Hamilton International Middle School

Hamilton International
Middle School

Student Drop-off and Pick-up Directions

For the safety and benefit of all our parents and guardians dropping off, and picking up their students, please the below information and diagram:

  • TRAVEL WEST ONLY on North 41st St. (the south side of Hamilton). Otherwise, traffic gridlock, unsafe conditions, and frustrated drivers and neighbors are a result.   
  • Students may enter the building at 8:30 am. Breakfast will be available in the commons. 
  • Students who have requested a pass in advance from the librarian may enter the library at 8:30 am.  
  • Students from all grade levels can enter the building in the morning using the front doors, east entrance door by the buses, and through the doors on the north side by the play top. The doors will be unlocked at 8:30 am with administrative supervision at each entrance.  
  • Students need to stay in the commons or the library until the welcome bell rings at 8:45.  
Satellite image of Hamilton Middle School, with graphics outlining preferred traffic flow.