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    Meet your librarian! (4 min video) 


    1. TEEN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: If you need immediate assistance for mental health support, please contact Teen Link 1-866-TEENLINK (833-6546) or

    2. PERSONAL LAPTOPS/TABLETS are allowed for remote learning, but please see our BYOD policy and form to submit.

    3.    LAPTOP PICK-UP/EXCHANGE/RETURN and MOBILE HOTSPOT PICKUP. If you do not have a reliable personal laptop/tablet you prefer to use, need to exchange/return a school laptop, or pick up a mobile hotpspot (a.k.a. mifi), visit one of our Technology Service Centers or my weekly HIMS Curbside Pickup & Return at the southeast entrance on Densmore, in the bus lane, see our school calendar for the next date. If you do not see a date, email me at (Caution: know the current King County social distancing and put your health and the health of your loved ones first). If you should not visit the centers or Hamilton curb’s for health reasons, or language barrier, or if their hours or locations are a hardship for you, please contact me to arrange a special pickup at Hamilton or contactless delivery to you at your home/workplace: 206-252-5850 (forwards to my personal mobile).

    4.    MOBILE HOTSPOT—how to connect. Instructions for connecting are at: Scroll down to “SPS Cellular Hotspots Details.”

    5.    LOG-IN CREDENTIALS. If you are a student needing a reminder of your username or a password reset, please contact your Advisory/Homeroom teacher (see your class schedule in the Source or Schoology) and ask them to use the Password Reset Tool on their desktop.

    6.    STUDENT ACCESS to SCHOOL: Student Access to Digital Tools YouTube video.

    7.    TECH HELP

    1. Restart (a.k.a. “reboot”) your device at least once a week and anytime you experience slowness or glitchiness. Here’s how:
      1. Click Start\Windows button in lower left
      2. Click Power symbol.
      3. Then select Restart.
    2. If you still have tech issues, refer to Technology Supports for Families on the school district website.
    3. If you do not see a solution to your problem, complete the Get Help form.
    4. If you cannot access the form, email
    5. If you cannot email, call 206-252-0100.
    6. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and you cannot work without a fix, please take your laptop to one of our Technology Service Centers, for a fix or exchange.
    7. (The one nearest to Hamilton is at John Marshall—but the one open the latest is at Nathan Hale High School).
    8. If their hours or location are an inconvenience, and but you can wait until our next weekly Library Curbside Pickup & Return, you can exchange your laptop with me.
    9. But, if their hours or locations are a hardship and you cannot do your schoolwork without a fix, please call me (206-252-5850) for a 1-on-1 appointment curbside at Hamilton, your home, or work.

    8.    PARENT ACCESS TO THE SOURCE and SCHOOLOGY: See Parent Access to Schoology how-to YouTube video (4+ min.) OR Schoology Access for Parents/Guardians quick reference document.

    9.    CLASS LIVE SESSIONS & ASSIGNMENTS. If you’re having trouble with class meeting links, assignments, course materials, or don’t understand how to submit an assignment, contact your teacher.

    10.    TEXTBOOKS. Most classes use online textbooks or no textbook. Exceptions that I'm aware of, so far:

    1. Geometry textbook required
    2. Math 6/7/8 workbooks distributed.
    3. Algebra textbook is available, but not required, and that the page numbers do not match the electronic version to which students already have access.
    4. World History and U.S. History textbooks are online, but optional print version is available by request.
    5. Drama class scripts.

    If your teacher needs to distribute a print textbook or other materials, they will let me know.

    12. LIBRARY BOOKS. I will offer weekly curbside exchange of library items and other learning resources as King County social distancing and weather permit. I am offering Library Take-Out Window alongside Curbside Pickup & Return on Wednesdays, 11AM-1PM (school days only). These events often include grab-n-go book cart (with no check-out, no due date, no limit). Place holds by going to>Students>Student Portal>Library Catalog, the log in to catalog with your school username and password. Search and open the title you’d like and click Hold.

    13.  RETURNS.

    • Library. There are no fines for overdue library items. We only ask that you replace lost/damaged items if you are able. I will send periodic reminder emails of overdue library and resource items.
    •  Other school property. Items belonging to any department or staff member may be returned through me. Ensure the item has the name of the staff member or department to which I should return it.

    14.  E-BOOKS & E-AUDIBOOKS, GRAPHIC NOVELS, MOVIES, & MUSIC. See the Seattle Public Library’s partnership with Seattle Public Schools known as Library Link.

    15.  COURSE SCHEDULE. If you have questions about your course schedule, contact our registrar, Elizabeth Peila.

    16.  CHANGE OF CONTACT INFO: Student Verification Form – Deadline Extended to October 8, 6 p.m. If phone numbers, emails, and primary contact information isn't reviewed and updated annually we can’t ensure we are reaching all families with critical information. Parents/Guardians must update their information using the online form in the Source. Directions on how to access the Source and student verification form can be found here. For questions, please contact: For communications questions, please contactpublicaffairs@seattleschools.orgAfter Oct. 8, contact our registrar, Elizabeth Peila.

    17.  STUDENT EMAIL. Learn how students can send email to others with a email account: Send an Email QRD