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Hamilton International
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Supply List and Fee Request 2023-24

Summary: 2023-24 Hamilton International Middle School Supply list

Student-Provided Supplies

  • 2.5 to 3-inch binder (or another mobile filing system to organize papers from multiple classes
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • Dividers
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Pens (Blue, Black, Red)
  • Handheld pencil sharpener

Students can use the calendar and planning functions available on their school computers to organize their workload, or they are welcome to bring a paper planner to use if they prefer. 

The above supplies will be available for students who need extra support. Reach out to counseling staff, or contact our main office at 206-252-5810

HIMS-Provided Supplies

Supply fees collected from families are used to supply our classrooms with composition books, folders, rulers, markers, glue, whiteboard markers and erasers, construction, graph and copy paper, library books and many other items.

Additionally, the Supply Fee Fund enables HIMS to purchase supplies that our teachers use every day, including but not limited to microscopes and lab supplies, novels and textbooks for use in LA, SS, and World Language classes, calculators, supplies for Art and Drama Classes, and gear for our PE Classes and for use by students during their lunch break.

We ask that your family contribute to the Hamilton Supply Fund if this is something that your family budget can support.  If you choose to do so, please contribute up to $50 per student.  Thank you for your consideration!

SchoolPay supplies 2023-24

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