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    Revised Aug. 19, 2016


    To help prepare students to contribute positively to a global society by:

    • collecting and maximizing access to resources which support the school's curriculum.
    • teaching 21st-Century media literacy skills.
    • providing a welcoming place conducive to reading, research, and study.

    Hours & Access

    • Open ½ hour before school until ½ hour after school, normally 8:15-3:45; may open late or close early due to staff meetings.
    • Students have walk-in access throughout the day, unless otherwise posted at the entrance due to a special event, testing, or having reached fire code capacity (68)
    • Pass required from teacher only during class time, including homeroom; no pass required before school, during lunch or after school
    • Librarian available to assist walk-ins throughout school day, except while teaching, at lunch (30 minutes), or in a meeting, at which times a volunteer or the assistant secretary is usually available

    Library Services

    Educational Technology (EdTech)

    • Laptops for faculty check-out for the school year
    • iPad check-out for Special Education teachers for classroom use
    • Laptops carts for teacher reservation for whole class use (16 or 32 per cart); self-serve reserved by group Outlook Calendar
    • iPad carts for teacher reservation for whole class use (30 per cart)
    • library desktop computer lab (32 stations, plus tables facing a presentation station with desktop computer, computer projector, and SmartBoard).
    • Wifi-enabled Bring-Your-Own-Device Zone for reading or schoolwork; e-reader friendly
    • Student printing/copying (black & white), and scanning free of charge
    • Small batch color printing available to instructional staff or to students by teacher request, when color is needed for comprehension.


    • 12,000+ items, including books, audiobooks, DVD’s, ebooks, comic books/manga/graphic novels, Spanish-language collection, Japanese-language collection, and professional literature for teachers and administrators.
    • Web-based library catalog, searchable by genre, subject, title, author, keyword, format, and reading level, from school or home.
    • At school, all students and staff have library catalog accounts and may log in to catalog using the same username and password they use to log in to school computers or The Source; they may place holds on items currently out, save lists of what they’re reading, want to read, and have read, contribute reviews and ratings, and make recommendations to friends.
    • No library card needed to check-out; all staff and students automatically updated daily in our patron records.
    • Visiting parents, staff (including substitute teachers), and students associated with Seattle Public Schools may also check out Hamilton items and return them through the SPS intra-district mail with help from their school’s librarian or office staff.
    • Check-out period is 3 weeks except for some DVD’s and reference items. Max check-out is usually 5 items for students, but exceptions granted by librarian for students with no overdue items at Hamilton or other SPS schools. No maximum for staff.
    • No overdue fines, but on-time return of checked-out items is expected. Overdue reminder emails may be sent to parents. If you misplace a book, please see Librarian for help locating the book and clearing your account, as soon as possible, but especially before leaving Hamilton for another school.

    Media Literacy Lessons

    • Online safety & netiquette
    • Typing
    • Research Process
    • Online databases
    • Citation

    Collaboration & Study Spaces

    • Groups up to 65
    • Presentation station with Windows OS desktop computer and computer projector
    • SmartBoard
    • Whiteboard easels
    • School & art supplies
    • Library Office converted to “V.I.P. Lounge” (Very Important Patrons) for silent prep for instructional staff all periods except lunches and homerooms; silent introvert student sanctuary Monday-Thursday during lunches; student volunteer appreciation on Fridays during lunches.

    Textbook Inventory

    • Class novel check-out
    • Barcode scanner wands
    • Textual materials inventory help

    Computer Use/Internet Reminders

    Students have access to computers and the internet via the Library, classrooms and flexspaces (permission required from a flexspace teacher). The library is now an approved "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) zone, which means you may use your personal smartphone, e-reader, or tablet to connect to our guest wi-fi, as long as its to read or do schoolwork. Use of Seattle Public Schools Internet service is a privilege. If any conditions of use are violated, this privilege may be suspended and disciplinary action may follow. Violations include, but are not limited to:

    • Cyberbullying
    • Downloading files without permission
    • Gaming that is not part of a teacher's lesson
    • Hacking
    • Damaging hardware
    • Interfering with other students' use of computers
    • Bypassing or attempting to bypass web filters or network security features
    • Using someone else's account.

    School and district administrators, the librarian, and network analysts have the right to review any material sent, mailed or stored in district computers, including websites and emails. Anything you do on school devices or the district network may become public. The District can edit or remove any material that it believes may be unlawful, obscene, indecent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, without warning. For more information, visit the district's Network Use Agreement.