Option form for the current year with the most accurate listing of Elective choices. Incoming families will receive an email which will include this information in Late April/Early May.


(ALL orchestra classes are yearlong. Placement is based on audition and/or SPS teacher.)

Orchestra is for all students. Students that have never played an instrument and students that have several years of musical experience. Depending on the level of Orchestra, students will learn the basic techniques of posture, caring for the instrument and bow, position, bowing techniques, fingerings, and basic reading of rhythms and notes. The ensemble will begin learning songs in unison and progress to playing as a multi-part ensemble. Students will perform in three concerts.


(ALL band classes are yearlong. Placement is based on audition and/or SPS teacher.)

Band is for all students. Students that have never played an instrument and students that have several years of musical experience. The band teacher will reach out to families about band placement. There will be time given to allow students to explore the instrument choices to better help them make the right decision on what they will choose for the year. Students will learn essential concepts and skills and will perform in three school concerts.

Vocal Ensembles

 Choir is open to all HIMS students. Students will rehearse and perform a variety of choral music. There will be an emphasis on using solfege, sight-reading, developing aural perception (ear training), and basic music theory.

Intermediate Choir- Year or Semester long is for students who have never sung in a choir before or who have limited experience in elementary school.

Concert Choir – Year long is for students with multiple years of experience singing in choir.

Vocal Jazz – Year long audition only

We have a very limited number of Piano/Guitar/Drum Set spots in Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz, and Jazz Band, audition only.

Instructions for an Audition will be included on the Elective Choice/Instructions form sent to new HIMS families Late April/Early May.

Please visit our music department website at fomahi.membershiptoolkit.com

Advanced Drama

Year Long, Audition instructions TBA

 Students showing exemplary skills in Intro to Drama are eligible for Advanced Drama the following year, upon approval of the teacher. Advanced Drama classes are production centered with 2 shows per year. The first piece is a full-length show in November with a musical in the spring. .  Past shows include: The Trials of Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver, Legally Blonde Jr. and High School Musical Jr. Next year’s productions are yet to be announced.

Physical Education

(Semester only)

PE – The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in skills, rules and strategies associated with the different sports and games as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities, and the components of fitness. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.

Physical Education is not just “activities”, but rather a full curriculum, see some highlights below.

  • Standard 1: Students will develop a variety of motor skills
  • Standard 2: Students will learn strategies to help them be successful in sports and games
  • Standard 3: Students will learn physical health strategies on how to live a fit lifestyle
  • Standard 4: Students will learn and demonstrate inclusive practices that center on sportsmanship during games and activities
  • Standard 5: Students will recognize the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction


(Semester only)

The students in this course are responsible for publishing our Yearbook. Student will learn the basics of photography and design layout/composition while working on publishing our yearbook. This course also publishes HIMS School Newspaper which develops awareness and understanding of news elements and give students experience in gathering, reporting, and editing the news with emphasis on the print media.

Visual Arts Beginning

(Semester only)

This course will introduce the elements and principles of design by utilizing a wide variety of arts media. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and skills of visual art concepts through project-based learning.

Introduction to Visual Arts is a studio-based course and provides exploration and experience in the elements (line, shape, form, value, color, texture, space) and principles (unity, variety, contrast, movement, proportion, balance, rhythm) of art and design. Teachers will guide students using the visual arts standards to help them develop artwork that is personally and culturally relevant.  Knowledge of the elements and principles of art will be demonstrated through two-dimensional and three-dimensional media such as but not limited to drawing, painting, multi-media, sculpture, ceramics, and print making. Students will build foundational skills in a variety of art mediums such as tempera, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, colored pencils, and/or clay.  Students will engage in beginning level self and peer evaluation and will be exposed to various artistic techniques and styles throughout history.

Visual Arts Advanced

(Semester only)

This course builds on your skills acquired in Beginning Visual Arts

Grow your Creativity and artistic skills while expressing yourself in Visual Arts Advanced!  Reflect on like experiences, community, and culture while creating individual and group projects that empower you to communicate your ideas, feeling, and unique perspective.  Expand your understanding of the Elements of Art and Principals of Design by creating 2D and 3D projects that may involve drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay to mention a few.

Introduction to Drama

(Semester only)

This class is an introduction to dramatic arts. Emphasis will be placed on dramatic techniques and presentation. The class is structured so that students of different levels can progress at their own pace. Units of study include tableaux, clowning, monologues, and parody. This is a high energy, out-of-your-seat, creativity-based class. Everyone welcome!

Intro to Drama is process centered, emphasizing skills in Storytelling, Gestures/Movement, Projection, Inflection and Collaboration. Students showcase their skills in Sketchfest, where they make up original skits.