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Lucero, Carolyn

Occupational Therapist
Sherri MacDonald

MacDonald, Sherri



Dorian Manza

Manza, Dorian


Personal Message

I am starting my eleventh year in education, and my fundamental goal has not changed since the first day I stepped into the classroom as a teacher. I want to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of students. As teachers and building leaders we have a profound responsibility to educate children from a holistic approach including reading and writing, math and science, health and fitness, the arts, and social-emotional development.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and my Master’s in Education and principal certification from City University. In addition to serving as an Assistant Principal at Whitman Middle School, I have taught History and Health and Fitness at Alderwood Middle School. I grew up in a family of teachers, and I knew that I would eventually follow in the footsteps of my parents.


John McCartney

McCartney, John

English Language Arts, Journalism
Peter McCausland

McCausland, Peter

Instructional Assistant - Special Education
Kayomi McDonald

McDonald, Kayomi

Amanda McGall

McGall, Amanda

English Language Arts, Reading Enrichment

McGovern, Brendan

Christine McPoland

McPoland, Christine

Instructional Assistant - Special Education
Lisa Melenyzer

Melenyzer, Lisa

Fiscal Specialist

Melvin, Andrew


Mezistrano, Justin

Physical Education
Theodore Moriarty

Moriarty, Theodore

Social Studies


Sean Mullahy

Mullahy, Sean

Science, Coding
Jennifer Nau

Nau, Jennifer

English Language Arts
Geoffrey Ogle

Ogle, Geoffrey

Orchestra, Keyboarding

Peila, Elizabeth

Data Registrar-222
Angela Pence

Pence, Angela

Elizabeth Peterson

Peterson, Elizabeth

Kelly Powers

Powers, Kelly

Attendance Specialist